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Cannabis Trade Associations: United States Marijuana Advocacy Groups List

Growing the cannabis industry requires perseverance, patience, and commitment from everyone. Everyone in the industry has to work together to ensure responsible and safe procedures related to the cultivation, production, and distribution of cannabis products. The government can also play a role in the development of appropriate regulations that will benefit consumers.

All over the United States, grassroots groups are coming together to ensure a safer and more functional market for cannabis. The following are the marijuana trade associations that are using their advocacy to facilitate social change and progress.


National Marijuana Trade Associations in the United States


The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) was established in 1970 to become the voice of people using marijuana. The organization strives to influence policy makers and the general public in shaping a more favorable image of marijuana. It dedicates its resources to help lawmakers make appropriate measures that will legalize marijuana. It also aims to make sure that people will have access to safe and affordable cannabis.

The organization is a non-profit group that works as the advocate of marijuana users. It aims to put a stop to the criminalization of the users of marijuana. They work in both federal and state levels to support the people who have a need for smoking marijuana in a more responsible manner.

The last reported tax return of the organization was in 2015. NORML listed $342,541 in the form of grants. The organization also ended the fiscal year on a positive note, registering a $203,875 balance. NORML paid $6,798 in taxes in 2015.

The organization has a 16-member Board of Directors. Randy Quast heads the governing body of NORML as its Chairman. Kyndra Miller, Esq. is the organization’s First Vice-Chairman. The Second Vice-Chairman of NORML is Courtney N. Moran.

The National Cannabis Industry Association

There are more than 2,000 cannabis businesses, industries, and entities that belong to the National Cannabis Industry Association. The organization strives to perform two very important tasks. First, it seeks to reform the way people and the government look at cannabis as a whole. Second, the NCIA aims to defend people and organizations from the criminalization of cannabis. It does this by working with state and federal lawmakers in the institutionalization of cannabis reforms.

The NCIA was established in 2010. Its initial aim was to decriminalize marijuana for people who are suffering from debilitating illnesses. The organization dreams of the continued growth of legitimate marijuana businesses. They want to partner with these industries to create legal, economic, and social reforms throughout the US.

The organization registered a total of $1,770,784 in revenues in 2016. It allotted $763,843 for the organization’s services. They also paid taxes amounting to $7,368 in 2015. AC Braddock serves as the NCIA’s Chairman, while Khurshid Khoja acts as the organization’s Vice-Chairman.

Minority Cannabis Business Association

The MCBA is an organization that dedicates its resources and commitment to making cannabis accessible to everyone, regardless of color and belief. It is a non-profit organization that aims to influence the cannabis industry to become more diverse in nature.

The Minority Cannabis Business Association also provides consumer access to cannabis products that have already been decriminalized all over the United States. They also have outreach programs to extend their reach to communities. They also educate the public on various cannabis-related topics and issues. MCBA also works with the different states in the more responsible implementation of non-discriminatory cannabis policies.

The organization has 14 Board members. They serve as advocates for the right of the growing cannabis businesses and industries throughout the US. Interested parties can also join the organization. They can become an Advocate, an Influencer, a Champion, or a Game Changer. Each of these levels of membership has its own influence and set of benefits within MCBA.

The Cannabis Alliance

A not-for-profit organization, The Cannabis Alliance commits to developing a sustainable cannabis industry. The organization comprises of people from different walks of life. They want to see a cannabis industry that grows to become an ethics-driven and educational-focused industry.

At least 2,000 cannabis businesses are members of the TCA. Dr. Caitlein Ryan serves as the TCA’s President of the Board, while AC Braddock acts as the Vice-President.

Cannabis Cultural Association

Established in 2016, the New York-based Cannabis Cultural Association aims to be the champion of marginalized cannabis communities. The non-profit association wants to represent those communities that are often discriminated against. The CCA also aims to change the way people and communities look at marijuana. They work with policymakers in the legalization of marijuana for more responsible adult use.

Nelson Guerrero and Jake Plowden co-founded the Cannabis Cultural Association. Guerrero serves as the organization’s Executive Director, while Plowden acts as the Deputy Director. There is also a Board of Directors, headed by Amanda Reyes. Serving as the Vice-President of the Board is Joseph A. Bondy.

National Association of Cannabis Businesses

The NACB strives to develop standards that cannabis industries and businesses can adhere to. The organization hopes that these best business practices and standards will lead to the more ethical and more responsible use of different cannabis products throughout the United States.

Gina Krankwinkel serves as the National Association of Cannabis Businesses’ Chief Executive Officer. Heading the Marketing arm of the organization is Adrienne Uthe, who also serves as VP.

Americans for Safe Access

This is an organization that has a strong desire to bring medical cannabis to American communities. Established in 2002, the Americans for Safe Access dedicates its more than 100,000-strong membership to advocate for people who have a need for medical cannabis.

The organization works with legislators from all levels of government to create laws that will benefit medical cannabis users. It also strives to influence lawmakers in the use of cannabis for medical and research purposes. The group also works on ways to empower the people, while overcoming the different barriers to the effective and ethical use of medical cannabis.

Steph Sherer heads the Americans for Safe Access as the Board President. The 8-member Board of Directors include Ben Bronfman, Nick Ventura, Don Duncan, Dr. Carla Rossotti Vazquez, Nic Easley, Dr. Olga Obie, Pavel Kubu, and Jayan Fazal-Karim.

Cannabis Trades Association

This organization aims to unify the different cannabis businesses and industries between the US and the UK. The Cannabis Trades Association has about 700 legitimate cannabis businesses as members. They wish to represent the various stakeholders in the growing cannabis market in the two sides of the Atlantic.

The CTA has 7 members on its Board of Directors. Mike Harlington acts as the Board’s Chairman, while Chris Lamber-Dowell serves as the CTA’s Financial Director. Tom Whettem and Guy Coxall serves as the organization’s Marketing Director and Compliance Director, respectively. Sian Phillips heads the PR and Events functions of the CTA.

Association of Cannabis Specialists

With a strong emphasis on medical marijuana, the Association of Cannabis Specialists works to provide care to people who have a need for medical cannabis. The organization has a network of advocates who work to educate people on the benefits of medical cannabis. They also work to influence legislators in improving cannabis access among the different medical communities throughout the nation. The association also publishes journal articles to help medical practitioners and healthcare professionals in the most appropriate and ethical use of cannabis.

Dr. Jordan Tishler serves as the ACS’s President. Will Eckhardt acts as the association’s Secretary, while Paul Czech is the Treasurer.

Women Grow

Cultural support, social responsibility, and diversity are the three core values of Women Grow. This is an organization that comprises of more than half a million people all over the US, Canada, and outside North America. It is a non-profit group that focuses more on female cannabis users. It aims to make a cannabis industry that is fair and equal.

The CEO of Women Grow is Chandas Macias, while Gia Moron serves as the group’s President. Lauren Rudick acts as WG’s Legal Counsel.

American Herbal Products Association

Established in 1982, the American Herbal Products Association has grown to include at least 250 businesses as members. They strive to formulate and produce herbal products that they can distribute worldwide. The organization aims to promote the manufacture of safe and effective herbal products for consumers.

Michael McGuffin acts as AMHP’s President, while Stan Cowan serves as the organization’s administrator. Overseeing the membership of the association is Amber Bennett. Natasha Weaver heads the educational initiatives of the group, while Holly Johnson acts as AMHP’s Chief Science Officer.

Hemp Industries Association

The HIA has been supporting the hemp industry for more than 25 years. Established in 1994, the Hemp Industries Association is the voice of more than 1,500 hemp farms and businesses. The group aims to establish a cannabis industry that observes equality and fairness for everyone involved in the making of cannabis products.

The Hemp Industries Association also aims to educate the people about the different benefits of cannabis products. It collaborates with other members of the hemp industry in the defense of cannabis products. The group also supports farmers and producers who employ environmentally-sound practices in the growing and cultivation of hemp.

Joy Beckerman serves as the President of the Board of Directors. Rick Trojan acts as the group’s Vice-President.

Cannabis Trade Federation

Cannabis businesses, dispensaries, wholesalers, and distributors rely on the Cannabis Trade Federation to assist them in growing the industry. The group aims to develop and grow a balanced cannabis community. They work together in the creation of appropriate policies that are relevant to the cannabis industry. The CTF encourages global cooperation in the formulation and development of policies. This will help promote the more responsible cultivation and distribution of cannabis products.

John Lord serves as the CTF’s Chairman, while Ed Conklin acts as the Board’s Vice-Chairman. The Chief Executive Officer is Dr. Bill Silver.

Association of Cannabis Professionals

Promoting and protecting the interests of its clients are the two core purposes of the Association of Cannabis Professionals. This group provides the necessary tools for their members to become effective professionals in the cannabis industry. They provide workshops to help improve the competencies of their members. They also work with policymakers in the creation of more meaningful cannabis laws.

The Association of Cannabis Professionals looks to Chris Siegel for leadership as the group’s President. Supporting Siegel is Cynara Velasquez in her capacity as Vice-President. The Chairman of the Board of Directors is James Schmachtenbereger.

American Medical Marijuana Physicians Association

Medical professionals who want to include cannabis in the treatment of their patients can rely on the American Medical Marijuana Physicians Association to Support them. The group encourages medical professionals to view cannabis as an alternative therapy in the management of different health conditions.

The AMMPA serves as the voice and champion of physicians who would like to give their patients other alternative. The group provides continuing education in the form of lectures and seminars. They also monitor the progress of their work, ensuring its effectiveness in the practice setting.

Dr. Mark Chaet spearheads the AMMPA as its President. The group’s Co-Founder is Dr. Orlando Florete, while its Executive Director is Savara Hastings.

American Cannabis Nurses Association

There are professional nurses in 33 states of the US who are members of the American Cannabis Nurses Association. They work in states that already have existing medical marijuana laws. ACNA nurses advocate for the use of medical cannabis in the management of patient symptoms. They also provide education to the public, as well as engage in research.

The ACNA is headed by Carey Clark as its President. The organization also has a President-Elect in the person of Eloise Theisen.

Society of Cannabis Clinicians

For 20 years, the Society of Cannabis Clinicians has been at the leading edge of cannabis education and research. The organization strives to use clinical research in underscoring the beneficial effects of cannabis. This provides a good framework for advancing current efforts of legalizing marijuana. It also provides empirical evidence for the use of cannabis in the medical community.

Dr. Stephen Robinson heads the Board of Directors as SCC’s President. The Vice-President is Dr. Genester Wilson-King, while Dr. Herry Yafai serves as Co-VP.

International Cannabis Bar Association

Members of the legal community who believe in the rights of people to use cannabis can join the International Cannabis Bar Association. This is an organization dedicated to providing legal support to the cannabis community. They include attorneys and members of the legal profession who work together in educating the public about the various cannabis laws. They also work with cannabis businesses to help make sure that they comply with these laws.

There are 6 members in the ICBA Board of Directors. These are Mary Shapiro, Jason Horst, Matthew Abel, Shay Gilmore, Joanna Hossack, and Karen Bernstein. The group also has 7 members in supporting roles.

American Trade Association for Cannabis and Hemp

Legitimate marijuana businesses have a very supportive partner in the American Trade Association for Cannabis and Hemp. The organization champions the cause of different industry players. These can include businesses that utilize marijuana for various purposes, such as medical, recreational, and industrial. The ATACH provides support to the growth of these businesses.

Adolphus A. Bush serves as ATACH’s Chairman, while Genifer Murray uses her expertise as an influencer in the cannabis industry. There are 4 other individuals who support the activities of the group. They strive to expand, preserve, and protect the different businesses that engage in legal hemp and cannabis trade.

Commonwealth Dispensary Association

While the CDA has a very strong focus in Massachusetts, it still strives to make its advocacy available to all the states of the US. The Commonwealth Dispensary Association works to put the control of cannabis in the hands of all the states and not just the national government. There are 32 cannabis dispensaries that support the aims of the CDA in the development of appropriate cannabis dispensary policies.

There are 25 active members in the Commonwealth Dispensary Association. David Torrisi is at the helm of the group as Executive Director. The association’s President is Keith Cooper.

Cannabis Distribution Association

Based in California, the Cannabis Distribution Association aims to promote the distribution of only safe and high-quality cannabis products in the state. They also aim to help small businesses achieve economic sustainability in the growing cannabis market. There are 9 members on the Board of Directors with Lauren Fraser serving as the President.

National Marijuana Trade Associations in Canada

Cannabis Council of Canada

This Canadian organization believes that everyone in the country should have access to safe, quality, and effective cannabis products. The Cannabis Council of Canada works with national and regional legislators to create more meaningful cannabis regulations. They also hope to sustain the growth of the cannabis market. The CCC wants to have a cannabis industry that is responsible, trustworthy, and regulated. They also work to provide Canadians with only the best-quality cannabis products through advances in science and technology.

Megan McCrae is the CCC’s Chairman of the Board of Directors. John Fowler serves as the council’s Vice-President, while Philippe Lucas acts as Vice-Chairman.


A proactive organization, the Association of Canadian Cannabis retailers strives to grow the number of cannabis retailers in the country. The organization is building a cannabis retail model in the Canadian province of British Columbia. It is also working to expand the retail of cannabis throughout the country.

The President of ACCRES is Jeremy Jacob, while its Vice-President is Laurie Weitzel. Andrew Gordon serves as the organization’s Director. The group’s Executive Director is Heather Taylor.

State Cannabis Trade Associations


Alaska Marijuana Industry Association

There is only one marijuana trade association in the state of Alaska. This is the Alaska Marijuana Industry Association. It aims to promote an independent and strong cannabis industry. The organization works with the different policymakers of the state in making changes in marijuana regulations. They also provide information about cannabis industry standards and regulations.

Presiding in the Board of Directors is Brandon Emmett, while Leif Abel sits as the group’s Vice-President. Jane Tinson heads the Cultivation Seat of the group, while Lacy Wilcox leads the Manufacturing Seat. Ryan Tunseth is the AMIA’s Treasurer. Kim Cole serves as the group’s Secretary. Eight other people support the efforts of the AMIA.


Arkansas Cannabis Industry Association

This organization serves as an advocate for the equitable use of medical cannabis in the state of Arkansas. It helps ensure that patients have access to high quality medical marijuana should they need it. The Arkansas Cannabis Industry Association also monitors the progress of their activities. It ensures professionalism and accountability in the cannabis industry.

The ACIA educates the public, while also protecting the rights of patients to quality medical marijuana. The organization aims to institute more positive changes to the use of marijuana in the state. The association was able to help in the establishment of 5 dispensaries. It is also working with others to meet the growing needs of almost 20,000 patients who are currently enrolled in the organization’s medical marijuana program.


Arizona Marijuana Industry Trade Association

This association commits its resources to helping cannabis industries and businesses in the state. They work with these entities to grow the industry. They also leverage their expertise in influencing policymakers to create cannabis policies that are fair. Demitri Downing founded the AMITA together with Danielle Sedgwick.

Arizona Cannabis Bar Association

The ACBA educates Arizonians about Proposition 203 as it affects the different aspects of Arizona life. The organization has 72 members who work together to advance the aims of the group. Heading the Arizona Cannabis Bar Association are Gary Michael Smith, Tom Dean, Jerry Chesler, and Sonia Martinez.



Believing that everyone should have access to high quality cannabis, the California Growers Association works with the different stakeholders in the cannabis spectrum. This starts from the hemp and cannabis farmers to the end-users. The organization has an extensive network that organizes businesses and growers.

CalGrowers is under the able stewardship of Tawnie Logan. Caz Tomazweski supports Logan in her capacity as Vice-Chairman. Sequoyah Hudson oversees the association’s finances, while Nathan Whittington serves as their Secretary.

Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance

The purpose of the Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance is to encourage cannabis producers and businesses in the region to observe responsible practices. It hopes to bridge the gap between the people and the cannabis community. The CVCA accomplishes this by providing the people with appropriate information as well as opportunities for connecting with cannabis growers, manufacturers, and distributors.

Brent Thurman serves as the Alliance’s President. Jocelyn Kane is second in command as both Vice-President and the organization’s Treasurer. The association also has 5 other individuals on the Board.

Monterey County Cannabis Industry Association

Hemp growers and cannabis businesses in Monterey County can rely on the MCCIA to help them improve their processes. The group serves as the protectors of the rights of cannabis businesses and industries in this part of California.

The MCCIA is under the leadership of David potter. Jennifer Rosenthal assists as the organization’s Vice-President. They also have Pete Noto as Board Secretary. Overseeing the finances of the organization is Christ Steinbruner. The group has 10 other Board members.

Santa Ana Cannabis Association

The cannabis grassroots organization in Santa Ana aims to build strong and trustworthy relationships between the cannabis industry and the local communities. The SACA collaborates with local businesses in the hope of advancing the marijuana industry. They also educate the people, while providing them with legal support.

Morgan Guadis and John Senating founded the association. Guadis now serves as the CEO, while Senating is the group’s CTO. The SACA also has a developer, in the person of Sandi Hormez. Animor Tiruse serves as the association’s designer.

Southern California Trade Coalition

The organization believes that the cannabis industry should take the lead in helping the government formulate laws that will help facilitate the growth of the industry. The Southern California Trade Coalition wants to make sure that all cannabis stakeholders understand the different cannabis laws and policies of the state.

United Cannabis Business Association

This marijuana trade association aims to do two things. First, improve the regulations necessary for the licensing of cannabis growers, manufacturers, and distributors. Second, it works with the California government in policy implementation. The association has a network of educators and advocates who strive to build a trustworthy relationship between the industry and the community.

Leading the growth of the UCBA is Ruben Honig as the association’s Executive Director. Memberships and engagements are handled by Helene Chemel. The organization also has three General Counsels: Steve Lubell, Lisa Selan, and Yelena Katchko. Heading their lobbying efforts in Sacramento is Marvin Pineda. Heading the marketing program is Jessica Cure, while Atoberhan Paulos serves as the organization’s accountant.


Marijuana Industry Group

About 400 legitimate cannabis and marijuana businesses in Colorado that can depend on the support of the Marijuana Industry Group. This organization works with the government of Colorado in the formulation of cannabis-friendly policies. These help grow the marijuana industry in the state, while giving it ample regulations to follow.

Fabby R. Hillyard leads the Board of Directors of the MIG as its Managing Director. Serving as the group’s President is Denis Berkefeldt. Brock Herzberg, Landon Gates, and Kara Miller provide support to the organization.


Maryland Cannabis Industry Association

Cannabis organizations and businesses in the state of Maryland are under the stewardship of the Maryland Cannabis Industry Association. This organization serves as cannabis industry rights advocates. They also promote effective and responsible growth in the cannabis industry.

Michael Klein currently serves as the MDCIA’s President. However, leading the Board of Directors as President is Philip Goldberg. Darrel Carrington serves the association in his role as Executive Director.

Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission

Patients who have a medical need for cannabis can depend on the MMCC for assistance. The group facilitates the qualification of patients to avail of a medical marijuana card. The organization ensures all related processes are executed in the correct manner.

Standing as the MMCC’s Executive Director is Joy A. Strand. Lori Dodson spearheads the association’s Laboratory Compliance activities, while also serving as its Deputy Director. Will Tillburg takes care of the MMMCC’s Government Affairs and Policy unit. Scott Simmons is the association’s chief when it comes to Compliance and Enforcement. The Quality Assurance and Program Analytics unit of MMCC is under the leadership of Fakiza Rahman.

Maryland Medical Dispensary Association

This Maryland cannabis organization aims to support the state’s dispensaries. It influences lawmakers and policy-makers at both state and local levels to advance the rights of these dispensaries. The group also has community outreach and educational activities.

The Maryland Medical Dispensary Association currently has 24 member dispensaries. There are also 29 cannabis vendors that the association serves. The organization builds relationships and establish connections through various community-focused programs.

Maryland Wholesale Medical Cannabis Association

CANMD aims to provide both patients and ordinary people access to high-quality and safe marijuana. They have partners among the growing number of hemp farmers in the state, as well as small business owners. The association takes pride in its ability to facilitate the registration of patients.

The Maryland Wholesale Medical Cannabis Association serves 16 licensed companies. This is from the 23 that are already preapproved. There are also 10 hemp growers out of 15 working with the association. The association also has partnership with 13 cannabis processors. These entities help ensure the smooth registration of the marijuana trade association.

Leading the CANMD is Mackie Birch as its Chairman. Under Birch is Andy Cohen as the association’s Vice-Chairman. Reggie Alston makes sure that the organization’s finances are in order. Wendy Bronfein serves as CANMD’s secretary. There are 23 other members on the Board of Directors, supporting the different activities of the association.



The founders of the Massachusetts Cannabis Business Association wanted to make sure that people in the cannabis industry will be more responsible in all of their undertakings. The organization collaborates with government leaders in addressing the current state of cannabis businesses in the state.

The Board of Directors of the MassCBA includes David O’Brien, who serves as both its CEO and President. Colonel Boothe is one of the organization’s co-founders, while Victor Chiang serves as its CEO. There is also Meg Collins, who heads Public Affairs. The Senior Associate of the association is Sira Grant. Karen Munkacy, James McMahon, and Marcus John-Smith support the activities of the group.


Missouri Cannabis Industry Association

Like the other marijuana trade associations in other states, the Missouri Cannabis Industry Association envisions a more responsible cannabis industry in the state. They work with legislators in the creation of more responsive cannabis regulations. They also educate the people, informing them of the many benefits of marijuana.

The organization has two fundamental goals. One is to facilitate the creation of an industry that will benefit the people of Missouri. The second is to reduce both the criminalization of cannabis and the legal abuses that often follow. They also champion the rights of individuals who have a need for cannabis as well as the businesses that provide such products.

The MCIA’s Board of Directors includes Dan Viets, Dave Bennett, Chris P. Dalton, Amanda Goff, and Janine Bennett. They serve as Chairman, President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, respectively. Supporting the top management are 9 board members.

MoCann Trade

This organization has a very different kind of setup. The Missouri Medical Cannabis Association comprises of professionals, businesses, residents, and patients. They work together to make sure that everyone complied with the state’s medical cannabis laws. They work to define industry standards and good business practices. These help ensure the safety of the people taking marijuana for medical reasons.

John Curtis is the current Chairman of the MoCann Trade. The other key figures in the Board of Directors include Dr. Mimi Vo, Josh Mitchem, Jack Mitchell, John Pennington, and 10 others.



Medical cannabis practitioners in Montana rely on the advocacy of the Montana Cannabis Association to help them improve legislation. They strive to create a safer, more functional, and more responsible cannabis program in the state. The organization has partnership with 11 marijuana businesses and 35 different associations. They all work to bring a more positive change to the medical marijuana landscape in Montana.


Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association

Ordinary people, laboratories, cannabis businesses, hemp growers, and cannabis distributors make up the Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association. Established in 2014, the association provides educational activities to communities. They also work with legislators in the creation of policies that will regulate the cannabis industry in a more effective manner. It also ensures the safety of the people using these products.

John Laub is the current President of the LVMMA. Jim Lamb and Tony Romo assist Laub as Vice-Presidents.


Cannabis dispensaries in Nevada have the full support of the Nevada Dispensary Association. Prospective dispensaries can also rely on the assistance of the organization. The NDA also provides training, advocacy, and education so that these dispensaries will be able to serve Nevadans a lot better.

Sitting at the helm of the organization is Tisha Black. Riana Durrett serves as NDA’s Executive Director.

Nevada County Cannabis Alliance

Another Nevada marijuana association is the Nevada County Cannabis Alliance. It provides both advocacy and education in advancing the aims of the cannabis community in the state. Membership to the association requires a monthly fee of $10. This allows members access to workshops and events at discounted prices. Paying a $500 monthly fee gives members access to the hemp growers of the state as well as in California. The premium membership also provides meetings with the organization’s lawyer.

New Jersey

New Jersey CannaBusiness Association

The goal of the NJ CannaBusiness association is to build a medical cannabis market that is more responsive and more responsible. It ensures the congruence between the needs of the cannabis community and the regulations that the government passes.

Scott Rudder serves as the NJCBA President, with Dr. Marianne Bays as the VP. There is also Tara Sargente as the association’s Executive Director.



The cannabis industry in Ohio looks up to the National Cannabis Association of Ohio for guidance. They depend on the organization’s advocacy for legislative support and responsible policies. The NCIAO works to strike a balance between the people’s need for quality cannabis and the state’s mandate for regulation.

People and entities can become members of NCIAO by choosing an annual plan that suits them. This can cost as low as $2,000 or as high as $15,000 every year. Each membership plan comes with different levels of access to the organization’s many activities.


Oklahoma Cannabis Industry Association

The main objective of the Oklahoma Cannabis Industry Association is to help the various cannabis stakeholders find the voice in the push for decriminalizing marijuana. It involves working with the different policymakers and legislators in the state to come up with more sensible cannabis regulations.

The organization is headed by Chase Mattison, with Justin Hiersche serving as Vice-President.


Oklahoma’s Department of Health relies on the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority to make sure that the medical community adheres to the medical cannabis regulations and guidelines of the state. It provides the necessary tools for the various cannabis programs of the state. It also promotes the welfare of patients registered in the medical cannabis program.


Cascade Cannabis Association

There are two goals of the Cascade Cannabis Association. First, to serve as advocates for the growing community of cannabis users. Second, to provide relevant and accurate information to the people about the different aspects of cannabis use and legislation. The CCA works with both the private and public sectors in the development of compliance strategies. This also helps eliminate the risk of having an illegal cannabis market in Oregon.

Oregon Cannabis Association

Oregon’s cannabis industry has an ally in the Oregon Cannabis Association. This association brings together different stakeholders in the state. These include businesses, entrepreneurs, retailers, manufacturers, and cultivators. They work together to educate Oregonians about the different aspects of cannabis legislation and sensible use. To-date, the association has more than 200 business members.

Oregon Cannabis Business Council

Independent and small business owners providing cannabis products in Oregon can depend on the advocacy of the Oregon Cannabis Business Council. The OCBC champions the rights of these small businesses. They also help them in their business practices, while ensuring the people will get the best possible products from these companies. Donald Morse heads the OCBC as its Chairman.

Oregon Cannabis Retailers

Cannabis retailers in Oregon consider the Oregon Cannabis Retailers as their voice in improving legislation related to their business. The organization lobbies for the rights of these businesses, while also ensuring the development of the industry in Oregon. The OCR’s Board of Directors includes managers and owners of legitimate cannabis businesses in the state of Oregon.


Tennessee Medical Cannabis Trade Association

One of the prime movers of cannabis legislation in the state of Tennessee is the Tennessee Medical Cannabis Trade Association. It pushes the sensible use of marijuana for individuals who have a medical need for it. The association also works to establish an environment where people can grow and dispense cannabis products in a safe manner.

Heading the organization is Glenn Anders as TMCTA’s Executive Director. There is also Jeff Livingston, who serves as the Board President and Dan Pabon as the Advisor.


Texas Cannabis Industry Association

Educators, advocates, and mentors in Texas have come together to form the Texas Cannabis Industry Association. They aim to provide support for the establishment of a responsible and ethical medical marijuana industry.

The association relies on the support of both the people and cannabis businesses. They work with legislators in the creation and passage of regulations. The Texas Cannabis Industry Association hopes to build and grow an industry that can operate within the bounds of the law. It also ensures that the regulations have the best interests of the people.


Washington CannaBusiness Association

Washington residents who wish to use cannabis in a more responsible way can look up to the WACA for inspiration. The group strives to create a safe cannabis marketplace that is within legal limits.

Vicki Christophersen heads WACA as its Executive Director. She is also the principal lobbyist of the group. Assisting Christophersen is Brooke Davies, serving the role of Deputy Director. Rounding up the top management are Jill Mullen and Jerry Devervyanny as President and VP, respectively.


Virginia Cannabis Industry

The VCIA supports the people of Virginia through a number of ways. It works with the pharmaceutical cannabis industry in educating the people. The organization also strives to build strong relationships with cannabis growers, manufacturers, and retailers. This is to help ensure that the people will have access only to high-quality medical cannabis.

District of Columbia

DC Medical Cannabis Trade Association

In Washington, DC, the DCMCTA is paving the way for patients to gain access to invaluable medical cannabis. These products help to improve the quality of life of these patients. The association currently has partnerships with 8 growers and 7 dispensaries of medical cannabis. Linda Greene, DCMCTA’s President, continues to reach out to more organizations and entities. She hopes to remove the barriers to high-quality medical marijuana.

These marijuana trade associations continue to push for the acceptance of cannabis at both national and local levels. They help to grow an industry that will benefit the people and the community.



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