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Resurge Deep Sleep Supplement Review: Does It Work?

The newly created Resurge Deep Sleep Support Formula by John Barban is a nutritional supplement with eight-effective ingredients that is meant to help promote weight loss while users sleep when used with a two-minute after dinner ritual.

Resurge is a deep sleep anti-aging weight loss supplement launched in March 2020. The deep sleep support formula was created by John Barban to help anyone lose weight while they sleep using a two-minute routine to boost the benefits of the Resurge supplement.

Whether or not individuals know, but it is report that nearly 60% of American adults are overweight, while 40% are obese. As obesity rates continue climbing, supplements like Resurge may be more important than ever as there are many obesity-related health conditions that can arise from the body having excess fat that causes everything from metabolic slowdown to shallow sleep side effects.

Resurge deep sleep supplement makes bold claims about its effectiveness, but can Resurge actually help you lose weight in your sleep when used in conjunction with a celebrity doctor's two minute ritual? Or is this just another over-hyped diet pill that does nothing more than promise a miracle with unsubstantiated claims and unproven ingredients?

The following Resurge review will cover everything John Barban outlines in his video, including the eight-ingredients found in the Deep Sleep Support Formula as well as how the two minute after dinner ritual works to help activate a process the product's creator calls “metabolic regeneration”.

Watch the Resurge Deep Sleep Supplement Presentation Here

What is Resurge?

Resurge is a combination of deep sleep enhancing, weight loss promoting, anti-aging nighttime supplement that claims to contain 100% natural ingredients for helping consumers lose weight in your sleep based on a proven breakthrough discovery that identified the number one root cause of weight gain.

Resurge was formulated by a man named John Barban, described as a specialist in sleep development among many other health-related credentials outlined below, that addresses the real cause of excess belly fat, unwanted weight gain, premature aging and even disease according to the official video presentation.

By taking Resurge nightly, you can activate your body’s fat burning mechanisms and start losing health-crippling weight overnight. The supplement “transforms” your body into a fat-burning machine overnight by addressing metabolism the proper way. You wake up skinnier the next morning no matter what your genetics, diet or exercise are (according to John) because of the beneficial qualities Resurge provides when utilized with a shocking discovery called the after-dinner ritual. This two-minute routine is to be done after your last meal of the day and will have health-transforming effects when used with the eight ingredients found in Resurge.

How Does Resurge Work?


Resurge claims to be “100% natural, safe and effective”. The maker of Resurge claims that thousands of people take Resurge every day and there have been “zero side effects reported”. Once John discovered and applied this to not only his own life, but his sister and family members, he says he felt eternally compelled to share this secret weight loss formula with the world that helped him overcome rapid onset weight gain after he turned the age of forty.

So what's actually in Resurge supplement and will it actually promote deep sleep and restorative growth factor production overnight?

Resurge uses ingredients like melatonin, ashwagandha, and hydroxytryptophan to encourage your body to fall asleep. All three ingredients are commonly found in sleep aid supplements. They’re not nearly as powerful as sleep medications – like Ambien (but with harsh side effects) – although they’ve been linked to certain sleep benefits in some small studies to date – but it also has nothing to do with drugs, diets, food restrictions or adding up daily calories.

The supplement also contains L-theanine, magnesium, and zinc, which also may encourage your body to get a healthy night’s rest. Many sleep aids contain all three of these ingredients. L-theanine can soften the effects of caffeine, for example, while magnesium and zinc are linked to more restful sleep.

Up to this point, all of the ingredients in Resurge are similar to any isolated sleep aid or standard multivitamin, but John Barban says Resurge's unique formulation makes a world of a difference and is something you have never seen before when used with the after dinner ritual.

Resurge also contains two ingredients not typically found in a natural sleep aid, including the amino acids arginine and lysine. The formula has 1,200mg of each amino acid and appears to be a unique approach towards not only promoting deeper sleep and restful recovery, but fat burning effects as well.

Resurge uses arginine and lysine to raise levels of growth factors during sleep. These growth factors are linked to increased lean muscle mass and better body repairs. Your body needs these beneficial body growth factors to heal itself. Your body is already healing itself as you sleep, and Resurge claims to enhance your body’s natural healing powers.

Resurge is manufactured in the United States. All ingredients are non-GMO.

Will Arginine and Lysine Really Help Lose Weight Overnight?


Most ingredients in Resurge are similar to any natural sleep aid formula. The sleep aid ingredients should help you fall asleep and enjoy a more restful sleep.

The only two unique ingredients in Resurge are arginine and lysine. Will these two amino acids really help you lose weight overnight? Let’s take a closer look.

Lysine is an essential amino acid that plays crucial roles throughout the body. You can find lysine, also labeled as L-lysine, in multiple athletic supplements. Lysine can boost energy levels and kickstart weight loss. Lysine is also required for the formation of collagen, a protein that gives structure to your skin and bones. Some people take collagen supplements to reduce the effects of aging.

Arginine, meanwhile, is a naturally-derived amino acid found in dairy products and meats. It aids in muscle development. It’s popular among bodybuilders seeking to maximize gains. Arginine can also stimulate fat metabolism, which could help you lose weight. We’ve observed L-arginine’s weight loss effects in multiple studies, and it seems to work as advertised to kickstart weight loss.

In other words, Resurge uses two ingredients – arginine and lysine – that have been linked to weight loss.

However, there’s one big problem: dosage is way off. Most studies on the weight loss effects of arginine use 2 to 6 grams of L-arginine powder. Resurge, meanwhile, uses just 1,200mg of L-arginine.

Lysine, meanwhile, is typically given in doses of 3g per day, although some studies have used doses as high as 10 to 15g per day.

Yes, lysine and arginine – the two most active ingredients in Resurge – may help you lose weight. In the Resurge supplement reveal, John talks how the combination of these two powerful amino acids can increase metabolic regeneration released up to 695% during sleep.

See the Resurge Deep Sleep Supplement Story Here

Resurge Ingredients and Dosages


Resurge claims to contain the following ingredients and dosages:

  • 10mg of melatonin
  • 150mg of ashwagandha
  • 50mg of magnesium
  • 15mg of zinc
  • 100mg of hydroxytryptophan
  • 200mg of L-theanine
  • 1,200mg of L-arginine
  • 1,200mg of L-lysine

Together, this blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbal extracts in Resurge are supposed to activate the fat burning fountain of youth.

Who is John Barban?


John Barban created Resurge based on his experience with sleep analysis and fat burning. Barban is described as a world-renowned fat loss and metabolism expert. He has a degree in human biology and nutrition from the University of Guelph and a Masters in Human Biology from the same university.

He has certifications in nutrition, physiology, and biology (NSCA, CSCS, ACE PT, CSEP) and has taught human performance at the University of Florida for multiple years. He has worked with – or created – brands like MuscleTech, NxLabs, Slimquick, ADS, BlueStar Nutraceuticals, Empowered Nutrition Products over the past ten years well.

Barban also offers personal weight loss coaching. He claims to have helped thousands of men and women lose weight. During the Resurge supplement video presentation, John actually says he was regarded as the world's number one expert when it comes to metabolism as well as weight loss. While these claims do not appear to be verfiable or validated via a quick internet search, it is impressive feat should it be remotely true.

He is also the innovator behind hit fitness and weight loss programs like Adonis Workout system, Thin from Within, Flat Belly Forever, VFX Fat Loss System and the V-Taper Solution.

You can learn more about John Barban at his official website, JohnBarban.com.

Resurge Pricing


Resurge is priced between $34 and $49 per bottle, depending on how many bottles you buy:

  • 1 Bottle: $49 USD + $12 Shipping
  • 3 Bottles: $117 + $12 Shipping
  • 6 Bottles: $204 + $12 Shipping

Each bottle of Resurge contains a 30 day supply (120 capsules). You take four capsules daily to lose weight.

Resurge Refund Policy

Resurge has a 60-day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.

Email support@resurge.com to claim your refund.

You will not receive a refund on shipping and handling ($12 per order), and you need to return the supplement bottles (even if they’re empty) to claim your refund.

FAQ About Resurge


The Resurge supplement review above gives a long-winded viewpoint of how the deep sleep support formula works, it's ingredients, and who John Barban is – but let's recap the most pertinent details to know before going and watching the entire presentation on Resurge.

Q: What is Resurge?

A: Resurge is a weight loss supplement that claims to help you lose weight overnight by promoting deep sleep recovery benefits and supporting metabolic regeneration towards helping users overcome shallow sleep and metabolism slowdown.

Q: How does Resurge work?

A: Resurge contains a blend of natural sleep aids (like melatonin and L-theanine) and amino acids (like L-arginine and L-lysine). The sleep aids help you have a restful sleep, while the amino acids help your body repair muscles overnight. Resurge contains L-arginine, L-lysine, melatonin, L-theanine, and other ingredients to encourage a restful sleep. While many will ask does Resurge work, the truth is the deep sleep support formula has not been studied in any major clinical trial or double-blind study to-date. However, given the compelling story and results not only John experienced, but his whole family, it seems to be a powerful blend of ingredients when used with his after dinner ritual.

Q: How much does Resurge cost?

A: Resurge is priced at $34 to $49 per bottle, depending on how many bottles you order.

Q: Is Resurge safe?

A: The manufacturer claims Resurge is 100% safe to use. They claim to have received no reported side effects.

Q: When do I take Resurge?

A: The manufacturer recommends taking four capsules of Resurge (1 serving) 1 hour before bed.

Q: Can I get a refund on Resurge?

A: You can get a refund on Resurge by emailing support@resurge.com. Refunds are available within 60 days of your purchase. You will not receive a refund on shipping ($12) and you need to mail the bottles back (even if they’re empty).

Q: Why is Resurge shipping so expensive?

A: The one big downside to Resurge is the fact of adding $12 for shipping and handling, which is higher than most other supplements sold online. You don’t receive a refund on shipping costs, so it seems likely that this $12 covers the cost of the item if you do decide to return it. However, should you buy bulk and use the three or six month bottle option, users will not pay any more cost in shipping as it is a flat rate for the 1, 3 or 6 month supply.

Final Word


By now, this Resurge supplement review has covered all of the popular buzzwords associated with this deep sleep support formula. From the after dinner ritual, to learning what shallow sleep problems can lead to and what metabolic slowdown is, or to how metabolic regeneration works to restore the body's fat burning processes – now the only thing left is to make a decision on whether or not this clinically-proven weight loss product is right for you.

Resurge is a natural sleep aid with potent amino acids that combines everything into one formula designed to promote anti-aging benefits and overcome obesity-related health problems. The ingredients sound good – many wonder if they are unlikely to help you lose weight at the given dosages. Some may also argue that you can find plenty of cheaper supplements with higher dosages from Amazon and other major retailers but could be missing the whole point John Barban outlines in his Resurge supplement story.

A quick online search shows a typical amino acid supplement contains 3g to 6g of amino acids per serving, while Resurge contains just 1,200mg. You can buy sleep aid supplements with identical dosages for $10 to $15 from Amazon. However, as one can see, considering the price of Resurge supplement can drop down to as low as $34 per bottle if purchase the bulk option (which John recommends using for 90-180 days for optimal results), buying these ingredients in isolation will not have near the synesthetic effect of using them all in the same product at the documented dosages and ratios.

Plus, the big deal John Barban stresses in his Resurge supplement presentation is how most weight loss products and programs do not help users maintain healthy weight loss regimen and will often experience a plateau just weeks or month into a standard diet or exercise plan. This is where John's after dinner ritual comes into play to provide a powerful one-two punch that helps users steadily gain from the benefits Resurge has to offer.

No matter who you are, from your age, health status or wellness goals, John Barban's Resurge video is a must-see that not only reveals why his Deep Sleep Support Formula works towards metabolic regeneration, but is very enlightening and educational about how the body works when it comes to burning fat, requiring restorative rest and reversing the signs of aging when supplied optimal nutrients, environment and habits.

Anyone aiming to naturally overcome shallow sleep setbacks or rapid onset weight gain should strongly consider watching the Resurge story today.

Order Resurge Deep Sleep Supplement Today



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