Missouri CBD Legal Guide: Cannabidiol State Regulations and Laws for MO, US

CBD is taking the United States by storm. Millions of Americans have started to use the substance to help treat a variety of conditions. Epilepsy, seizures, anxiety, and a host of additional conditions have been noted as potentially treatable by the use of hemp-derived and cannabis-derived CBD alike. Many states have begun to adjust their regulatory frameworks for the substance accordingly, providing either exceptions or a blanket decriminalization for CBD and related hemp products.

The Federal Farm Bill also complicates the legal framework for CBD in many states. While each state responds to the marijuana and CBD issue differently, the federal government’s farm bill legalized the industrial hemp industry, making it legal for companies all over the country to grow and distribute products derived from the industrial hemp plant. While most states have eventually fallen in line and adopted an accepting framework for the substances, some states have been slow to adjust.

Missouri has become somewhat accepting of CBD use within the state. A law passed in 2014 (HB 2248) by the state’s congress legalized CBD with a THC content below .3%, but only for patients with specific forms of intractable epilepsy. The patients are then allowed to purchase their CBD from specific centers, designated “Cannabidiol Oil Care Centers.”

A Relaxed Enforcement Stance

Interestingly enough, the state has also adopted an informal stance in favor of the CBD industry. While the state’s government has not legalized CBD products for consumers who are not diagnosed with a form of intractable epilepsy, they have recently decided to refuse to prosecute or arrest users for the possession of low-THC CBD products.

However, readers should be aware that this informal policy might not apply in all jurisdictions. To be safe, one should err on the side of caution and contact local law enforcement agents in their area before doing something that could potentially have criminal penalties. Penalties for the possession of a scheduled substance can be severe.

CBD Law Future in Missouri

Moving forward, the relaxed stance that the state’s law enforcement agencies have taken regarding CBD is a promising sign for future change. Medical professionals and advocates alike continue to publish articles, essays, and studies concerning the massive benefits and few side effects of CBD oils and other hemp-derived products. With the pressure on for legislators to listen to their citizens and legalize CBD products, it is completely within the realm of possibility that CBD will be fully legalized within the state in the coming years.

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