Best CBD Drinks: Top 100 CBD Oil-Infused Beverages in 2020

Reviewing the top 100 best CBD drinks using hemp-derived cannabidiol-infused oil ingredients in 2020, plus a cannabis beverages guide researching waters, coffees, teas and sports nutrition options along with benefits, side effects and buying tips.

Best CBD Drinks in 2020: Top CBD Waters, Teas, Kombuchas, Coffees and Sports Nutrition Beverages

best CBD Beverages

CBD drinks.

Finally! After decades of marijuana prohibition, and years of legal cannabis regulatory advancements along with months of research, the ultimate CBD oil-infused beverages guide is ready for you to take in, consume and drink up today.

The emerging CBD beverages industry is on track to be one of the most consumable forms of hemp-derived cannabidiol extract as CBD oil-infused drinks are starting to showcase why they are next big thing in cannabis. Between growth in beauty skincare, topical creams and pain relief, CBD was already the most recognized, best selling supplemental health ingredient in the natural sales channel in 2019. Now in 2020, CBD energy drinks, CBD-infused waters (sparkling waters), herbal teas, coffee blends, kombucha brews, cocktails and sports nutrition performance recovery products are all igniting the prized cannabis compound's canned-drink rush in the new decade.

CBD, a cousin cannabinoid to THC, does not produce a psychoactive high effect but is said to help act as a catalyst for many types of benefits. But, as the healthcare industry continues to embrace cannabis as a medicinal plant first, more holistic solutions are sought using cannabidiol thanks to the legalization updates included in the 2018 Hemp Farm Bill.

Despite original skepticism, there has been an increasing amount of proof to support assertions that CBD is not only healthy but beneficial for a myriad of bodily ailments. Whether the therapeutic effects are real or an amazing placebo therapy at play, CBD-infused drinks are on the fast track to becoming one of the most consumed methods of cannabidiol as a healthier alternative to caffeine-loaded energy drink market.

While there are a few household brand names entering the space, the green rush enthusiasm has brought many new companies and product lines into the growing space and are going after every type of CBD-infused liquid beverage types you can think of using today's modern technology and discoveries. This prompted some serious research and intense analysis.

HealthMJ created and crafted a catalogue of all the available best CBD drinks of each hemp-derived cannabidiol-infused beverage type. The guide is long-winded but understanding the flow it can best help users navigate to what you are most interested in. In order to give the best user experience, we took a combination of all the most popular best-rated CBD drink beverages and included the top 100 cannabidiol drinks list below.

From researching, reviewing and ranking the most popular CBD drinks in 2020; we managed to collect individual ratings list includes:

Out of the nearly 100 plus CBD-infused beverage types available, there is a list of the six most popular CBD drinks that are trailblazing the liquid cannabidiol market. Then, an industry-first, market-wide overview of all the available CBD drinks and beverages in the form of waters, coffees, teas, kombuchas and sports drinks will include nearly every possible liquid CBD product available. But first, let's review what CBD is, how the beverage market works and the various liquid infusion types to choose from before getting into the long list of all the top trending best-rated CBD drink beverages of 2020.


What is CBD?

What is CBD?

Short for cannabidiol, CBD, is a naturally occurring molecule produced exclusively by plants in the cannabis family. Though it is often confused with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD is considerably different. While THC is the primary psychoactive element found in marijuana, CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it does not have a significant effect on cognitive brain function and does not produce the often mentioned “high” associated with marijuana use.

While CBD is produced by the marijuana plant, it is also produced by hemp. The human brain has very specific receptors designed to accept cannabinoids, known as CB1 and CB2. These receptors, though not well-known, play a key role in the assimilation of cannabinoid molecules in the human body.

CBD has become increasingly popular as research and studies have provided more information about its benefits, including ease of consumption. As advancements in processing have increased, consumption methods have also changed. The benefits of CBD can now be found in topical applications, pills, oil, and even beverages. Despite varying degrees of opinions on which method is most advantageous, there is increasing research in support of ingestion methods such as food and drink.

What are CBD Beverages?

What are CBD Beverages?

Those who view CBD as beneficial are exploring a variety of methods to incorporate this compound into their daily routines. As a result, CBD drinks are becoming increasingly popular among supporters of the CBD movement. Once found only in very specific locations, CBD – infused beverages can now be found in specialty drinks sold in traditional grocery stores, as well as restaurants.

The distinction of being a “CBD Beverage” spreads to a wide range of products. Essentially, any drink containing CBD would fit within this category. To date, there are various brands of CBD water, coffee, tea, energy drinks, and more.

Drinking CBD vs. Sublingual Usage

Drinking CBD vs. Sublingual Usage

As previously discussed, there are multiple ways consumers can partake in CBD. When compared with sublingual methods of consumption, drinking CBD tends to be much more successful and effective.

Sublingual ingestion of CBD involves placing CBD oil directly under the tongue. While ease of dosage and a faster uptake time are key benefits provided through this method, there are also other considerations. Sublingual consumption also allows for faster absorption since the digestive system is removed from the process. In total, effects are usually felt within 20 minutes.

Drinking CBD, however, is a very different experience. As the CBD found in drinks must undergo the digestive process, the effects provided are usually slower than those involved with sublingual methods. While the effects may take longer to appear, some research suggests the effects may last longer when CBD is consumed via drinks and beverages.

One of the key differences between CBD drinks and other methods is the amount of versatility they contain. Unlike sublingual methods or other ingestion options, drinking CBD allows for the modification of flavors. This option allows for a more pleasurable experience for users.

How are CBD Beverages Made?

Though the concept of infusing beverages with CBD would appear to be fairly simplistic, there is a much more in-depth process involved. Traditional CBD is produced in an oil form. As oil and water contain various chemical compounds preventing a smooth mixture from occurring. This chemical dilemma requires the use of water-soluble CBD to be produced.

Water-soluble CBD is made using a process known as nanotechnology. Nanotechnology uses soundwaves to breakdown CBD clusters into micro-sized particles. As particles become increasingly smaller, their properties subsequently change. This allows the particles to travel more freely through the bloodstream and become absorbed at a higher rate.

While nanotechnology assists in terms of bioavailability, it also assists in the creation and mixture of CBD products. The original oil form is modified through this technology to ensure higher solvency. This makes the newly created CBD easily transferrable to drinks such as coffee, tea, and water.

Types of CBD Beverages

Types of CBD Beverages

With the multiple ways CBD can be extracted, the possibilities for CBD-infused drinks can seem almost endless. Those looking to find a drink with CBD can look to one of the following categories:

Though each of these options provides a different avenue for CBD users, they all have very unique qualities. CBD users should consider multiple aspects of each before choosing the CBD-infusion that is best for them

CBD Water

CBD Water drinks

CBD water has become one of the most popular CBD drinks currently available on the market. CBD water is made by infusing water with CBD particles and is one of the newest drinks available. Though there has been quite a bit of interest in CBD water, it has become somewhat controversial.

CBD Content

One of the main concerns regarding CBD water is the amount of CBD it contains. While the majority of dosage recommendations vary, minimums, in general, are said to be at least 15mg per day. CBD water, however, only provides 2-5 mg per serving depending on the brand being consumed.

This minor amount of CBD could be explained through the use of nanotechnology. As nanotechnology decreases the size of particles, it is commonly stated that the lower measurable CBD is due to the chemical process. Currently, there is very little research to support these specific claims.

Nanotechnology used for CBD breaks down the particles to boost the absorptive qualities of CBD. While there is very limited research on its effects, a study conducted in 2015 does suggest that lipid-based CBD nanoparticles may be better absorbed by the human body.


Though it has many benefits, CBD is generally considered to a highly unstable compound. This instability requires careful preparation and storage to ensure the medical benefits provided are preserved.

Storage options for CBD bottled water can be limited depending on the specific business involved. Grocery store storage methods pose a significant threat to the efficacy of CBD contained in infused water. As bottles are stored beneath bright lights for lengthy time periods, the effectiveness of water stored in this method is quite questionable.

CBD bottled water should be stored in dark areas with sealed containers to avoid any possible quality degradation.


While cost should never be considered to be the sole determining factor in choosing which CBD formulation to purchase, CBD water stands out in this area. For those looking to try CBD, CBD water is one of the most expensive options available.

In general, a single 16-oz serving can cost between $4 – $7, prior to tax and shipping costs being added. While buying in bulk may allow for some cost-saving, the cost will generally come to $3 per bottle, still significantly higher than standard bottled water options, as well as other CBD choices.

CBD Energy Drinks

CBD Energy Drinks

As new and improved ways continue to emerge for CBD to be consumed, the possibilities can seem almost limitless. Taking advantage of the energy drink movement, CBD manufacturers have created individual CBD-infused energy products.

CBD is commonly believed to be a natural energy-enhancing product. With this being the case, the movement towards an energy drink infused with CBD would appear to be a natural progression. While traditional energy drinks contain controversial ingredients such as guarana, energy drinks infused with CBD do not contain the same products.

Energy drinks containing CBD are generally considered to be all-natural. Devoid of both sugar and fat in many brands, many consider this to be a safer alternative to standard energy drinks currently on the market. In general, CBD energy drinks contain 80 – 130mg of caffeine, the amount of caffeine in a standard cup of coffee.

Though filled with considerably fewer products, CBD energy drinks should still be consumed sparingly. As these energy drinks still contain CBD, it is important to remember that overconsumption can cause adverse effects.

Powdered Drink Mixes

Powdered Drink Mixes

Though not currently recommended as a protein powder replacement, powdered drink mixes containing CBD are now on the rise. Dissolvable cannabinoids are among some of the most unique and versatile products available for CBD users.

A primary complaint from those using CBD or cannabis, in general, is the odor or taste that often accompanies more unconventional ingestion methods such as edibles or drinks. Dissolvable Cannabinoids, however, help to alleviate a large portion of this concern. Water-dissolvable and flavorless, they can be added to multiple products and mixed with a variety of ingredients to create an ideal and quick solution.

How Are CBD Powdered Mixes made?

To achieve a powdered drink mix infused with CBD, multiple steps must be taken. Though this can be achieved, the process itself can be very difficult given the non-soluble nature of CBD.

First, the CBD must undergo the process of emulsification. This involves taking activated distillate and modifying it into a semi-liquid mixture, or slurry, using emulsification. This step also includes a vigorous amount of mixing to breakdown the previously made mixture and allow the molecular compounds to become water-soluble.

Next, the slurry mixture must dry to remove excess moisture. The key goal in this step is to allow evaporation to take place over the course of several days. Though each manufacturer may perform this differently, a vast number choose to use vacuum-ovens to produce a fine, dry powder eventually.

Once completed, the powdered mixture can be separated and split into appropriate doses as needed. The resulting powder can have flavoring added if needed and are a great option for CBD users looking for a no-calorie option.


CBD Tea blends

Morning tea is a great way to start almost any morning. For those partaking in CBD, this health benefit can now be incorporated into one of the most common breakfast drinks worldwide.

Preparing CBD Tea

CBD tea can come in a variety of forms. In general, it can be predominantly found in tea bags; however, tea can also be brewed using a few drops of CBD oil to the serving of tea. As CBD oil is not water-soluble by nature, those who choose to use the oil must also add a form of fat to improve absorption. The fat used can be of many options and could include anything from coconut milk to MCT oil and butter.

In terms of dosage amounts, this could be a little trickier when trying to brew your own CBD tea. The dosage will vary from person to person and will depend largely on your needs and desired goals. When introducing a new element to your health routine, it is always important, to begin with, a small amount and progress as needed – CBD is no different. Typically, it is recommended that 1 mg – 5 mg be used for the first dosage amount.

For best results, users should use organic and natural products. This should also be the primary focus of any ingredients available.

CBD Coffee

CBD Coffee

Though some people choose to begin their morning with tea, others prefer coffee. Coffee drinkers can now choose to add CBD to their cup of “morning joe” whenever they choose to. In general, CBD coffee will usually provide users with a less “jittery” feeling than traditional coffee.

Caffeine and CBD

With some of the more antagonistic properties found in CBD, the question of its interaction with caffeine should not be surprising. Caffeine is usually considered a stimulant which increases both heart rate and activity. CBD has a much more complex makeup than originally thought.

The interaction between caffeine and CBD is not one that has been explored in-depth as of yet, but there is evidence to suggest the results of the interaction depends greatly on the person involved. As there has been little to no research on this element, it is unclear as to when the interaction between the two compounds occurs.

In lower doses, CBD is a stimulant while in higher doses, it can act as a sedative. With this dual compound being present, it is hard to predict with any distinct accuracy at what dosage level individuals will begin to feel the effects of the interaction.

In general, those who choose to drink CBD infused coffee should allow the body and its reactions to guide them and their usage.

Heat and CBD

Though iced-coffee has experienced a steady rise in popularity, the traditional cup of coffee is usually consumed while hot and balmy. While this is ideal with standard coffee, it is not the case of CBD coffee.

Recent research has shown that CBD content decreases when introduced to high heat environments. The higher the temperature involved, the more the CBD efficacy decreases. As this is the case, introducing CBD oil into a cup of coffee can lessen the amount of CBD available for absorption.

While this is inconvenient, this can also have ramifications for users in terms of dosage. With the amount of CBD decreasing per serving, it will be much more difficult to maintain a consistent dosage. Though this will not affect the standard coffee itself, the CBD aspect must be closely monitored to ensure it is used properly and effectively.

CBD Cocktails

CBD Cocktails

At first glance, the thought of mixing CBD and cocktails would appear to be unwise. Since CBD does not contain the THC component found in marijuana, however, the dangers of mixing CBD and your favorite cocktail are greatly decreased.

In general, CBD cocktails are a new and innovative way to experience mild relaxation effects. When most people consume a cocktail, it is done so with the desire to relax and unwind. Luckily CBD also helps to contribute to this as well.

Bartenders have chosen to be extremely experimental and innovative when concocting cocktails that include CBD. From Cosmopolitans to Margaritas and one of a kind drinks, there are very few restrictions on what can be created with this combination.

As the effects of CBD can vary by person, it is very important to be aware of the possibility of the unexpected. It is best, to begin with, a smaller dosage of CBD in a cocktail and work up as needed as exposure progresses. Additionally, those who partake in a CBD-infused cocktail should also avoid operating a motor vehicle until they are sure of their reaction to such drinks.

Now there's an outline of all the most popular CBD drink types, let's review the 40 best hemp-derived cannabidiol beverages of 2020 and see what the liquid cannabis oil-infusion industry has to offer so far.

Top 100 Best CBD Drink Beverages in 2020

Top 40 Best CBD Drink Beverages in 2020

The multiple options for CBD drinks on the market currently can certainly be overwhelming. To give you a brief introduction to some of the more popular options available, here are some of the top-rated CBD beverages out there in terms of popularity and notoriety:

  • Sprig Sparkling Soda
  • Kickback CBD Cold Brew
  • Recess CBD Sparkling Water
  • Canna Nano CBD Bottled Water
  • Aurora Elixirs
  • VYBES Wellness Water

But HealthMJ did not want to stop there as the coverage continues on the biggest and best CBD drinks that have been releasing over the past few months to round out a list of the top CBD-infused waters, teas, sports nutrition mixes and kombuchas beverages in 2020.

First the seven top drank CBD beverages so far:

Sprig Sparkling Soda

Made from hemp grown exclusively in Colorado, Sprig is a CBD-infused sparkling soda currently available on the market. Available in multiple flavors, each can of Sprig includes 20 mg of CBD. Though it can be found in a local natural grocery store and dispensaries nationwide, Sprig can also be purchased and shipped throughout the United States as well.

Additionally, this particular CBD drink provides a healthier alternative to traditional carbonated sodas found on many grocery store shelves. Sprig contains zero sugar in their melon, lemon tea, and citrus flavors. Though some of their options contain sugar, pure can sugar is used rather than a sugar substitute.

Kickback CBD Cold Brew

One of the mainstay staples of the morning routine is coffee. As previously discussed, however, a hot cup of coffee may not be the best option for those looking for the more substantive effects of CBD. While this is the case, however, cold brew options can provide coffee drinkers with some satisfaction.

Kickback CBD Cold Brew has seemingly answered the dilemma between a desire for coffee while also wanting a dose of CBD. Available since 2016, this particular brand has been at the forefront of the CBD coffee movement and appears to be primed to stay there.

Each of its 5 different flavors provides approximately 20 mg of CBD per serving, as well as an all-natural product. Gluten-Free and environmentally friendly this cold brew option provides a great deal for a reasonable amount of money.

Recess CBD Sparkling Water

Designed to provide relaxation, cool, and calm, the Recess CBD sparkling water provides a healthy option for those wanting the benefits of CBD. The canned sparkling water comes in one of three flavors currently, with 10 mg of CBD in each serving.

Recess boasts not only all-natural ingredients but also the use of full-spectrum CBD oil with no THC. They also use adaptogens to promote both clarity and balance in their products. As they are found in more specialized locations, customers can purchase these wonderful choices in either a 6 or 8 pack container.

Canna Nano CBD Bottled Water

While CBD is not generally water-soluble, there are many bottled water options available on the CBD market. With the use of nanotechnology, manufacturers have developed the ability to fulfill their customer needs while providing a more absorbent solution for the human body.

Containing 4 mg of CBD per servicing, this particular option provides a substantial amount of CBD compared to other infused brands available. Though it does not contain a large amount of CBD, it would make a great introduction for those looking to try CBD infused drinks.

Aurora Elixirs

Packaged in elegant glass bottles, this CBD-infused tonic water has a mix of class and sophistication. Infused with full-spectrum, quality hemp, Aurora Elixir tonics introduce a variety of exotic and unique flavors including Lavender Spice and Grapefruit Rosemary.

Additionally, each tonic contains approximately 15 -20 mg of CBD in each bottle and can be found in multiple areas. Though available on the shelves of local natural stores, this option can also be found online and ordered at will.

VYBES Wellness Water

An organic drink made with 25 mg of hemp in each serving, VYBES Wellness Water is very similar to multiple sports drinks on the standard market. Designed for mind and body well-being, VYBES features a mix of both sparkling and traditional CBD drinks.

Available in one of 3 flavors, each selection has been created with all-natural products and very little sugar. As a company, VYBES also provides a substantial amount of transparency providing lab results online.

Spreading across the spectrum of CBD-infused drinks, these top-ranked CBD drink options bring lots of variety and an individual flare. Now lets list the best CBD water and sparkling waters.

Best CBD Waters and Sparkling Water Drinks in 2020


CBD beverages have exploded with growth in recent years. CBD water is one of the fastest-growing areas of the market.

CBD water, as you might have guessed, involves adding cannabidiol (CBD) to water. Some beverage companies leave the water naturally flavored: since CBD is flavorless, the beverage just tastes like water.

Other beverage companies add flavors or sweeteners to the CBD water to make it more palatable. Some companies also add vitamins, minerals, and other compounds to enhance the nutrient profile.

With so many CBD waters to choose from, it’s hard to know which CBD water is best. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Here are the best CBD waters you can buy in 2020:

Dram Apothecary CBD Water

Dram Apothecary makes a small number of CBD products, including its Big Mood CBD Drops and Sweetgrass Adaptogenic CBD Drops. The company has also recently launched its Beauty Bubbles Adaptogenic CBD Sparkling Water. The water is priced at $49 for a 12-pack from Each can contains 20mg of CBD sourced from broad-spectrum hemp. There are also unique ingredients like CoQ10 (which purportedly reduces oxidative damage to cells), silver ear mushroom (which supports your body’s collagen production), and moringa leaf (which has high vitamin C content), among other ingredients. Dram Apothecary is also one of the few beverages on this list to use rose water (sourced from organic rose petals).

DWiiNK by Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson has launched his own lineup of CBD waters through his Tyson Ranch cannabis company. Three flavors are available, including Original (Unflavored), Pineapple Orange, and Watermelon. Each bottle contains 10mg of CBD. A 12-pack is priced at $60 from Listed ingredients include water, sugar, natural flavor, citric acid, salt, sodium citrate, potassium phosphate, CBD, and beta carotene, although the Original (Unflavored) option has zero sugar. The company’s slogan is “Stress Less. DWiiNK more”. At launch in August 2019, DWiiNK was initially only available at convenience stores in Los Angeles. As of January 2020, the beverages are not available to order at, although they’re reportedly launching nationwide in the near future. Former heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson launched The Ranch Companies, Inc., also known as Tyson Ranch, in 2019 with the goal of disrupting the cannabis space. Today, DWiiNK aims to capture a slice of the rapidly-growing CBD water market with his high-quality – and high-priced – DWiiNK CBD water.

Alkaline Water Company Alkaline88 CBD

Alkaline Water company is a Scottsdale, Arizona-based beverage company founded in 2011. The company recently launched Alkaline88, a mineral-enhanced, pH-balanced alkaline water. That water is available in two varieties, including Energy (“infused with natural, energizing vitamin combinations”) and CBD (“alkaline water that relaxes you without the high”). You can buy Alkaline88’s CBD Water in flavors like peach, citrus, raspberry, and grapefruit. You can buy Alkaline88 CBD water all over the United States, including most grocery stores or from Amazon or Walmart. It’s priced at around $29 for a package with four one-gallon bottles, although other sizes and options are also available.

Mad Tasty Hemp Sparkling Water

OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder launched his Mad Tasty hemp-infused sparkling water in December 2019. The water contains hemp extract with zero sugar. It’s being marketed as a “functional beverage to keep your creative energy flowing”. Each can of the CBD infused sparkling water contains 20mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract. Two flavors are available, including Watermelon Kiwi and Grapefruit, with both flavors containing zero calories and no sweeteners. As of early 2020, Mad Tasty is only available from a small number of specialized online CBD retailers. You can also order the water from, where a six-pack is priced at $30.


A CBD-infused seltzer called Feelz launched in November 2019. The seltzer is a CBD-infused sparkling drink with 20mg of pure CBD isolate in each can. Each can also contain adaptogens, electrolytes, antioxidants, and natural sweeteners. There’s 0% THC in each can, which means you won’t get high or fail a drug test. Three flavors are available at launch, including Peach Ginger, Lemon Lime, and Blackberry Lavender. The beverage is made in California and is currently available at retailers throughout the greater Los Angeles area, although you can also order it online through, where a six-pack is priced at $34.99

Flow Glow

Truss Beverage Co. and Flow Glow Beverages Inc. partnered together to launch cannabidiol-infused spring water called Flow Glow in November 2019. Flow Glow is available in two flavors at launch, including Goji and Grapefruit and Raspberry and Lemon. Each flavor contains natural spring water, whole grape extract, organic blue agave, natural ingredients, and 10mg of CBD. Toronto-based Truss Beverage is a joint venture between Molson Coors Canada and Hexo Corp., a licensed producer of cannabis products in Canada. Flow Glow Beverages Inc., meanwhile is a CBD-infused premium beverage company founded in 2019. Flow Glow gets its water from an artesian spring in Ontario. The company also uses sustainable packaging to maintain a low-carbon footprint. Each Tetra Pak carton of Flow Glow (330mL) contains 10mg of CBD and 0.3mg of THC.

Vita Coco CBD

Vita Coco has launched its own hemp and CBD coconut water called Vita Coco CBD Infused Sparkling Coconut Water. Vita Coco is one of the world’s largest coconut water brands. With their coconut water CBD beverage, you get Vita Coco’s classic coconut water infused with 20mg of CBD in each can. The CBD is full-spectrum, although there’s 0.0% THC in the final product. There are three flavors available, including Lemon Cardamom, Apple Ginger, and Cloved Orange. Each can has 23 calories and 3g of sugar. The beverage launched across the United Kingdom in 2019. You can buy it at Holland & Barrett or from the Vita Coco official website.

Creative Waters Co. CBD

Creative Waters Co. has launched a lineup of CBD waters. Each Creative Water CBD product contains 25mg of CBD, which is slightly higher than most other options on this list (other beverages listed here tend to contain 10 to 20mg of CBD in each can). Three flavors are available, including Berry Lemon, Cucumber Lime, and Passion Fruit, Tangerine, & Coconut. Interestingly, Creative Waters is also launching its own CBD/THC hybrid beverages, including a “Balance” beverage (1:1 ratio of CBD to THC), a “Lift” beverage (1:2 ratio of CBD to THC), and a “Relax” beverage (3:1 ratio of CBD to THC). As of January 2020, these products are all listed as coming soon on the official website, and it’s unclear when the products will be launched.

Green Lotus Sparkling Hemp Water Drinks

Green Lotus Hemp, sometimes abbreviated to GLH, has made its own CBD beverage called Green Lotus Premium Sparkling Hemp Water. Each can contains 25mg of CBD. At the United States CBD Expo in Miami in 2019, this water was chosen as the best-tasting and most effective CBD edible available. The Green Lotus Sparkling Hemp Water is available in two flavors: watermelon and grapefruit. One of the unique things about Green Lotus Hemp is that the company grows its own hemp in Colorado. The company claims this helps it maintain its high standards of quality. Green Lotus Hemp is based in Addison, Texas.

CBD Living Water

CBD Living Water is made with 100% organic and natural hemp CBD extracts “using cutting edge nanotechnology to infuse natural CBD in approximately 9+ pH water”, explains the official website. Each 500mL bottle is priced at $5 and contains 10mg of CBD. The water also contains potassium bicarbonate, magnesium sulfate, and potassium hydroxide. It’s also purified and has a pH balance of 9+. You can buy the water online through You can also find this water sold at various health stores and specialized CBD retailers. CBD Living Water is headquartered in Corona, California. The company’s hemp is grown organically in Colorado at a state-licensed hemp farm and extraction facility.


Kalo is a CBD beverage containing full-spectrum hemp. The company makes a big deal out of its manufacturing process, which they claim “allows us to include 100% of the benefits of hemp in every can of Kalo while removing the THC.” The beverage is available in four flavors, including Pomegranate Peach, Lemon Lavender, Strawberry Watermelon, and Raspberry Lime. You can buy Kalo online at, where a 4-pack of Kalo CBD beverages is priced at around $24. You can also find Kalo at retailers across the country. Kalo is a New Jersey-based company, so most affiliated retailers are in or around the New Jersey area.


Crysteda is a new CBD beverage that, as of January 2020, is still labeled as “launching soon” on the official website. The Vancouver, British Columbia-based company plans to launch a CBD-infused beverage that contains all-natural terpenes from full-spectrum hemp. Crysteda’s flagship product will be its Premium Nano CBD Alkaline Water. Crysteda is owned by three mothers from South Surrey who were motivated to create the product in the leadup to Canada’s “second wave” of marijuana legalization on October 17, 2019, when edibles and beverages were made legally available nationwide. Crysteda has also received support from Grow Tech Labs, a cannabis business accelerator with a “mandate of investing in female-owned and female-led companies”, according to a press release announcing the partnership.


Weller makes two core products: CBD infused coconut bites and CBD sparkling water. The company’s lineup of W+ CBD Sparkling Water comes in three flavors, including Tangerine, Black Cherry, and Watermelon. There’s 25mg of CBD in each serving. The CBD comes from broad-spectrum hemp with no THC. The full list of ingredients includes carbonated water, natural flavors, broad-spectrum hemp extract, quillaja extract, and NCT coconut oil. You can buy the CBD water in a can. Or, you can buy a Weller CBD beverage powder that can be mixed into the beverage of your choice for a convenient CBD water on-the-go. A six-pack of the W+ CBD Sparkling Water is priced at $30. You can also buy a variety pack (two of each flavor). Weller is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. The company was founded in 2017.


Eclipse makes THC-free CBD water with 20mg of CBD per can. Three flavors are available at launch, including Cucumber Mint, Mixed Berry, and Lemon Lime. As of January 2020, Eclipse seems to only be available in the Pacific Northwest, although it’s available at over 1,000 stores throughout the region. Each can contains zero sweeteners and zero calories. It’s also priced at a reasonable $2.99 per 16 oz can, which is slightly cheaper than most other options listed here. The water in Eclipse is sourced from an aquifer deep beneath the Yakima Valley in Washington. The water is purified and distilled. Eclipse is a Portland, Oregon-based company, and you can find Eclipse Carbonated CBD Water at stores throughout Washington and Oregon.

The Leaf Life

The Leaf Life is a UK-based company that makes a lineup of CBD waters, including Laidback Lemonade, Mindful Mango & Passionfruit, and Relaxing Raspberry. Each can contains 15mg of full spectrum CBD. The Leaf Life is a CBD beverage company launched by Bravura Foods, a UK-based ethical vegan food distributor known for brands like Peanut Hottie and Free From Fellows. The Leaf Life CBD water is available at local health food stores in the United Kingdom, although it does not seem available for purchase online or worldwide.

Day One

Day One Sparkling Water + CBD is a CBD beverage with 20mg of CBD in each can. The beverage, according to the official website, will “hydrate, heal and refresh your mind and body – whether you’re living your best life or recovering from it.” Three flavors are available, including Lemon, Grapefruit, and Lime, although only the Lemon is currently available for purchase. Each 6-pack is priced at $39.49, making this one of the priciest CBD waters on this list. Day One is available at vape shops and CBD retailers across the United States – mostly in the Los Angeles area. You can also order Day One Sparkling Water + CBD online through

Tempo Beverages

Tempo is a Chicago-based company that offers a lineup of CBD-infused wellness shots. Each 2.5oz wellness shot has 25mg of CBD – so despite the small size, you’re getting approximately the same amount of CBD as a larger can. Each beverage contains teas and fruits “crafted to support and enhance the body’s natural functions”, according to a press release from the company. It’s not technically CBD water: it’s sparkling CBD tea. Multiple shot options are available, including Focus (to enhance productivity) and Recover (to recover after a workout or stressful day). Tempo’s CBD beverages are available at convenience stores and online through

CBD-Infused Present Sparkling Water

Present has launched a lineup of CBD-infused sparkling water called Present Sparkling Water. There’s 20mg of full spectrum CBD in each can. All flavor extracts, meanwhile, are from organic essence, and the CBD is sourced from USDA Certified Organic hemp. Three flavors are available, including Natural, Lemon + Lime, and Blood Orange. A six-pack of CBD-Infused Present Sparkling Water is priced at $30 online. The full spectrum CBD distillate used in the beverages comes from the WAAYB Organics Certified Organic family farm in Longmont, Colorado, where the company oversees all aspects of the operation. Present is a joint venture between Left Hand Brewing Company and WAAYB Organics, both of which are based in northern Colorado.

Good Day

Good Day is a lineup of CBD-infused beverages available in three unique flavors, including “Cold Brew Coffee with Benefits”, “Citrus Sparkling Water with a Twist of Chill”, and “Chamomile Herbal Tea with a Little Extra”. There’s 15mg of hemp CBD in each 8 fl. oz (240mL) can. You can buy Good Day online through, where a 7-pack is priced at $35. Good Day is headquartered in New York City but has a satellite office in Los Angeles.

Daytrip Beverages CBD Water

Daytrip Beverages has launched its own Daytrip CBD-Infused Sparkling Water. Four flavors are available, including Lemon Lime, Cherry, Coconut Pineapple, and Tangerine. There’s also a variety pack available for purchase from Each 12-pack of Daytrip CBD-Infused Sparkling Water is priced at $59. The full list of ingredients includes water, less than 2% medium chain triglycerides, gum acacia, cannabidiol, beta-caryophyllene, citric acid, and natural flavor. There are zero sugars and zero artificial flavors. Daytrip is based in Pleasant Hill, California.

Lalpina CBD

Lalpina Beverages claims to use “cutting edge hydro and nano technology” to power its CBD water product. You can buy a 12-pack of Lalpina CBD online for $66, which is surprisingly expensive given that there’s only 3mg of CBD in each bottle. Why the high price for so little CBD? Well, Lalpina claims that normal CBD water leaves up to 90% of CBD molecules un-absorbed by the body. Unlike other CBD water brands, Lalpina “encapsulates the water” to enhance its bioavailability. Ultimately, according to Lalpina, that means the same amount of CBD gets absorbed into your body regardless. Lalpina CBD has a pH of 9+. Other ingredients include minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Lalpina is also launching “Magnum” CBD beverage options with 20mg or 50mg of CBD in the near future.

Pervida CBD

Pervida CBD, found online at, promises to “restore Zen to your senses” with its CBD water. The company offers four different CBD beverages, including pink lemonade, blackberry peach, blackberry papaya, and pina coda. Each can contains 12mg of full spectrum, hemp-derived CBD along with Pervida’s proprietary blend of vitamins and natural flavors. Pervida also uses an ingredient we don’t see with many other CBD beverages listed here: pomegranate seed oil. Pervida describes pomegranate seed oil as its “secret stunner” because it’s a rich source of punicic acid, an anti-inflammatory, and an antioxidant compound derived from pomegranates. Each can is sugar-free with no sweeteners. A 12-pack is priced at $60.

Mountjoy Sparkling

Mountjoy Sparkling is a CBD-infused beverage company in Petaluma, California. The company makes its flagship product, Mountjoy Sparkling CBD, using premium, organic industrial hemp flower. That hemp flower goes through a proprietary extraction process known as NanoTonic, described as a “full spectrum 7-phase extraction that yields the purest, flavorless additive” possible. The end result is a CBD beverage that dissolves easily, has a neutral flavor, and acts fast. Mountjoy Sparkling now partners with food and beverage companies that want to add CBD to their products. The company also sells its own lineup of sparkling CBD water in flavors like Natural, Orange, Peach, and Lemon Lime.

Queen City Hemp CBD Seltzer

Queen City Hemp is a CBD seltzer water available in four flavors, including guava, passionfruit, blood orange, and lemon & lavender. Each can contains 5mg of CBD with no sugar, caffeine, sodium, or gluten. The CBD is sourced from hemp grown in the United States. Like other full spectrum CBD beverages, the company’s CBD contains all the naturally-occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids found in therapeutic-grade hemp. Queen City Hemp is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. In addition to offering seltzer, the company offers tinctures, topicals, and other CBD products. You can buy Queen City Hemp CBD beverages online or at retailers throughout the Cincinnati area.

Tesla Nootropics Nano Water

Tesla Nootropics makes a CBD-infused “Nano Water” with 10mg of CBD in each bottle. Like every other CBD beverage listed here, Nano Water claims to have “maximum bioavailability”. Specifically, Tesla Nootropics uses “Hempire Nanotech organic hemp extract”, which is a form of cannabidiol with little to no taste or color but maximum absorption into the body. The nano-emulsion technology ensures as much CBD gets absorbed into your body as possible. Nano Water will launch on in the near future, although it is not available for purchase as of January 2020.

Tesla Nootropics Nubrain California Cannabis

Tesla Nootropics makes two separate CBD beverage products, including their new Nano Water and their original Nubrain CBD-infused beverage. You can buy Tesla Nootropics Nubrain online today at the official website, where a 12-pack is priced at $38.99. That price point makes Nubrain one of the most affordable CBD beverages on this list. Three flavors are available, including Melon Lemon, Blueberry Grape, and Tropical Orange. Each can contain 10mg of raw, organic cannabis extract and Neurocellin plant stem cell technology, making this a “functional drink” that could enhance brain activity and support general wellness.


Bimble is a broad spectrum CBD beverage made by a New York-based company. The company claims its beverage is “meticulously formulated with quality ingredients that help you relax”. Those quality ingredients include 25mg of CBD along with raw honey, lemon juice from concentrate, blueberry and ginger, and carbonated triple-filtered water. Two flavors are available, including Blueberry Lemon Ginger and Grapefruit Basil Mint. You can buy Bimble at certain retailers across the United States. Alternatively, you can buy it online at A 6-pack is priced at $40, while a 12-pack is priced at $75, making Bimble one of the most expensive CBD beverages on this list – although it also has natural ingredients and 25mg of CBD.

Sweet Reason

Sweet Reason Beverage Company offers a lineup of four different flavors of CBD beverages, including grapefruit, cucumber + mint, strawberry + lavender, and lemon + rhubarb. Described as “nature’s logic in a bottle”, Sweet Reason CBD water contains 10mg of hemp in every bottle. The company claims their CBD beverage can help calm the mind, reduce random stress, and ease discomfort, among other benefits. Sweet Reason is available at retailers across New York City, although you can also buy it online through, where a 6-pack is priced at $39.99. Sweet Reason is based in New York but has an office in Toronto, so you may start seeing it across North America in the near future.


CENTR is a sparkling CBD-infused beverage with 40 calories and 15 to 30mg of CBD in each serving (you can choose the 15mg of 30mg CBD option). The formula is all-natural and has 8g of sugar. CENTR is manufactured by CENTR Brands Corp., a company based in Vancouver, British Columbia. You can buy CENTR in certain retail locations in California, Indiana, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and Nebraska, although it does not seem available to purchase online. CENTR is one of the few CBD beverages on this list that lets you choose your CBD dosage: most other CBD beverages use a one-size-fits-all dosage.

Colorado’s Best Drinks Sparkling CBD Beverages

If you like soda but want your soda to have some CBD in it, then Colorado’s Best Drinks may be the right company for you. Sparkling CBD Beverages is a lineup of CBD drinks offered by Colorado’s Best Drinks, which describes itself as “America’s favorite brand of sparkling soda beverages infused with broad spectrum hemp extract”. There are five sparkling soda flavors available for purchase, including cola, ginger ale, lemonade, black cherry, and root beer. All Colorado’s Best Drinks Sparkling CBD Beverages are vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and sodium-free. They also have a distinctive can that makes them look more like an old-timey soda than a fancy new CBD beverage. A 12-pack is priced at $50 from The sugar content is also comparable to an ordinary soda: each 12 oz can contain 26g of sugar. The full list of ingredients consists of sparkling water, organic agave nectar, natural flavor extracts, non-GMO citric acid, and PCR hemp extract. There are 100 calories in each BPA-free can.

Cloud Water

Cloud Water is a CBD beverage company that markets its flagship Cloud Water product as “a sparkling hemp beverage with premium botanicals”. There’s 25mg of CBD and 40 calories in each can. The formula is sweetened with raw honey and flavored using natural ingredients like orange, grapefruit, lemon, mint, and basil. A 12-pack of Cloud Water is priced at $78. You can choose from unique flavors like Blackberry & Lemon & Rosemary, Blood Orange & Coconut, and Grapefruit & Mint & Basil, among others. Although it’s priced significantly higher than any other CBD beverage on this list, Cloud Water emphasizes the value of its natural ingredients.

Endo Hemp Infused Water

Endo offers a lineup of Hemp Infused Water along with its Endo Drop CBD oil product. The company’s Endo Water is described as “premium water structured for optimal delivery and bio-availability.” Essentially, Endo has added its Endo Drops hemp oil product to water, then added different natural essential oils and flavors to make it more palatable. A 12-pack of Endo Water is priced at $50. Three flavors are available, including cucumber, lemon lime, and watermelon, although you can also buy pure alkaline CBD water with no flavors. Endo was founded in 2017 in Dallas, Texas.

Final Word on Reviewing CBD Waters

As you can see, CBD waters are the most popular liquid product form in 2020 so far. We have listed nearly 40 beverages to research and review but there are more coming and will be updated in this list to reflect the biggest and brightest hydrating cannabis oil water drinks. Next, lets go over the coffees then teas, and finally kombucha and sports nutrition options.

Best CBD Coffees in 2020

best CBD coffees

Cannabidiol (CBD) coffee combines the best of both worlds: you get a hefty dose of CBD mixed with everyone’s favorite stimulant: caffeine.

There are more CBD coffees on the market today than ever before. The market has exploded over the last few years. Since the nationwide legalization of CBD in 2018, CBD coffees have officially gone mainstream.

It’s more than just CBD coffee. Today, you can also buy CBD creamer to add to your coffee. Or, you can buy CBD cold brews, CBD teas, and CBD K-cups.

Want to wake up every morning with caffeine and CBD? Here are the best CBD coffees available today.

Civilized Coffee Co. CBD Coffee

Civilized Coffee Co. CBD Coffee

Jacksonville, Florida-based Civilized Coffee Co. makes a CBD coffee. The company’s CBD coffee is available to purchase online through Civilized Coffee directly trades with sustainable farmers, then performs all roasting in small batches in-house, giving the company complete control over the beans from the farm to the distribution. As the official website explains, Civilized Coffee Co. knows “the origin, quality, and freshness, the complete life cycle of the bean.” The coffee is sourced from Brazil, Ethiopia, Colombia, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Last year, Civilized Coffee Co. introduced full-spectrum CBD coffee. The company infused cannabidiol into its traditional coffee beans. Specifically, Civilized Coffee Co. infuses its coffee beans in full-spectrum hemp oil just after roasting, letting the oil absorb into the beans as it cures. “This process allows the CBD oil to evenly distribute through the beans and fully extract into the final cup of coffee,” explains the official website.

Today, Civilized Coffee Co. offers three full-spectrum CBD coffees, including Mild/Silver (2.5mg of CBD per serving or 78mg per bag), Medium/Gold (5mg of CBD per serving or 156mg per bag), or Robust/Black (10mg of CBD per serving or 312mg per bag). Each bag is priced between $24 and $40. The coffee comes ground, and you prepare Civilized Coffee Co’s CBD coffee just like you would prepare an ordinary cup of coffee.

Elev8 Hemp

Elev8 Hemp

Elev8 Hemp has created a lineup of organic hemp coffee and tea products.

A 16-pack of Elev8 Hemp’s CBD Infused Iced Coffee sells for $64.50 from the official website. You can also buy pre-ground CBD coffee in multiple varieties, including Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, Dark Roast, Decaffeinated, Espresso, French Vanilla, and Hazelnut Cream. The coffees sell for $15 per bag.

It’s not clear how much CBD is in each serving of Elev8 Hemp’s coffee. Each 12 oz bag contains 1.2 ounces of organic hemp protein, which is derived from ground hemp seeds. That protein contains all 20 amino acids, including the nine essential amino acids the human body cannot produce on its own. The coffee also contains a 3:1 balance of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

Elev8 claims their coffee supports various health benefits. The packaging states that it “promotes cardio health”, “reduce sugar cravings”, and “naturally cleanses the colon”, among other benefits.

The Elev8 Hemp CBD Infused Iced Coffee, meanwhile, specifically claims to contain 10mg of CBD in each can. If you want a more precise dose of CBD, then you may want to use Elev8 Hemp’s ice coffee instead of the ground coffee.

Elev8 Hemp’s coffee is made from a blend of Colombian, Brazilian, and Guatemalan coffee beans. All beans are Fair Trade Certified. At $15 per bag, with approximately 24 servings in each bag, Elev8 Hemp’s CBD coffee is one of the cheapest options on this list, although again, it’s unclear how much CBD is actually in the finished product.

Olala Cannabis Coffee

Olala Cannabis Coffee

Olala is a beverage company that makes a range of cannabis coffee products along with cannabis-infused sodas. The company’s two cannabis coffee products both contain significant amounts of THC, which means these products are only available in states where recreational use of marijuana is legal. Olala products are currently only distributed throughout Washington state.

The company offers two flagship cannabis coffee products, including Canna Coffee French Roast THC and Canna Coffee French Roast CBD:

  • Canna Coffee French Roast THC: Made from 100% Arabica beans, this coffee comes in recyclable K-cups, with each cup containing a 10mg dose of THC.
  • Canna Coffee French Roast CBD: Made from 100% Arabica beans, this coffee comes with 10mg of THC and 10mg of CBD in each K-cup.

Olala claims that both coffee products are “guaranteed to retain potency even after being brewed”.

Today, Olala products can only be found in the state of Washington. The company’s products, including Canna Coffee, cannabis-infused sodas, and other popular products, are handcrafted in Kirkland, Washington and distributed throughout the state. So far, Olala Canna Coffee is not available anywhere else in the United States or nationwide.

Baristas CBD Coffee

Baristas CBD Coffee

Baristas is an American coffee that sells ordinary coffee throughout the United States. The Seattle-based company has also recently launched its own CBD coffee product called Enricharoast CBD Ground Coffee.

Each 12 oz bag makes 12 x 6 oz servings and contains 60mg of CBD in total. The coffee beans are South American beans roasted in New York City. Baristas describe the coffee as “sweet with medium acidity and a smooth pleasant body.” The formula is lab tested and contains no THC.

To add CBD to its coffee, Baristas infuses its coffee beans with 60mg of water-soluble pharmaceutical-grade cannabidiol (CBD hemp) 99.9% isolate. Each 12 oz bag is priced at $40. You can buy Baristas Enricharoast CBD Coffee online from anywhere in the United States.

The Roasterie CBD Coffee

The Roasterie CBD Coffee

Kansas City-based coffee company The Roasterie has launched its own CBD-infused cold brew coffee. The Roasterie’s canned coffee contains 10mg of CBD per can and was developed over 18 months.

The Roasterie was motivated to launch its own CBD coffee after a friend working with disabled military veterans described the benefits of CBD to a member of The Roasterie’s team, claiming that CBD could provide pain relief, reduce anxiety and depression, and help with other chronic conditions. The company decided to launch its own CBD coffee and CBD tea.

The Roasterie’s CBD coffee uses a blend of beans from Brazil, Mexico, and Kenya. You can buy the coffee at The Roasterie’s factory location in Kansas City at 1204 W. 27th St. or from various American Shaman locations across the city. Each 8 oz can is priced at $5, although you can buy a six-pack for $25.

The Roasterie eventually plans to sell the coffee nationwide, although for now, they’re focusing on the Kansas City market.

Green Roads CBD Coffee

Green Roads CBD Coffee

Green Roads CBD Coffee contains 250mg per bag, giving you 6 to 7.5mg of CBD in each tablespoon. An 8 oz bag is priced at $39.99 from The coffee has an aroma and taste profile of dark chocolate, caramel, and hazelnuts with a heavy body and high acidity. It’s sourced from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Magdalena region of Colombia. The coffee is 100% organic and sustainably sourced. It’s also lab-tested to contain no THC.

The company also sells a larger, 16 oz bag with 500mg of CBD for $54.99, which is a much better deal for those buying in bulk. There’s also a 2 oz tester package of CBD coffee for $11.99 (with 60mg of CBD in the small bag).

As with most other CBD coffees listed here, the Green Roads CBD Coffee comes pre-ground. You brew the coffee as you normally would.

One of the unique selling features of Green Roads is that all of the company’s CBD products are formulated by a licensed compounding pharmacist. That pharmacist sources products from “the finest industrial hemp grown in the United States”. The result is pharmaceutical-grade cannabidiol that, according to Green Roads, “no other brand can offer”.

Proper Hemp Co. Whole Bean CBD Infused Coffee by Doma

Proper Hemp Co. Whole Bean CBD Infused Coffee by Doma

Unlike all other CBD coffees listed here, Proper Hemp Co.’s CBD coffee is made from whole beans. You need to grind the beans and then make your coffee.

There’s 500mg of broad-spectrum CBD in each package, and Proper Hemp Co. sells it for $69.95 per package.

Proper Hemp Co. teamed up with Doma Roasting Company to launch the coffee. Doma coffee prides itself on using “fragrant DOMA beans for a cup full of antioxidants”. The coffee is described as having a “smooth and rich” taste, while the CBD can “take away the morning stress and post-coffee jitters…for a sense of relaxation and ready-to-go attitude”.

Additionally, Proper Hemp Co. does not recommend using paper filters for its coffee because it can reduce the CBD oils in the brew.

Infinite NANO CBD Creamer

Infinite NANO CBD Creamer

Infinite CBD offers a range of CBD products, including CBD creamers, gummies, and oils. The Lakewood, Colorado-based company’s NANO Non-Dairy Creamer is particularly popular.

The non-dairy creamer contains 100mg of CBD in each 8 oz bottle. Two flavor options are available, including French Vanilla and Hazelnut. The hemp is grown and refined in Colorado. You mix it with hot coffee, iced coffee, cold brew coffee, or any beverage of your choice to give yourself 6.5mg of CBD in each tablespoon.

Like with other CBD coffee products listed here, the creamer claims to reduce “post-caffeine jitters” thanks to its CBD content. You get the stimulating effects of caffeine combined with CBD and MCT oil. The formula is lab tested to contain 0.0% THC, and the full cannabinoid profile is transparently published online. Each 8 oz bottle is priced at $16 online, and you can get it shipped nationwide by ordering from

Buddha Beans Coffee Co. Hemp Infused Coffee

Buddha Beans Coffee Co. Hemp Infused Coffee

Buddha Beans Coffee Co. sells several types of hemp-infused coffee beans. You can buy the coffee online through Three varieties are available, including coffee from Mexico, Colombia, and Ethiopia. You can also buy a “three coffee flight” with all three.

Each package is available in two roasting options, medium or dark. You can also order the coffee whole bean or ground. The hemp is sourced from a USDA Organic Certified hemp farm. There’s 50mg of hemp in each 2 oz bag (priced at $11), although 6 oz ($29) and 12 oz ($49) options are also available.

Buddha Beans Coffee Co. was founded in 2018. The company describes its coffee as “micro-roasted” because it’s roasted in small batches (the founder initially started roasting coffee beans using a hot air popcorn maker at his home in Los Angeles). Today, the company sources all raw coffee beans from fair trade sources. The coffee beans are infused with CBD using a proprietary infusion process, then lab-tested for quality control and purity.

Subduction Coffee + Hemp

Subduction Coffee + Hemp

Subduction Coffee makes a lineup of hemp-infused coffee products. The company takes coffee from Brazil and other South American countries, then infuses it with broad-spectrum hemp using a proprietary process. The hemp is grown in the United States. You can buy Subduction Coffee online through, where products are available bagged or in K-pods.

Each 8 oz bag is priced at $35. You can choose your preferred grind (espresso, drip, or French press) and preferred hemp infusion level (10mg or 20mg).

Subduction Coffee + Hemp is based in Williamsburg, Virginia. The company exclusively sells hemp-infused coffee products. Subduction’s coffee is USDA Organic and Fairtrade-certified. They also offer a subscription program that lets you ship coffee to your address every month.

Flower Power Coffee Co. CBD Coffee

Flower Power Coffee Co. CBD Coffee

Flower Power Coffee Co. claims to offer “the original CBD infused coffee”. The New York City-based coffee company offers a lineup of CBD hemp coffee that includes options like “Big Island Joe”, “Costa Rican”, and Jamaican Blue Mountain”, among others. Each 2 oz bag is priced between $15 and $18 and contains 60mg of CBD, making this one of the strongest CBD coffees (in terms of CBD dosage per ounce) on this list.

Flower Power Coffee Co. sources its beans from Hawaii, South America, and the Caribbean, then roasts them in New York City. Each 2 oz package brews 12 x 6 oz cups of coffee, giving you 5mg of CBD in each cup. The coffee is pre-ground. The company only sells 2 oz bags, although Flower Power Coffee Co. also offers wholesale purchase options.

Mary Joe CBD Infused Cold Brew Coffee

Mary Joe CBD Infused Cold Brew Coffee

Mary Joe is a Costa Mesa, California-based CBD beverage company best-known for its CBD cold brew and water-soluble CBD oil. Available in a quad-pack for $32, the Mary Joe CBD Cold Brew is described as “a blend of the finest cold-brewed coffee, purest water, and laboratory-tested CBD”.

Each 7 fl oz bottle is a single serving with 15mg of CBD. There’s less than 0.03% THC content, although Mary Joe doesn’t many any claims about 0.0% THC content. You can order the CBD cold brew coffee online through, where products can be shipped across the United States.

Kickback CBD Ground Coffee

Kickback CBD Ground Coffee

Kickback makes a lineup of CBD-infused beverages, including CBD cold brew and hemp-infused lemonade. You can also buy hemp-infused ground coffee or CBD matcha tea.

The company’s Cali Daze Hemp Infused Ground Coffee is a low acidity dark roast made from single-origin Arabica coffee beans from Oaxaca, Mexico. The coffee has undertones of brown sugar, nuts, and cocoa, as well as citrus and spice fragrance notes. Each 8 oz bag contains 120mg of CBD. However, because the CBD is “nano CBD”, the company claims its equivalent to a dose of 600mg. You can make 16 cups of coffee from each bag (7mg of CBD per cup), and Kickback claims their coffee contains 0% THC. There are just two listed ingredients on Cali Daze, including single origin shade-grown coffee and broad-spectrum nano CBD.

Each 8 oz bag of Cali Daze is priced at $26. You can also buy individual bags of Cali Rise, which is the company’s medium-roast ground CBD coffee, for $22. Or, you can save money and buy a three-pack of Cali Daze for $69.

Willie’s Remedy CBD Coffee

Willie’s Remedy CBD Coffee

Willie’s Remedy is a lineup of hemp-derived cannabis products inspired by Willie Nelson, one of the world’s best-known cannabis users. Willie’s Remedy coffee is, according to the official website, “carefully selected and roasted, then infused with certified organic, full-spectrum hemp oil grown in Colorado”. The result is a balancing effect that gives the coffee a “natural lift”, including “a perfect harmony of focus from the caffeine plus calm from the cannabis.”

Each 8 oz bag of coffee is priced at $36. You can purchase it whole bean or ground, and decaf CBD coffee is also available. There’s a Medium Blend or a Dark Blend. All Willie’s Remedy coffee products contain 250mg of CBD in each 8 oz bag, making this one of the highest dosage options on this list. Each serving (each mug of coffee) will have approximately 15mg of CBD.

Sträva Craft Coffee

Sträva Craft Coffee

Strava (stylized as Sträva) makes a lineup of hemp-infused coffee available in K-cups or ground coffee bags. The coffee is infused with organic, broad-spectrum hemp cannabinoids and natural CBD and described as “empowerment for the mind, body, and soul.” Multiple flavor options are available, including medium roast, dark roast, and decaf.

A 12 oz bag of Strava coffee (whole bean or ground) is priced at around $22. There’s 100mg of CBD in each bag, which works out to around 4mg of CBD in each serving (25 servings of 8 oz cups of coffee). The company uses broad-spectrum hemp with no THC.

You can buy Strava Craft Coffee products online through The company was founded in Denver, Colorado in 2015.

HempWorx Hemp-Infused Coffee

HempWorx Hemp-Infused Coffee

HempWorx offers a lineup of hemp-infused coffee in single-serve packets. The company also offers CBD Keto Coffee Creamers in hazelnut, vanilla, or mocha. There’s 150mg of hemp-derived CBD in each box, which works out to 5mg of CBD in each single-serve packet. It’s instant coffee, so you just mix it with water and serve.

HempWorx specifically describes its product as “healthy coffee” because it uses “all-natural ingredients”. In addition to containing hemp and coffee, each packet contains organic Chaga mushroom. All coffee also comes with a 60-day refund. At $69 for 30 packets (30 servings), however, HempWorx’s Hemp-Infused Coffee is one of the priciest options on our list because it is a multi-level network marketing company with huge mark ups.

Final Word on Reviewing CBD Coffee Blends

Hard not to like CBD and coffee infused together after seeing this list of the top products available right? It’s a great time to be alive. Today, there are more CBD coffee options than ever before. Whether you’re looking for ground CBD coffee, whole bean CBD coffee, CBD coffee K-pods, or CBD coffee creamers, there are plenty of great CBD options on the market. Now, let's move to the other side of the CBD drink product aisle and review the best herbal CBD tea blends of the year.

Best CBD Tea Blends in 2020


CBD teas combine two health trends into one convenient product: cannabidiol and tea.

Today, there are more CBD teas to choose from than ever before. Some of the world’s largest CBD companies have already released CBD teas.

CBD teas work exactly like you would expect: you steep the tea, then drink it to enjoy the effects of CBD and tea rolled into one. Some people drink CBD tea hot, while others prefer it cold. Some prefer herbal CBD teas, while others enjoy black or green teas infused with CBD

We’re highlighting the best CBD teas you can buy online or in-store today.

Willie’s Remedy Loose Leaf Infused Teawillies-remedy-loose-leaf-infused-cbd-tea

Willie Nelson launched Willie’s Remedy in partnership with his wife Annie. Today, Willie’s Remedy sells a range of CBD products, including tinctures, CBD coffee, and CBD tea. Willie’s Remedy Loose Leaf Infused Tea claims to “combine the benefits of cannabis with other plants”. Tea and other herbs and flowers are infused with full spectrum hemp oil in an all-natural process that preserves the qualities of each. The teas are infused at a ratio of approximately 2mg of CBD to 1g of tea leaves, giving you a serving of approximately 10mg of CBD in each cup of tea.

The official Willie’s Remedy website sells the teas in 1.5 oz tins with 150mg of CBD for $18. Or, you can buy 3 oz tins with 300mg of CBD for $32. All teas are loose leaf (not in tea bags), making it easy for you to customize your dosage and strength. Five varieties are available, including peppermint, chamomile, hibiscus, black, and green teas. The CBD is sourced from organically-grown American hemp.

Mood33 Hemp Infused Herbal Teamood33-hemp-herbal-tea

Mood33 has launched a lineup of hemp-infused herbal teas with 33mg of full spectrum hemp extract in each bottle. Six different flavors are available, with each flavor having its own unique targeted effects, including Joy, Energy, Peace, Wellbeing, Passion, and Calm. The teas contain unique flavors like peach and yerba mate (for Joy) or watermelon, mint, and basil (for Peace).

Mood33’s teas have a significant amount of added sugar. In fact, organic cane sugar is the second-listed ingredient on all company teas. There’s 16g of added sugar (17g of total sugar) in each bottle of Energy, with each bottle containing 70 calories. Other teas contain 14g to 16g of added sugar.

Ultimately, if you like sweetened teas, then Mood33 Hemp Infused Herbal Tea may be the right choice for you – especially given its 33mg full spectrum hemp extract dosage. However, health-conscious customers who want to limit their sugar intake may want to focus on unsweetened CBD teas.

Chiques Creek Hemp Teachiques-creek-hemp-tea

Chiques Creek Hemp Tea is made from a blend of hemp seed oil and natural flavors. The company offers three flavors, including The Original Recipe, Passionfruit + Mint, and Peach + Lemon + Dandelion. Although each tea is infused “with the natural, earthy flavor of hemp seed oil”, explains the official website, we can’t find the specific dose of CBD or hemp inside any of the three flavors.

The name Chiques Creek was inspired by the local creek that runs through the company’s headquarters at Kreider Farms in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. During colonial times, settlers setup the earliest known hemp mill at the junction between Chiques and Donegal creeks. Today, Chiques Creek (the CBD tea company) celebrates the contributions of its ancestors to the hemp industry during colonial times.

Just like with Mood33, Chiques Creek Hemp Tea has a significant amount of added sugar. There’s 19g of added sugar in each bottle (19g of total sugar). However, if you like sweetened teas, then Chiques Creek Hemp Tea may be the right choice for you. A 12-pack of Chiques Creek Hemp Tea is available for purchase through for $79.

Oki CBD Iced Teaoki-cbd-icea-tea

Oki, found online at, makes CBD flavored water and CBD iced tea. The company’s iced teas come in four flavors, including Mint Relax, Ginger Harmony, Honey Tranquil, and Raspberry Serene, with a 12-pack of any flavor priced at $72.

Each bottle contains just 8g of added sugar, which is about half the sugar content as the Mood33 and Chiques Creek CBD teas on this list. The teas are sweetened with organic cane sugar and organic stevia.

There’s 20mg of CBD in each bottle of Oki CBD iced tea. The company claims its CBD teas were built “combining the beneficial properties of broad spectrum hemp with the refreshing qualities of water and iced tea”.

Happy Teahappy-tea-cbd-drinks

Happy Tea, found online at, offers a complete lineup of CBD teas and other CBD products. You can buy CBD tea packets, CBD pain cream, CBD gummies, and CBD oil, among other CBD products.

Each packet of Happy Tea (14 packets per container) has 10mg of natural hemp extract. You rip open the packet, then add it to water to make CBD tea. A container with 14 packets is priced at $25, although you can drop the price to just $15 if you sign up for Happy Tea’s auto-shipment program.

Happy Tea offers three different flavors, including Lemon Zen, Mixed Berry, and Zen Punch. You can also buy an “Ultimate Happy Pack” that contains all flavors along with other Happy Tea products. The teas contain natural and artificial flavors, dyes, and sweeteners: the full list of ingredients includes citric acid, corn starch, natural mix berry flavor powder, lemon flavor powder, maltodextrin, acesulfame K, EDTA calcium disodium salt, sucralose, and FD&C Violet No. 1.

Mad Hatter Coffee & Tea Company CBD Teamad-hatter-coffee-cbd-tea

Mad Hatter offers a lineup of CBD infused teas designed with various benefits in mind. The Mad Hatter is also the first company on this list that sells not just CBD tea, but also THC tea.

Popular CBD teas from The Mad Hatter include Third Eye CBD Chai, which is a certified organic, soy, gluten, and sugar-free beverage made from 99%+ pure cannabidiol extract imported from agricultural hemp grown and processed in Europe. The company also sells TranquiliTea, which contains 1.50mg of active THC in each serving. TranquiliTea is only available in states where recreational use of marijuana is legal.

Mad Hatter Coffee & Tea sells its CBD tea (not its THC tea) in all 50 states. you can buy online today at

New Age Marley Mellow Moodnew-age-marley-mellow-mood

New Age Beverage sells a lineup of CBD tea under its Marley brand. Inspired by Bob Marley, the Marley Mellow Mood teas promise to help you relax using ingredients like black and green tea, chamomile, and valerian root extract. There’s also 25mg of CBD in each can. There are three CBD products in the Marley CBD family, including Marley Mellow Mood (a custom blend of herbs and CBD in decaffeinated tea), Marley Wellness Shots (two ounces of tropical flavors combined with 25mg of CBD), and Marley Chocolate (a rich chocolate product with 10mg of CBD per serving).

The company claims “with Marley CBD your feet will stay firmly planted on the ground while you enjoy taking the edge off”. The CBD in each tea is made from broad spectrum hemp extract. The Denver-based company sells a 12-pack of Marley Mellow Mood for around $60 or $5 to $6 per can, although you can also buy the non-CBD version for around $25. Three flavors are available, including Herbal Honey, Lemon Raspberry, and Peach Raspberry.

Marley Mellow Mood does not seem to be available to order nationwide. The company’s products are only available at select locations in California, Oregon, and Washington – even though they only contain CBD with no THC. In the future, it seems likely that Marley Natural will allow you to order its Marley Mellow Mood CBD tea through the official website, as the products were just announced in fall 2019.

Buddha Teas CBD Teabuddha-cbd-teas

Buddha Teas, found online at, offers a lineup of CBD teas, including CBD Tulsi Ashwagandha, CBD Mushroom Defense, CBD Matcha Green Tea, CBD Peppermint Tea, CBD Chamomile Blend, and CBD Turmeric & Ginger Tea.

Buddha Teas claims to differentiate itself from the competition using water-soluble CBD instead of CBD oil. Why? Well, oil and water don’t mix, and most other CBD teas use oil-based CBD that won’t last in hot water. Buddha Teams claims its water-soluble CBD is more bioavailable.

All six varieties of Buddha Teas CBD teas have been tested to ensure 0% THC content. Each box of tea (priced at $19.99) contains 18 tea bags and 90mg of water-soluble CBD in total, or 5mg of CBD in each mug of tea. You boil water, cover and steep the tea, then remove the tea bag and enjoy. Buddha Teas is based in Denver, Colorado. You don’t get a huge dose of CBD compared to other CBD teas on this list, but products like the CBD Turmeric & Ginger Tea are particularly popular and well-rated.

CBD American Shaman Unsweet Teacbd-american-shaman-cbd-tea

American CBD retail chain American Shaman offers its own Unsweet Tea product infused with 10mg of natural CBD. The made-in-USA tea offers “crisp flavors of fresh lemon”.

American Shaman doesn’t actually brew the CBD tea itself: the company has partnered with Kansas City, Missouri’s The Roasterie to offer CBD tea. All tea is crafted and brewed by The Roasterie, then sold through American Shaman retailers.

A six-pack of CBD American Shaman Unsweet Tea is priced at $30. Each tea contains 0g of sugar in each 355mL can. You can order online through or buy in-store.

The Brothers Apothecary CBD Infused Teabrothers-apothecary-cbd-infused-tea

The Brothers Apothecary is a fine tea and remedy retailer that sells its own lineup of hemp-derived CBD infused tea. The company’s teas come in nine “award-winning flavors”, including Golden Dream, Chai Awakening, Cosmic Cleanse, Mystic Kava Root, and more. Why is it “award-winning”? Well, The Brothers Apothecary legitimately won “The Best CBD Tea” award from Herb Magazine.

You buy the tea loose, then brew it at home. A package contains three large teabags, with each teabag containing 60mg of CBD (180mg of CBD total in each three-bag package). Each teabag brews 6 to 9 cups.

The Brothers Apothecary has been crafting CBD tea since 2015, making it one of the longest-standing CBD tea makers on the market. You can buy certain flavors in single-serve options (one teabag) or bulk boxes for $90. The Brothers Apothecary also makes a popular Mighty Matcha CBD Matcha product.

Green Roads Chamomile CBD Teagreen-roads-chamomile-cbd-tea

Green Roads is one of the better-known CBD retailers available today. The company offers a lineup of CBD tea and CBD coffee. The flagship Green Roads CBD tea is simply known as “CBD Tea Chamomile Tea”. There’s 7mg of CBD in each 2g teabag, and you can buy a teabag for $5.99.

The full list of ingredients includes organic chamomile loose-leaf tea flowers and powder, vanilla, and peppermint mixed with 7mg of CBD hemp extract. There’s no THC. You can buy the CBD tea online through, where it’s available to be shipped nationwide.

Glow Water CBD Teaglow-water-cbd-tea

Glow Water offers four types of CBD teas, with each tea offering a unique targeted effect. There’s Sleep CBD Tea, Calm CBD Tea, Rise CBD, and Restore CBD Tea, for example. Sleep helps you fall asleep, Calm helps you relax, Rise helps you wake up in the morning, and Restore helps reduce aches and soreness throughout the body.

All Glow Water CBD teas are made from 100% organic herbs, then mixed with 100% organic hemp with less than 0.3% THC content. The CBD is water-soluble, which means it dissolves in water as you brew the tea to offer maximum bioavailability.

A package of five teabags (25mg of CBD per teabag) is priced at $28 through You add the teabag to water, steep it, then enjoy.

One Love Tea CBD Tea


One Love Tea has created its own lineup of CBD teas. The loose-leaf teas are available with or without caffeine. You can buy unique flavors and varieties like CBD Matcha Green Tea Powder, CBD Turmeric Golden Milk Powder, and CBD Yerba Mate, among many others. In addition to loose-leaf tea, One Love Tea also sells a handful of instant tea powders that can be mixed with water with no steeping required.

One Love Tea’s CBD teas offer 150mg of CBD in each 2 oz loose-leaf package, which makes approximately 18 cups of tea. You can buy One Love Tea’s CBD teas online through Dozens of unique flavors are available, making this company a popular option for those who want interesting flavors like “Volcanic Vanilla Honeybush” and “Raspberry Daze Red Rooibos”.

Pure Science Lab CBD Pomegranate Tea


Pure Science Lab is a supplement manufacturer specializing in hemp oil and CBD products. The company offers a single CBD tea product called CBD Pomegranate Tea Chips. Priced at $15 for 5 pieces (75mg of CBD), the chips can easily be added loose to water to create your own tea. Pure Science Lab has infused 15mg of CBD into each tea chip, and you just need one chip to make one cup of tea. You can also buy a 20 piece package of Pure Science Lab’s CBD Pomegranate Tea Chips for $39.95.

Pure Science Lab describes its hemp as “legal organic hemp” that is third-party lab tested in the United States, although the company doesn’t list where its hemp is sourced. Overall, however, Pure Science Lab is transparent about its ingredients and CBD, and certificates of analysis (CoAs) are available on the website. According to the latest lab test, there’s 10.2mg of CBD in each tea chip (15mg of hemp extract per chip). Pure Science Lab also offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all purchases.

Hemptea Garden Blend


Taste of Gourmet makes a CBD tea called a Hemptea Garden Blend. Priced at $60 for each 32g (1.12 oz) package, Hemptea’s CBD tea brews up to 32 cups with 12mg of CBD oil in each serving. The manufacturer uses “pharmaceutical grade 99% pure cannabidiol” and mixes the CBD with holy basil (Tulsi), spearmint, rosehips, lemongrass, and linden blossoms. There’s 192mg of imported CBD oil in each package in total.

Some of the advertised benefits of Taste of Gourmet’s Hemptea Garden Blend include “known to help with pain, anxiety/depression, Alzheimer’s disease, [and] seizures”.

The Hemp Garden Hemp Tea


Confusingly, The Hemp Garden Hemp Tea is a completely different product from the Hemptea Garden Blend mentioned above.

Made by a Wales-based company called The Hemp Garden, this Hemp Tea is priced at £10.00 for 30g of hemp tea (20 individual teabags, of 1.5g of hemp in each teabag). Each teabag is packed with organic hemp flowers. You add one teabag per cup, then brew in hot water for 3 to 5 minutes and serve with a dash of milk.

Kickback Hemp Infused Tea


Kickback makes a lineup of CBD coffees and teas. The company currently sells two CBD peach teas, including their Peachy Dreams Hemp Infused Ginger Peach Tea and their Matcha’cha Hemp Infused Matcha Tea.

Peachy Dreams is a loose leaf ginger peach tea with aromatic notes of fruit and spice. Each 3 oz bag contains 130mg of nano CBD (which the company claims is equivalent to 650mg of CBD) and brews 42 cups, which works out to 3mg of nano CBD in each cup. It’s priced at $30 for a 3 oz bag, although you can also order the three-pack of Peachy Dreams for $89.

The Matcha’cha Hemp Infused Matcha Tea, meanwhile, is priced at $36 per bag or $99 for a three-pack. Each 3 oz bag contains 200mg of nano CBD (which, again, the company claims is equivalent to 1,000mg of CBD). The matcha tea, like other matcha teas, is finely-ground green tea that is smooth, clean, and refreshing. Each cup (42 cups per 3 oz bag) contains 5mg of CBD.

Final Word on Reviewing CBD Tea Drinks

CBD teas have exploded in recent years, and it’s now easier than ever to buy all types of CBD teas. Whether you want sweet CBD iced tea, classic CBD black or green tea, or some uniquely flavored herbal CBD teas, there are plenty of great CBD teas to choose from.

Best CBD Kombucha Drinks in 2020


CBD kombucha combines two of the hottest nutrition crazes of the past few years. You like to drink kombucha and you like to take CBD: so why not combine the two together?

Fortunately, there are plenty of CBD kombucha beverages that let you do exactly that. Today, we’re profiling the best CBD kombucha you can buy.

Aqua ViTea CBD Kombucha

Aqua ViTea CBD Kombucha

Aqua ViTea combines three trendy ingredients into one superfood beverage: CBD, probiotics, and chaga mushrooms. The company’s Chaga Chai CBD kombucha is flavored with chai tea instead of the black tea used in most other kombuchas. There’s also green tea for its strong antioxidant profile. Each bottle contains 25mg of CBD.

Aqua ViTea claims that “the full flavors of chai and chaga…drift to the forefront of the formula”, while the chaga mushrooms are linked with “anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial effects”. Aqua ViTea is based in Middlebury, Vermont. The company’s kombucha is non-alcoholic, and the creator of Aqua ViTea has been making kombucha since 2007.

NessAlla CBD-Infused Kombucha

NessAlla CBD-Infused Kombucha

NessAlla is one of two Wisconsin-based companies on our list of CBD kombuchas. The Madison-based company made a name for itself selling CBD-infused kombucha at the farmer’s market (where there were reportedly lineups to buy it every week) and at Trixie’s. Today, the company sells 16 oz bottles and 64 oz growlers of their CBD-infused kombucha at stores throughout Wisconsin.

NessAlla sells three flavors of CBD-infused kombucha, including Butterfly Effect (made from jasmine green tea), Magic Matcha (made from matcha tea, spirulina, and sea salt), and J-Hops (made from white rose tea with mosaic hops). All three flavors contain 30mg of CBD in each 16 oz bottle. As of 2020, NessAlla CBD kombucha is only sold in Wisconsin.

Tea-biotics Lemon Lime

Tea-biotics Lemon Lime

Tea-biotics is a Kansas City-based kombucha company that offers organic, gluten-free, GMO-free kombucha with CBD. The company’s CBD-infused Lemon Lime kombucha contains organic black tea, organic green tea, organic cane sugar, and organic cold-pressed lemon juice mixed with organic cannabidiol hemp concentrate.

Tea-biotics has also launched a second CBD-infused kombucha called Beachlife. The product contains similar ingredients but with mango puree, cold-pressed pineapple juice, and organic apple juice. Other flavors include Cherry-Lime CBD kombucha, blueberry, and hibiscus watermelon, among others.

You can buy Tea-biotics kombucha from the company’s Kansas City taproom. It’s also sold at the Overland Park Farmers Market and 450+ retail locations in the Kansas City area.

M Kombucha

M Kombucha

M Kombucha, found online at, aims to offer “food as medicine” beverages that “fuel your microbiome”. Today, the company offers a range of CBD kombucha beverages that are organic, vegan, and gluten-free, including a lineup of CBD kombucha beverages.

M Kombucha’s CBD products come in four unique flavors, including Uplift, Restore, Unwind, and Flourish. Each flavor has its own targeted benefits. Uplift claims to cleanse and refresh your body using ingredients like black tea, green tea, ginger, and CBD, for example, while Unwind claims to soothe and calm the body using decaffeinated black and green tea, lavender, chamomile, and CBD.

Each bottle of M Kombucha’s CBD beverage contains 15mg of high spectrum CBD with zero THC (the THC has been completely removed). You can buy M Kombucha throughout California, including at retailers in San Diego County, Orange County, Los Angeles County, and the Bay Area of San Francisco. The company also sells kombucha with no CBD.

Booch CBD Kombucha

Booch CBD Kombucha

Booch by Livewell makes a lineup of CBD kombucha. Found online at, the Dallas-based company emphasizes organic ingredients brewed right in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. All Booch CBD-infused kombucha is also 100% THC-free and can be legally shipped to any state in America.

Booch’s CBD-infused kombucha contains more than just CBD and kombucha: there’s also aloe along with pure fruit purees and fresh herbs for flavor. The kombucha is sweetened with stevia. There are 60 calories in each 16 fl oz serving, 8g of added sugar, and 25mg of hemp extract (containing 21% nano-encapsulated CBD). Two flavor options are available, including Lemon Gingerade and Raspberry Swirl.

You can buy Booch CBD-infused kombucha exclusively in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. It’s sold at certain coffee shops, CBD stores, and health food stores. You can even fill a growler with Booch CBD kombucha at American Shaman stores in the area.

LoveBootch Kombucha

LoveBootch Kombucha

LoveBootch Kombucha is a CBD and kombucha dispensary founded in Wisconsin in January 2019. The East Troy-based company is the first combined CBD and kombucha dispensary in the state. LoveBootch produces small batch kombucha and sells it in-store via pints, bottles, and growlers. You can also find certain other company products at health food stores nearby.

The most popular LoveBootch Kombucha flavors include elderberry, blueberry, and spearmint. LoveBootch Kombucha is brewed with herbal tea, so there’s naturally-present caffeine in the formula. The company also recently launched a newer flavor called Sweet Greens, where CBD and kombucha are combined with dehydrated vegetables, fruit and ginger, mandarin ginger, and tangerine hibiscus.

LoveBootch was created by Jessica Peterburs, who first started brewing kombucha in 2017. After infusing her kombucha with CBD, she realized she had something special. Her CBD kombucha became popular in retail stores. In April 2019, Peterburs opened up her “Dispensary on Division” location in East Troy, Wisconsin. Peterburs uses a full spectrum CBD product called Hemp Rescue in her kombucha.

Creek Valley Cannabidiol Ginger CBD Kombucha

Creek Valley Cannabidiol Ginger CBD Kombucha

Creek Valley Cannabidiol makes a Ginger CBD Kombucha crafted sustainably in Vermont. Each bottle of the kombucha contains 50mg of CBD, which is a lot of CBD for any CBD beverage, but it especially sticks out against other CBD kombuchas listed here. If you want a high dose of CBD, then this may be the right beverage for you.

The fact that Creek Valley Cannabidiol has added ginger makes this a popular kombucha supplement. Ginger is a trendy ingredient purportedly linked to various health benefits. It also gives the beverage a unique taste.

Creek Valley Cannabidiol’s Ginger CBD Kombucha is infused with high-quality organic hemp that the company grows itself in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. The company also sells CBD oil, vape pens, bulk flower, and more. You can order products online through

Fermented Tea Company Hemp Infused Kombucha

Fermented Tea Company Hemp Infused Kombucha

Fermented Tea Company makes a variety of hemp-infused kombuchas. Products are sold online through, where a 12-pack case is priced at $83.60 (each bottle contains 8 oz of kombucha and 55mL of water-soluble hemp extract). You can buy one of four flavors (Prickly Pear, Purple Haze, Serene Green, or Lullaby Chai). Or, you can buy a variety pack containing all four flavors.

Fermented Tea Company actually uses its own proprietary hemp oil. It’s a blend of European full spectrum hemp oil extract that contains CBD, CBC, CBG, CBN, THC (less than 0.3%), terpenes, vitamin E, fatty acids, omega 3, omega 6, and more. Fermented Tea Company adds this liquid directly to its kombuchas, which are made from teas and natural flavors (herbs, spices, and dried fruit).

How much CBD do you get in each bottle? It’s not totally clear. However, Fermented Tea Company claims there’s 68mg of hemp extract in total in each 55mL serving of the extract. That means you get 68mg of CBD, CBC, CDG, terpenes, and other ingredients combined, although a significant amount of that formula will be CBD.

Final Word on Reviewing CBD Kombucha Beverages

CBD kombucha hasn’t taken off quite as much as CBD waters, CBD sports beverages, or CBD coffees. However, there are still smaller CBD kombucha producers serving markets across the United States.

Why hasn’t CBD kombucha exploded nationwide? Well, kombucha works best when crafted and sold locally. Nevertheless, the CBD kombucha makers listed above are creating a name for themselves locally, and a nationwide expansion may be in the future.

Buy a growler and fill it with CBD kombucha at any one of the providers listed above today. Or, buy bottles and enjoy the potential benefits of CBD kombucha. Next, let's list the top CBD sports nutrition drink mixes, juice powders and beverage drinks for athletes and active men and women for recovery and performance benefits.

Best CBD Sports Nutrition Drinks: CBD Shots, Powders and Juice Mixes for Recovery and Performance

best cbd sports nutrition drinks

Some people drink CBD beverages to improve performance. There’s some evidence that CBD can support cognition, energy, physical performance, and more.

Today, there are more CBD sports and nutrition beverages than ever. Some CBD beverages claim to hydrate your body and provide you with the nutrition you need. Other CBD beverages are packed with vitamins, nutrients, or even protein.

There are CBD shots, CBD energy drinks, and CBD juices, among many other types of CBD drinks.With so many to choose from, however, it can be tough to know which CBD beverage is right for you.

Today, we’re highlighting some of the best CBD sports drinks and nutrition beverages on the market.

EVERx CBD Infused Sports Water

EVERx CBD Infused Sports Water

EVERx CBD Infused Sports Waters was launched by a company called Puration in spring 2017. The company was one of the first to enter the market, and they watched their sales grow 600% the first year after the launch of EVERx. Today, the company offers three flavors, including Original, Strawberry Kiwi, and Lemon Lime.

Puration calls EVERx “the premier CBD sports beverage”. Some of the advertised benefits, according to the manufacturer, include “healthy hydration” and “healthy immune boost”. Puration also claims their beverage helps muscle recovery, reduces inflammation, and even “assists strains and sprains”, among other physical performance benefits.

There are just three listed ingredients in each bottle of EVERx: water, cannabidiol, and sodium bicarbonate. Oddly, the EVERx label does not state the CBD dosage, although review websites online state the water contains 10mg of CBD oil. A 6-pack of EVERx sells for $44.99 while a 24-pack sells for $144.99.



Vaere is an active wellness CBD beverage that focuses on hydrating your body before, during, or after a workout. Each bottle contains 15mg of hemp-derived CBD mixed with natural electrolytes, terpenes, and ashwagandha. Two flavors are available, including Peach Mango or Acai Berry.

The name “Vaere” simply means “to be”. The company chose the name because, according to the official website, “we often look externally for balance and purpose in life, when the answers are within us.” Okay, cool. Vaere is one of the priciest CBD sports beverages on this list: a 12-pack of either flavor is priced at $84. However, each bottle contains 15mg of CBD, which is a higher dose than a typical CBD beverage (most contain 5mg to 10mg).

Little West CBD

Little West CBD

Little West is a lineup of juices sold online through for $7.50 per bottle. Four non-CBD flavors are available, including “Gold’n Greens” (apple, pineapple, cucumber, kale, dandelion, turmeric, and mint) and “Go Big” (beet, kale, carrot, apple wheatgrass, lemon, and ginger). Each bottle contains a significant amount of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants.

In September 2019, the Los Angeles-based company announced the launch of the Little West CBD lineup. The lineup includes four flavors, including Liquid Gold, Emerald Gold, Rose Gold, and Morning High. CBD juices contain ingredients like pineapple, lemon, apple, mint, watermelon, and orange, among others). All ingredients are picked by local farmers, cold-pressed, and bottled, all within 48 hours for maximum freshness.

Oh, and did we mention there’s 30mg of CBD in each bottle? That’s a higher dosage than almost any other beverage on this list. You can find Little West’s CBD juices at health food stores, CBD retailers, and gyms across Los Angeles.



Defy is a sports beverage that contains 20mg of “performance spectrum hemp extract” in each bottle. The self-described “performance drink” promises to help you perform, rest, recover, and maintain. It’s marketed towards active individuals and comes in a tough-looking, Gatorade-style bottle. Three flavors are available, including Lemonade, Orange Mango, and Mixed Berry.

You can buy Defy CBD sports beverages online through, where a 6-pack is priced at $42 and a 12-pack is priced at $84. Defy comes in 16-ounce bottles. Each bottle contains 20mg of hemp extract, 10% coconut water, potassium, and other electrolytes, vitamins, natural flavors, and sweeteners, and 0% THC.

O2+ Hemp CBD

O2+ Hemp CBD

O2+ Hemp is a “hemp CBD recovery drink” that claims to be “the world’s first oxygenated recovery drink developed by physicians and athletes to help accelerate the body’s recovery”. Two flavors are available, including Peach Pear (caffeine-free) and Pomegranate Guava (caffeinated). Both beverages sell for $47.99 for a 12-pack of 355mL (12 fl oz) cans.

Why add oxygen to a CBD beverage? O2 claims that “the enhanced oxygen level in O2 drinks is what sets them apart” because oxygen is “scientifically shown to accelerate recovery”. The beverage contains 7x more oxygen than tap water and 2.5x more electrolytes than an average sports drink. There’s also 100mg of caffeine in the Pomegranate Guava flavor, which is about the same amount of caffeine as what’s in a cup of coffee. There are no sweeteners, artificial flavors, or preservatives. You get 10mg of CBD in each can along with 280mg of sodium and 270mg of potassium. The cans contain just 15 calories and 1g of sugar.

You can buy O2 Hemp CBD recovery drinks online through or at retailers like Whole Foods and Kroger.

Oleo CBD Drink Mix

Oleo CBD Drink Mix

Every CBD sports drink on this list so far has come pre-bottled: you just crack a bottle and drink it. Oleo, however, is a CBD drink mix that can be added to anything. The powder rapidly dissolves in water, making it easy to add to your pre-workout protein shake or a post-workout recovery drink. Oleo claims to be 2x more bioaccessible than other CBD products and promises to “help you maintain an active and healthy lifestyle”.

Oleo sells four different CBD drink mix products, including their CBD Original Mix, CBD Coconut Mix, CBD Rooibos Tea Mix, and an On-The-Go CBD Sample Pack. All products contain 25mg of OleoCBD per serving. A 30-serving jar is priced at $70, which may sound expensive but is very good value per serving. All drink mixes are THC-free, GMO-free, gluten-free, and vegan.

Your body might absorb more CBD with Oleo’s products. Oleo claims that because they use smaller CBD particles in their OleoCBD formula (the particles are “micro-encapsulated”), their CBD gets absorbed three times faster than typical CBD oil or isolate. It also dissolves more easily in cold water. Oleo also sells its OleoCBD powder to other beverage makers, including the next CBD recovery beverage on our list.

Natural Recovery Greens

Natural Recovery Greens

Natural Recovery Greens is a green juice drink that contains amino acids, probiotics, and BCAAs, among other ingredients. It also contains cannabidiol, which the manufacturer has added: “to relax and prepare your body to get the maximum nutritional benefit in each packet.” There’s also kale, turmeric, ginger root, black pepper extract, and other “superfood” ingredients.

The water-soluble CBD, superfood ingredients, BCAAs, and probiotics all purportedly aid your body in multiple ways, boosting your physical and mental performance while helping you recover after a workout. You simply mix the powder with water then drink it.

A single-serve packet of Natural Recovery Greens is priced at $5.49, while a 15-serving bag is priced at $68.99. Natural Recovery Greens also contains the same patented form of “micro-encapsulated CBD”, OleoCBD, which we talked about above. The CBD claims to get absorbed by your body faster and more easily because it uses smaller particles than a traditional CBD oil.



Meda claims to help you “return you to your optimal self” by providing your body with nutrients, adaptogens, nootropics, and liposomal CBD. Each Meda CBD beverage has a targeted effect, like calmness or recovery. The formulas are pesticide-free, non-GMO, and non-THC. Meda also sources its CBD from a sustainable farmer in the United Kingdom.

Meda offers six CBD performance beverages, including Calm, Glow, Recovery, Sleep, Focus, and Defence. Each beverage contains 15mg of liposomal CBD in each can and 100% natural ingredients. The Calm variety, for example, contains lavender, chamomile flavor, L-theanine, and ashwagandha, all of which could help your body relax, while the Recover flavor includes ginger and turmeric, among other ingredients.

Meda also claims its CBD gets absorbed much more quickly and powerfully than a typical CBD beverage. Meda uses liposomal CBD, which means that the CBD particles are encased in liposomes, “allowing the CBD to pass straight into cells” after crossing the blood-brain barrier, according to the manufacturer.

Hemp Energi Shot

Hemp Energi Shot

Hemp Energi Shot is the first shot-sized CBD energy beverage on this list. Made by Hemp Energi Farms, the Hemp Energi Shot comes in three flavor options, including Berry Crush, Citrus Blast, and Wild Grape. In addition to CBD, each energy shot contains vitamins B3, B5, and B6. There are no artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors.

It seems Hemp Energi Farms doesn’t want to sell its energy shots themselves; instead, the company is seeking to partner with people who want to Whitelabel the product and sell it under their brand. The company also sells wholesale CBD oil, CBD gummy bears, CBD vape, CBD water, and other CBD products.

Kill Cliff CBD

Kill Cliff CBD

Kill Cliff CBD claims its all-natural beverages will “revive your mind, body, and tastebuds”. Each 12 fl oz can of Kill Cliff contains 25mg of CBD. Three flavor options are available, including “The G.O.A.T.” along with Orange Kush and Mango Tango.

A 12-pack of Kill Cliff’s CBD recovery drinks (in any flavor) is priced at $69. Other listed ingredients include B-vitamins and electrolytes. The cans contain no sugar and only 15 calories. Kill Cliff markets its CBD beverages as recovery drinks, and their marketing is focused on active individuals who want to recover after a hard workout.

Kill Cliff, Inc. is an Atlanta, Georgia-based company founded by a former U.S. Navy Seal. You can buy all three flavors online through

K-Zen Beverages

K-Zen Beverages

K-Zen Beverages sells a lineup of cannabis-infused shots called S-Shots. There are two options available, including Smile (pink lemonade-flavored CBD shot with 10mg of THC and less than 2mg of CBD) and Soar (wild berry-flavored CBD shot with 25mg of THC and less than 2mg of CBD). Just like with other THC-containing beverages, K-Zen’s shots are only available in states where recreational use of marijuana is legal. Unlike a typical CBD beverage, these beverages cannot be sold nationwide.

Each can contains 4g of sugar and 15 calories. You can buy S-Shots at dispensaries in certain legal states. Or, you can buy the products online at around $8 per shot. K-Zen Beverages also sells a larger 8 oz bottle with the same amount of THC and CBD per serving (100mg of THC and less than 8mg of CBD in each 8 oz bottle).



Lumen sells a lineup of Hemp Wellness Shots that contain hemp mixed with cold-pressed juice, which means you get two trendy beverages in one. Lumen cold-pressed hemp “to deliver the plant as close to its purest living form possible”. Then, they combine the pure hemp juice with superfoods and adaptogens to energize your body and mind.

Three different formulas are available, including Immune, Bright Brain, and Gut Well. A 12-pack of each formula is sold online for $72, although you can also buy a variety pack containing all three flavors. Ingredients vary between flavors, but you can expect to see ingredients like turmeric, ginger, vitamin C, and others. The “Immune” formula, for example, contains 0.5 fl oz of hemp juice combined with 25,000mg of turmeric and 25,000mg of ginger (whole herb equivalents).

Each bottle is just 59mL in size. All ingredients are USDA Organic Certified.

Champ Active Water with Hemp

Champ Active Water with Hemp

Champ makes a lineup of CBD supplements like topicals, lip balms, CBD oils, and softgels. They also make a lineup of CBD “active waters” that work similarly to sports drinks like Gatorade. Champ Active Water is made from 7.3pH water mixed with MCT oil and electrolytes for “hyper hydration”. Each can has no sugar, no sodium, and just five calories. The Scottsdale, Arizona-based company claims their beverages are “the fuel that ignites the inner champ in you”.

Champ’s CBD energy drink is available in three flavors, including Lemon Lime Revive, Orange Tropical Passion, and Acai Berry Bliss. A 12-pack is sold online through for $72.

Although Champ Active Water is more of a sports beverage than an energy drink, it’s still the official energy drink of the San Jose Sharks.



Chrd+ is a dissolvable powder that comes in a single-use packet. You rip open the packet, then add the powder to the hot or cold beverage of your choice. Each packet contains 20mg of CBD with no artificial flavors or added sugar. There’s no flavor or odor to the powder at all: Chrgd+ won’t change how your beverage tastes or smells. You’re just adding CBD to your beverage.

Whether you’re on-the-go or at home, you can get the benefits of highly bioavailable hemp oil in Chrgd+’s dissolvable powder. Chrgd+ uses a special technology called DehydraTECH that it claims is “clinically proven” to offer high bioavailability. DehydraTECH claims its “proven to absorb at 3-5x higher levels”. Each batch of Chrgd+ formula is lab-tested, and you can simply enter the lot number on the back of your product into the official website to view the lab test results for that batch.

A package with six packets (20mg of CBD in each packet) is priced at $17.99. You can buy Chrgd+ online through the Phoenix, Arizona-based company’s website at So far, only the six-pack of packets are available to consumers (although the company is also partnering with wholesalers).

Kona Gold Hemp Energy Drinks

Kona Gold Hemp Energy Drinks

Florida-based Kona Gold makes a lineup of CBD energy drinks. Each can contains “premium hemp energy”, according to the manufacturer. Essentially, Kona Gold’s Hemp Energy Drinks are ordinary energy drinks packaged into a can with CBD: you get cannabidiol mixed with caffeine and B vitamins.

Kona Gold also offers more flavors than most CBD energy drink companies on our list, including unique flavors like Pink Grapefruit, Candy Apple, Bubble Gum, and Cherry Vanilla. The company also sells its beverages for a reasonable price: a 12-pack of 12 oz bottles sells for around $25 online or through Amazon.

What’s the catch with Kona Gold? Why is it cheaper than an ordinary (non-CBD) energy drink? Unfortunately, the company doesn’t list its dosage of CBD, and it’s unclear if the cans contain any significant amount of CBD whatsoever. The beverage simply contains “organic hemp seed protein powder” (yet the nutritional label states that there’s 0g of protein). Ultimately, it seems unlikely there’s a significant amount of CBD in a can of Kona Gold Hemp Energy Drink, yet it remains one of the most popular CBD sports beverages on the market.

Green Monkey CBD

Green Monkey CBD

Green Monkey CBD claims to be the UK’s first carbonated drink infused with CBD. There’s 10mg of CBD in each can. Shoppers in the UK can buy a 6-pack (£16.99), 12-pack (£29.99), or 24-pack (£49.99), with nationwide delivery included in the price.

Green Monkey CBD makes a big deal out of the fact that its beverage is “pharmacy backed”, although the company never explains what that means. As far as we can tell, Green Monkey CBD beverage has never gone through any type of clinical testing.

Making things even more confusing is that the Green Monkey CBD website offers few other details on what’s actually in the beverages: we know there’s 10mg of CBD in each can along with natural flavor “made with mixed fruit”. What type of mixed fruit is in each can? You won’t know until you buy the can. The can list artificial sweeteners like Acesulfame K and aspartame. There’s also a vague mention of “flavorings” along with colors like “Brilliant Blue”. Ultimately, the CBD beverage space prides itself on natural ingredients, so it’s no surprise that Green Monkey is hesitant to disclose its ingredients upfront.

Final Word on Reviewing CBD Sports Nutrition Drinks

There are more CBD sports and performance beverages available today than ever. The market is diverse: you can buy CBD energy shots, CBD post-workout beverages, Gatorade-like sports drinks with CBD and electrolytes, and more. There are also CBD powders that can be mixed into hot or cold beverages or CBD juices that contain cold-pressed nutritional goodness.

Whether seeking to improve mental or physical performance, you may be able to find what you’re looking for with one of the CBD sports and performance beverages listed above.

Quite a list of the top CBD drink supplementation options available in today's market, but let's transition to reviewing the benefits, possible side effects as well as where to buy, how to choose the right one for you and their overall effectiveness in closing.

Drinking CBD-Infused Beverage Health Benefits

cbd health drink benefits

There are many benefits found via CBD-infused drinks. These benefits not only extend to the type of CBD used in the creation of the drink itself but CBD in general. As CBD drinks become more widespread, the benefits have gained an increasing amount of attention as well. CBD drinks, in particular, offer a very specific group of advantages.


As the human body contains approximately 60% of water, the bioavailability of CBD is greatly affected. Bioavailability can best be defined as “the degree to which a substance is absorbed or is made available at the site of interaction.” Recent research has determined that the bioavailability of CBD in most products currently is approximately 4%. This would leave the remaining 96% would offer no effect.

With the use of water-soluble CBD, the effectiveness of the ingestion method is vastly increased. Not found in other methods of CBD consumption, drinks have the possibility of a quicker onset and longer-lasting effects.

Smaller Dosages

Though published research is still not as widespread as many would like, there is strong proof that suggests smaller doses of CBD are much more effective than higher amounts of CBD.

As previously discussed, CBD oil affects very specific receptors within the human body. CBD has an antagonistic effect on these receptors, which allows for a higher degree of acceptance within the brain. At normal dosage levels, this antagonistic effect works properly. If higher doses are used unnecessarily, however, the effects change.

Those who ingest more CBD than needed could experience a myriad of issues, including increased anxiety, changes in appetite, fatigue, and diarrhea. The water-soluble CBD found in beverages helps to ensure that smaller doses are used based on the drink being consumed, thus decreasing the chance of adverse effects.

It is important to note that, unlike THC, the ingestion CBD is unlikely to endanger your health in a severely adverse manner. As with all medication and treatment, however, it is critical only to ingest the proper amount needed to gain any desired benefits.

Pain Management

cbd chronic Pain Management benefits

One of the most prominent claims by CBD advocates is the efficacy of CBD in managing pain. Though CBD can be taken in many forms, CBD drinks allow those experiencing chronic pain to receive both fast and effective relief.

In general, CBD is believed to be anti-inflammatory by design. The antagonistic nature of CBD depresses pain signals within the brain, allowing for a reduction in pain throughout multiple areas of the human body. The relationship between CBD and the human body can be found in the body’s endocannabinoid system.

Though considered to be one of the lesser-known systems within the body, it has a key role in determining the human body’s interaction with cannabis. As the body naturally produces substances that are similar to cannabis, this system directs how the body experiences pain on a physiological level.

Due to the increased bioavailability found within CBD beverages, consumers are better able to address chronic inflammation at a faster rate than traditional ingestion methods.

Heart Health

Heart Health

In general, heart health has become a prominent topic of conversation in the healthcare industry. Hypertension and heart disease are the two most prevalent issues facing most Americans today. CBD has made great strides in terms of preventative measures and long-term health for those suffering from these concerning issues.

As with other areas of research, the scientific information available for CBD and heart health is still preliminary, but there are many positive signs going forward. In healthy adults undergoing treatment, one dose of CBD reduces blood pressure – both in normal circumstances and in high-intensity situations.

While these are certainly positive indicators, there are no current trials to evaluate long-term effects. Though this may be a disappointment, the benefits of CBD could potentially minimize the occurrences of chronic issues leading to an improvement of overall health


Anxiety stress relief

Largely unexplored thus far, CBD for anxiety has become an area of intense interest recently. Though some research has been performed, short -term trials have been more prevalent than those exploring long-term use or efficiency. Despite this, however, the opportunity presented for those suffering from anxiety disorders is hard to ignore.

Approximately 40 million adults within the United States are affected by anxiety on a daily basis. This staggering number may appear to be unrealistic; however, the reality of available treatments could also be considered equally surprising. Current treatments available are centered around both sedatives and anti-psychotic medication. Though effective for many, the long-term effects of these options can be highly detrimental.

Many prescriptions designed for anxiety sufferers often come with the possibility of dementia or other psychological impairments in the future. CBD functions in a definitively different manner from more common treatment methods. This allows for the possibility of better, less detrimental results. With CBD's antagonistic qualities, it binds to receptors in the brain to block certain chemicals that promote the occurrence of anxiety.

Additionally, CBD has proven more effective in lower doses when treating anxiety disorders. Many pharmaceutical-based treatments for anxiety require multiple dosage increases over time. As our bodies become more accustomed to the drug in use, the amount needed to produce the same effects must likewise increase. In available trials involving CBD, however, this is shown not to be the case.

In fact, higher doses of CBD have been known to have a negative effect on the brain and its affected receptors. Researchers currently believe that high doses of CBD “overwhelm” the brain and generate a “fight or flight” response. This response usually manifests in the form of a panic attack, which could be extremely severe depending on the receptor reaction level. Lower amounts allow the brain to have a positive response, decreasing any possible anxiety occurrences.


cbd depression

Research suggests that those suffering from anxiety may also experience episodes of depression. Scientifically, depression has often been linked to low serotonin levels. While CBD does not necessarily boost or raise serotonin levels, it could have an effect on the brain’s chemical receptors.

Those dealing with both anxiety and depression can find renewed opportunities with the presence of CBD. As it provides a healthy and natural alternative to other treatments, CBD is fast becoming a cure-all alternative to standard treatments. Currently, human research is very limited when evaluating CBD’s efficacy for depression. However, animal testing has proven to be very positive. In a recent 2019 study, CBD was found to have both a fast and prolonged anti-depressant and anti-anxiety effect.

Regardless of multiple long – term studies, the benefits of CBD for depression often outweigh any perceived risks. Side effects with CBD are also much less likely, making this a highly viable option for those looking for new possibilities.


Overall the severity of acne can vary greatly from person to person. Though not viewed as a health issue by some, acne can still be viewed as one condition reaping the benefits of CBD. General wellness can easily be summarized after a thorough examination of a person’s skin. While acne is traditionally believed to be an issue exclusive to teenage years, this condition can have long-lasting effects on those who experience it – both physical and emotional.

CBD has several anti-inflammatory elements. As acne is an inflammatory condition, CBD is innately equipped to assist in calming acne-prone skin and preventing common flare-ups that occur regularly.

Research has concluded that CBD has multiple soothing properties that can help diminish breakouts, reduce redness, and decrease excessive oil production. CBD has also been shown to be gentler on sensitive skin than many options currently available by traditional means.

Side Effects


When researching the possibility of a new medicinal treatment, the possibility of side effects is often a concern. This should not be surprising and is to be expected. New and experimental treatments tend to have a higher occurrence of possible issues long-term. When combined with some of the common misconceptions related to CBD, however, this concern can only increase.

Though some apprehension is to be expected, CBD is generally well-tolerated and has a significantly lower risk of side effects than more traditional medication sources. Some of the more prevalent side effects are:

  • Dry Mouth
  • Diarrhea
  • Reduced Appetite
  • Drowsiness

Though CBD does have a tendency to interact with some medications, any side effects are generally mild. The tolerance level for CBD is extremely high due to the naturally occurring substances within the human body. As CBD is still in the beginning stages of use for treatment, it is always recommended that a physician be consulted prior to partaking in this option.

In the event of a severe interaction, consumers should cease using CBD and consult with a physician to review any alternatives that may be needed. When compared to other medication touting the same uses, there is much to be said of the CBD revolution and the positive aspects that it can provide.

Where to Purchase CBD Drinks

CBD beverages can be purchased from multiple locations. As CBD products have become more accepted, these products can now be found in natural grocery stores, as well as some mainstream stores depending on your specific state and their laws.

In general, it is recommended that consumers purchase their products from a reputable company. When first starting, it is highly advisable that consumers find a local location that may be able to provide them with additional information about each option. Finding a supplier you trust is a key element of the successful purchase of CBD products effective for your needs.

How do you choose a CBD Drink?

With all of the choices available, choosing the right CBD drink could be both complicated and overwhelming. Unlike choosing a standard CBD oil, however, the process of choosing a beverage infused with CBD is a little easier than most people would expect.

The two most primary considerations when purchasing a CBD beverage should be the type of drink that will be most convenient for your lifestyle, and the overall goal you have for your CBD usage. Once these two questions have been answered, the necessary dosage and options can be further assessed.

If the answers to these questions are unclear or some additional assistance is needed, it is always recommended to consult with a physician to ensure your goals and CBD usage are aligned.

How Effective are CBD Drinks?

With so many ways to ingest CBD, there are inevitable questions surrounding whether or no this particular is effective. The main hurdle to efficacy in the CBD industry is the natural makeup of the molecular compound.

As CBD does not naturally dissolve in water, there is a certain amount of complexity involved with making it a suitable match for drinks. With this being the case, the effectiveness of a chosen drink will depend heavily on the type of drink selected, as well as the person involved.

For the best possible success, it is recommended that consumers focus their attention on products that have a small to moderate amount of CBD and those that are sealed in opaque containers at a mild temperature. These few guidelines help to ensure that the least possible degradation of the CBD provided occurs.

CBD is slowly becoming a rising star in the healthcare industry. Taking many forms, it has surpassed original expectations and significantly expanded the all-natural product industry. Though it can be used in multiple forms, CBD drinks have introduced the possibility of incorporating CBD into daily routines. Overall, CBD drinks stand not only to continue changing the industry but also the lives of Americans nationwide.

Best CBD Drinks and Cannabis-Infused Beverages Review

In closing, the CBD drink market is set to explode as cannabis oil-infused beverages start to consume a big sip of the global energy drink market, herbal tea industry and sports nutrition sector. From the rise in CBD-infused sparkling waters to herbal teas and coffee blends, combined with kombucha and sports nutrition drinks, hemp-derived cannabidiol beverages are on track to become the biggest market inside the growing CBD industry.

Be sure to bookmark HealthMJ's ultimate CBD drinks guide featuring all of the best CBD beverages of 2020. This industry-first reference will continue to be updated with new product releases and announcements as they happen and are worthy of inclusion to the curated lists above. For now, leave comments below and let us know what your favorite CBD drink is and provide feedback if we missed any of the top-rated, best-ranked CBD beverages in 2020.

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