Top Cannabis Social Networks: Best Personal Platforms and Business Forums

Reviewing the top 14 most popular cannabis social networks for marijuana users.

The Internet, like it or love it, has made it very easy for like-minded individuals to connect and share information about their passions, interests and entertainment choices (and unfortunately, even what they had for breakfast). Thanks to the thousands of social media networks, there’s a platform for just about any topical matter under the sun and the emerging world of legalized medical marijuana and hemp has spawned a new type of social interacting for cannabis consumers and influencers.

If you love discussing marijuana and are looking for a ‘high-on-life' cannabis-centric community of folks who do, below is a baker's dozen plus one list of a few social media networks where you can do your thing without being judged by mainstream folks who don’t like or use cannabis. While Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and even LinkedIn all have their place in social media ranks, no matter how much physical distance may be between you or the next cannabis user, joining up any one of the top 14 cannabis social networks listed below can elevate your mood and well-being by communicating with other tokers, smokers and marijuana meme jokers. It also presents a great way to connect with industry insiders and experts; whether they are growers, producers, suppliers or any number of cannabis business roles, these niched-social platforms provide a bit more intimacy and fondness of a particular subject matter. You can even talk legalization, politics and interact with some of your favorite brands who are represented on these social portals.

So, whether you’re a casual, recreational pot user or a weed connoisseur, there’s something for all ranges of potheads. In fact, if you’re looking to date someone who loves cannabis too, there are dating social networks that cater to personal interests. Of course, as with all things, some of these ‘420 social networks' are awesome, while others are not so great or lack a serious interest and have a smaller userbase to find acquaintances on to-date. That said, let’s explore the best social networks for cannabis users and see what these ‘people-connecting apps' have in store for enthusiasts (and possibly see what they had for their ‘wake-in-bake' breakfast).

Top Cannabis Social Media Networks to Join

Grasscity Forum

If you’ve been taking cannabis and engaging in online conversations for any length of time, chances are you’ve probably stumbled on this forum. This is one of the oldest cannabis social media networks online.

The forum has a staple of all things related to cannabis. There are years and years of discussions, connections, and knowledge here.

It initially started as an online forum where marijuana growers can come learn from each other. Here, people can learn about the best growing techniques, read cannabis grow guides and just get top-notch info about the weed growing process.

However, with cannabis’s growing popularity, the forum has added more features and sections to accommodate the ever-widening subject matter. This has essentially made it one of the biggest cannabis forums on the internet.

Right now, you’ll find everything from growing information to legalization processes/info to consumption methods and daily news items on cannabis. And if you’re looking for a local dispensary, chances are it’s listed on this forum. Just check out the local dispensary section for whatever you need.


Relatively new on the scene, this is a rapidly growing marijuana social media network. While it still suffers from the occasional glitch, users love the platform enough to stay and even encourage others to join.

This social media network is more into providing information about all things weed. So, you’ll consistently find videos, business ideas, actual business, products, information on weed growing and so much more.

The truth is if it has to do with weed, you’ll find it here. Of course, because it’s relatively new, it still has some bugs it needs to fix. Other than that, it’s a pretty decent place to get all your cannabis-related information.

Cannabis business owners are allowed to create their own profiles and pages, where people can post stuff and interact with them.


This is a super active online community for cannabis lovers, users, and beginners. You can do everything from following favorite brands and people to interacting with others and buying your favorite product.

The company is currently working on making this even easier to access by deploying its app. This way, users can interact on the go, get push notifications, and engage in a lot of activities, without pulling up their web browsers.

Connecting with other users and brands on the platform is super easy. Just make sure to create a decent looking profile. Then, you can talk to your audience/followers as well as do business with others.


This new social network is primarily for all things medical marijuana. So, everything from the growth processes, use, lifestyle, and conditions are discussed here. Of course, because it’s a new platform, there’s an occasional bug or issue.

But overall, users can easily get all the information they need on the site. For some reason, new memberships are rare here because of a captcha issue. This is why you’ll get the impression that maybe the owners have abandoned it. But, who knows if everything will work really well again if the captcha issue is resolved.


For anyone who smokes, tokes or loves marijuana, this is the best social network platform to be on. It’s an app that’s available on both the android and iOS platforms.

So, check the Google Play Store and Apple Store for the app. Creating an account on the platform is not working right now. But, you will still be able to connect with other users by using the app.

And if you’re looking to date a fellow smoker or user, this is a great app to find them. It’s basically a mix of twitter, tinder, and Instagram. Only, it’s for canna lovers.

This is why you’ll find all sorts of activities like videos and stories. You can also lookup users through their photos and decide if you like them or not. For profiles you like, just click “put out”.

And for those you don’t, just click “pass”. Truth is even though it’s a pretty great social network with a decent number of users, it still needs some work. But, if you want a great social networking app for cannabis users, this is where to check.

Bud Hubz

Foursquare may be gone now, but the concept is still very much alive in Bud Hubz. This is basically like Foursquare for cannabis. This makes it great for finding the best dispensaries, cannabis doctors, accommodations and headshops.

Joining is pretty easy and costs nothing. After that, you can just simply link up with “buddies” to get recommendations on which cannabis shops or dispensaries are the best.

The only downside right now is that it hasn’t been fully rolled out yet. They’re only taking beta testers right now. But once it goes live, it’ll be a pretty great cannabis social network.

MJ Mary Jane

As you may have noticed, most of the apps are a bit like clones of other popular social network apps. This is no different. MJ Mary Jane is essentially Pinterest for marijuana. So, if you love taking and looking at a picture of weed, smokers and so on, you’ll find everything you need here.

And like Pinterest, you can simply pin whatever cannabis pictures or videos that catch your fancy. And there’s a rating system in place too. You can also bookmark favorite pins, as well as follow other users if you want. It’s free and currently available on both the android and iOS platforms.

420 Singles

This is a dating app for weed lovers who want to connect with and date other weed lovers. So, you basically get matched to people who smoke locally or globally.

So, if you prefer dating smokers like you, and want to avoid the judgmental attitudes of non-smokers, this is the dating app to check out.

It’s basically like Tinder. So, you can easily swipe right or left depending on your preference. So, if you want weed smokers to hang out with, date and do all sorts of stuff with, this is pretty great for that.

High There

Another Tinder replica app for marijuana lovers, you just basically view pictures, and swipe right or left to choose or reject folks you’d like to hang out with. This is free and available on both the Apple and Google Play stores.


Marijuana lovers aren’t all just potheads. Many have great careers and lives, which is why social networks like WeedCircles have popped up. A part of the WeedLife Network, this is basically LinkedIn and Google Plus combined together.

This is great for connecting with customers, buyers, friends and industry contacts. You’ll also find all established marijuana vendors here. This makes it a great marketplace to get good weed deals.

As usual, it’s free to join. If you own cannabis business, you should definitely be on there. It’s also great for growing your followership here as you can add and promote your group there.


This is another cannabis-based social network. Here, you’ll find product reviews of cannabis products and their various extracts, as well as information on the various cannabis strains.

You can also meet new folks, get answers to your questions, and do a lot more. This is a pretty big cannabis social network. In fact, most of the users are actively seeking to connect with other like-minded folks.

There’s also a ton of groups that you can join to ask questions and get great answers from professional cannabis growers, producers, and sellers. The site currently attracts 400,000+ visitors monthly.

This place is particularly great for those looking for comprehensive information on cannabis strains. The review database featuring 1000s of strain reviews is a huge goldmine. You’ll find all the information on just about any strain here.


This a relatively new cannabis business social network that also doubles as a directory. As a startup, they attracted $1.7M in funding from investors. So, they’re likely to be around for a long time.

Marijuana business owners will find it’s a great place to list a profile and connect with other cannapreneurs. Other features of the site include friends’ activity feeds, news, videos and cannabis products.

The owners are also owners of the popular sites called HempTalk and WeedLife.

420 Magazine Forum

While this is a magazine site, there’s a forum section where you can network with cannabis entrepreneurs. Because it’s quite popular, there’s a lot of solid activity going on here. So, you can also ask questions and get answers from professionals.

You’ll find active boards of cannabis growth strategies and discussions. And because cannabis is closely linked with politics these days, there is a lot of political banter in relation to weed here. So, policies, new laws, and regulations are commonly discussed here.

Leaf Wire

Relatively new to the scene, Leaf Wire is a business social network for industry professionals to network and connect with each other. It’s probably why people call it the LinkedIn of the cannabis industry.

You can find everything from information about cannabis businesses to expanding your social network. And you can also post your services or find jobs in the industry here. So, it’s great for folks looking to switch jobs within the same sector. This is free and should be on the list of any serious cannabis industry professionals.

We did not get a chance to review Hempdex, Kalogia, Toke With or My420Mate yet. There are also other apps and platforms to check out like Headbuzz, Who is Happy and Jointbuds.

What to do Next

Now that you have a list of the top cannabis social networks, the next step is to pick one which peaks your interest and join. Most of the marijuana-focused media platforms for social interactions only require the necessities, being your name, email and phone number to get a user account setup.

For reference, here is a chart from PEW Research showing the use of different online platforms by demographic groups:

cannabis social network users
PEW Research of users on popular social media networks

As always, even for ‘stoners', privacy and trust can be of vital importance when joining up with any social media network and a cannabis-oriented one is no different. Make sure you look into the most popular cannabis networks above to ensure they are protecting your data how they should be too. While these new-found cannabis friends (or buds) may be peace loving hippies too, remember the importance of user-safety and data protection. Make sure to leave us some comments below and let us know how you like each of the cannabis networks listed. Also be sure to look out for HealthMJ on some of the included platforms and be sure to puff-puff-press the like button too as all of you weed-lovers unite!

Melissa Meyer
Melissa is a Georgetown Law grad with a background startups, advocacy, and health. Melissa spent much of 2010 – 2013 in the Lombardi Cancer center where she was being treated for a life-threatening blood disease. In that same period, she experienced the loss of her two closest girl friends to cancer. Her life goals include destroying cancer and helping patients improve their quality of life through alternative medicine. She does everything for HealthMJ that she can’t find someone else to do better.


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