Montana CBD Legal Guide: Cannabidiol State Regulations and Laws for MT, US

Like many states, Montana has slowly begun developing a comprehensive system for the regulation of CBD, marijuana, and other related substances. For consumers within the state, this budding system can be relatively confusing. Luckily, this guide has been created to explain the laws and rules surrounding the sale, possession, and consumption of various CBD oils and other hemp-derived products.

Montana’s history of legal development towards their current system has been all but simple. The state started with a medical marijuana program, which was passed with a vote of 60% by public poll in 2004. The state then, however, ended the medical marijuana program with both a house and senate vote in 2011. After widespread protest following the decision, the state quickly passed Senate Bill 243, which slightly amended the original medical marijuana system to allow for certain exceptions to the subsequent ban. But in 2012, the state once again reversed its view and banned the drug for use.

Finally, the state finalized Ballot Initiative 182, which legalized the medical marijuana industry once and for all. For CBD specifically, the key to understanding Montana’s complicated legal framework is to determine how the CBD in-question is derived. CBD derived from the industrial hemp plant is completely legal, and consumers do not even need a medical marijuana card to gain access to it.

Montana Medical Marijuana

In Montana, medical marijuana cards are permission slips issued by physicians which allow consumers to purchase medical marijuana products from licensed dispensaries. The medical marijuana cards are necessary for consumers looking to purchase a variety of products derived from the marijuana plant. This includes high-THC CBD oil, which is derived from cannabis.

In order to be issued a medical marijuana card, patients must be suffering from a condition included on the state’s approved list. For specific information concerning this list, readers should inquire with the Montana Department of Health and Human Services.


CBD with a THC content of less-than .03% is classified as low-THC. This CBD is derived from the industrial hemp plant, cannot induce a significant ‘high,’ and will not show up on most drug tests. For users looking to access low-THC hemp-derived CBD to treat a variety of conditions, good news awaits in the state of Montana. hemp CBD is legal all over the state, and can be found in a variety of stores. While consumers typically must be over the age of eighteen to purchase and use hemp CBD, this seems to be among the only regulations in Montana related to the purchase of the substance.

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