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CBD Companies, Brands and Products Research The HealthMJ Way

The HealthMJ Way 2020 Initiative of researching, reviewing and recommending the best CBD products from top CBD companies simplifies into a three step system for the world to see.

Top 2020 CBD Company Research and Best Products Review Guide

Wake up ladies and gentlemen, it's 2020, the start of a brand new decade!

As the 20's begin to unfold, CBD has blazed its-high-self all the way up to becoming the most popular, best-selling herbal ingredient extract in the entire health and wellness supplement industry in 2019. It's an impressive, even powerful status to rank number one in an estimated $45-$52 billion dollar market annually.

A rightful round of applause can go around for cannabidiol as the biggest compound in the weed-led green rush era too. Out of 500 known compounds found in cannabis plants; CBD is even outpacing medical marijuana molecule and star substance, THC. And the data shows by a marginal landslide in terms of interest as well as those exploring the possibility of trying hemp-derived CBD oil for its beneficial use cases.

Once the extraction of the hemp plant's CBD cannabinoid was legally passed at a federal level, where under a 0.3% threshold of THC was greenlit for growth when President Trump signed the executive order's dotted line for the 2018 Hemp Farm Bill (Agriculture Improvement Act), cannabidiol-infused products flooded into the cannabis oil market. From a dozen plus supplementation types, to sales, industry predictions and forecasts; the CBD oil market exploded with enthusiasm and excitement where everyone looked to cash-in on America's long-time cash cow. Some believe the hype is outpacing the evidence so far while some may say where there's smoke there's fire when it comes to CBD being a miracle healing and therapeutic phenomena.

In light of the explosive trend and demand of cannabis oil-infusions, not to mention the hundreds of companies with thousands of branded-products to choose from; HealthMJ birthed the idea on how to accurately aggregate, rigorously research and truly test the major CBD companies. Introducing, #TheHealthMJWay for when it comes to researching the most popular CBD brands and products in 2020.

The tactical template outlined below is the same research process and review pattern HealthMJ uses when reviewing every major CBD product type and company to help open up optimal transparency, trust and authenticity with our valued readership.

CBD Product, Brand and Company Research ‘The HealthMJ Way'


In this case, the necessity and gravity of properly researching top-rated CBD products and best-ranked supplement companies responsible for the quality of the formula is immense. It should be a no-brainer that the quality of the CBD oil product you buy can make or break your personal success and results of experiencing optimal effectiveness based on the CBD you use.

The United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA) made note of the fact there are over 1,700 different CBD-based oils, gummies, topicals, skincare and various product types to choose from now in 2020. And that's not accounting for the many more coming online and launching this year for specific needs like pain relief. CBD is already being served up in everywhere from gas stations to local health food stores to luxury retail shopping malls all around the world, and there are even high-profile celebrity endorsements from athletes and industry icons jumping on the choo-choo cannabis train.

But that means one thing for you, us and we; overload. #TooMuchInfo (TMI)

In order to optimize the cannabis universe, in a quest to map out the entire CBD ecosystem and guide everyone from newcomers to novices through the green jungle of ganja juice-based products; The HealthMJ Way of researching, reviewing and recommending cannabidiol-centric companies and brands can be summed up into a three step formula.

HealthMJ Research Process for Reviewing CBD


When anyone imagines what it takes to be a leading source for trending CBD news and detailed cannabis user guides designed to help map out the growing hemp and marijuana plant-based market, it will take a good amount of time, skill and effort to achieve such a noble status in a budding industry. That's why The HealthMJ Way of taking an informative, investigative and intelligence-gathering approach to every single CBD product review we publish is of vital importance and significance. To fulfill our genuine goal of giving great guidance, it is our utmost responsibility to provide quality as a priority in everything we produce. After all, it is you and our health that is on the line when it comes to using CBD or any cannabis-related substance.

When analyzing the best products from the top companies and biggest brands in the CBD oil supplement industry, this three-step methodology is our goalposts on how HealthMJ flows as a whole.

How We Review CBD Products and Rank CBD Company Brands


We pride our HealthMJ 2020 product rankings and company ratings initiative on transparency and honesty. Striving to create high-quality, evidence-based analysis that starts with research not based or rehashed on headline hype or fluff-filled fantasy claims.

In most cases, we will be actual buyers of CBD products to test the whole experience first-hand before crafting up a recommendation after applying our three-step formula of rating companies based on the effectiveness of their products and services – not how much they paid us. As real users of the CBD products we buy in 2020, we will be covering all of the pros and cons, dosages and potency, taste test and bodily effects of each brand we try.

Our CBD review methodology boils down to three foundational steps and key processes:

  • Step 1) Research
  • Step 2) Review
  • Step 3) Recommend

That's right; nothing groundbreaking but much-needed guidance – we do the research, write an in-depth review and give a heart-felt recommendation.

The end result of these three steps is that our readers get superior-quality, unbiased information presented in a way that anyone can understand. The majority of the time we will be actual testers and users of the most popular CBD products in order to vet each company truthfully and organically.

If a CBD company offers a great product or well-advertised branded line, then we’ll do our best to tell you about it using the formula above. If a CBD company has questionable hemp sources, unverifiable third-party lab testing or overpriced crap, then we’ll tell you about that too. We don’t care how big or powerful the CBD company is: we emphasize a CBD product's quality, purity and integrity above all else. This isn't about money or recognition, it's about your health.

If a big CBD company refuses to reveal pertinent details about the product, it could result in a poor review and cautious recommendation. This may be controversial but it is ultimately critical to how well CBD can work for you. It's a sacrifice we’re willing to make to preserve our integrity and write the walk by being actual buyers and testing users to give the best research, reviews and recommendations.

In 2020, HealthMJ will expand our cannabis, marijuana and hemp CBD research range into more mainstream natural health and wellness supplements, diet programs and meal plans – even intermittent fasting – but to be an authentic guide for trusted news and reviews, the goal is to grow within the green rush while remaining loyal to our cannabis-centric community.

CBD Research and Review Three Step Formula


In an open field of optimal options to choose from, this is the lemon juice and the lime sauce mixed together of the 2020 HealthMJ Initiative for how we conduct our CBD product reviews.

News is our lifeforce but as the vast CBD-oil infused product type industry matures; reviews of the best companies to find the top brand name recommendations are becoming the backbone to the future of CBD use. Cannabis is known as a medicinal plant first. It is easy to experience overload when shopping for a CBD product online or at a local store. The HealthMJ three step research formula acts as an anchor to our efforts of analyzing and highlighting each CBD brand or product of rising interest.

Step 1) Research

Aggregate the whole: The research phase typically takes the longest. We spend hours researching CBD companies and products so our readers don’t have to. This curation phase involves collecting every major announcement, detail and update possible that is noteworthy.

We’ll comb through all available information about a company. We’ll analyze a CBD company’s leadership team to ensure they’re qualified or at minimum a real organization, for example. We’ll even go as far to check the a company’s financial picture, business plan, investment sources, and consult with our industry insiders who have known for years now.

We’ll also analyze the product’s ingredients and CBD origins. We’ll pore over the lab test results, for example, to verify the product contains the same ingredients that are advertised in the correct dosage and potency. We’ll verify the source of the ingredients and be sure to included exactly what the company or brand says about how to use the CBD product optimally.

If clinical research – like a study or test – is available for a specific CBD product, then we’ll read every page of the report to ensure the research is legitimate. We like to see double-blind, placebo-controlled trials published in peer-reviewed journals. We don’t like to see anecdotal evidence or vague health claims that currently plague the industry today.

During the research phase, we don’t take anything for granted: if a company claims to contain USDA Organic Certified, full spectrum and US-grown hemp in its CBD oil, then we’ll double check and triple check each claim to verify that information is true.

After all of this fact finding is complete, we feel equipped to move onto the next step.

Step 2) Review

Review the research: We split the research phase among different members of our team. Our seasoned CBD testers and experienced experts, for example, will dive into CBD product’s ingredient profile and elaborate on why each additional herbal extract is in the tincture or formula. Our business analytics specialist will check the company’s financial picture and business plan as well as its previous performances in the past.

Then, we sit down as a team or link up in a group chat to discuss and dissect the information we found during the critical research phase. In cases where there’s crossover, we’ll compare notes and verify we have everything right and sift through the most relevant and pertinent details to make you become an educated user and informed buyer of the CBD products we get our hands on.

We then outline the entire table of contents of the guide portion of it, making sure to include any news, quotes or additional media types to carefully craft a robust and enriched master review document that synthesizes all known, proven facts about a company's product. This research process to review formula will be objectively verified by at least one member of our team if not more depending on the size or reputation of the brand at-hand.

After reviewing and assembling all of the CBD product research into an outline and building out the fact-driven analysis, we’re ready to distill it into a form that’s readable and usable for you.

Step 3) Recommend

Finalize the findings: Think of the first two phases as like the base of the iceberg: we’re building the part of the iceberg that’s underneath the water. Our readers don’t always see this part (unless they are reading here), but it’s the part that supports the rest of the iceberg and keeps it afloat.

During this third phase, our goal is to build the tip of the iceberg: the part that our readers see and essentially value the most. We take all of the information we learned in the first two phases and present it in the most consumable way possible.

Instead of throwing a bunch of chemical formulas at you to prove that one CBD product is more bioavailable than another, for example, we’ll explain it in a way that easily makes sense to anyone.

Our goal is to provide actionable information. That means we provide information you can use today to make more informed decisions about CBD products.

We’ll polish the tip of the iceberg to ensure readers can get the most important facts as quickly as possible. We’ll build infographics, add helpful images, and distill the most important facts into as few words as possible.

10 Tips for Buying the Best CBD Products from Top Companies in 2020

The HealthMJ Way of researching, reviewing and recommending CBD products and companies would not be complete if we did not give you a few lock-in-key insights and top-of-the-food-chain tips as to the tactical template and formulaic process we stick to when analyzing these brands.

Each of the individual CBD reviews we gather will all cover each of these attributes in much more detail but want to wet the appetite as to how we operate when optimizing the CBD space:

1) always check for a products certificate of analysis proof
2) never buy a product that health benefit claims miracles of treating or curing diseases
3) verify the supplement facts label for a batch number and correct dosage potency
4) ensure proper instructions are left for how to use or apply the product
5) run from any colorful language of misleading claims, FDA-approval or celebrity endorsements unless authenticated
6) validate whether or not it is hemp oil or actual hemp-derived CBD oil
7) check if its full spectrum (with THC), broad spectrum (no THC) or isolate (pure CBD)
8) check a company's reputation via contact info, social media channels and review platforms
9) understand the cost per serving math so no wasted money or weak diluted concentrations
10) don't buy CBD on amazon

What’s Next?

‘This is how we do' – CBD product, brand and company research ‘the HealthMJ way' in 2020.

HealthMJ aims to grow within the cannabis culture as a trusted, talented and thorough health resource for all things marijuana, hemp and CBD wellness related.

The CBD space is growing rapidly. New companies and brands emerge nearly every week.

Although the CBD space is busier than ever before, we promise to maintain our strong journalistic integrity at every step of the way.

For any questions about how we operate, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We respond to every email and are available on all major social media platforms for questions, industry interviews and news tips.

Melissa Meyer
Melissa is a Georgetown Law grad with a background startups, advocacy, and health. Melissa spent much of 2010 – 2013 in the Lombardi Cancer center where she was being treated for a life-threatening blood disease. In that same period, she experienced the loss of her two closest girl friends to cancer. Her life goals include destroying cancer and helping patients improve their quality of life through alternative medicine. She does everything for HealthMJ that she can’t find someone else to do better.


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