Maryland CBD Legal Guide: Cannabidiol State Regulations and Laws for MD, US

With the explosion of the CBD industry following the legalization of the federal farm bill in 2014, states and local authorities all over the country have worked hard to create their own regulatory framework. In many ways, the modern marijuana and CBD legal scenes are concerned primarily with determining the state’s limits and requirements regarding a natural legalization of the substances. For the most part, states are concerned with the question of legalizing marijuana medically versus recreationally, whether to establish limits to legal possession, and how to disseminate relevant information to local jurisdictions responsible for the execution of the law.

For Maryland, the decisions have created a moderately complicated set of regulations on both the marijuana and the CBD industry. The main distinction the state draws is between low-THC and high-THC CBD products. The former is derived from the industrial hemp plant, while the latter comes from the cannabis plant. Understanding the difference between these two classifications of CBD is an essential piece of the puzzle for users trying to comprehend a complex legal framework for marijuana and CBD in Maryland.

Cannabis CBD in Maryland

Cannabis CBD is CBD derived from the cannabis plant. When this derivation process is used, the resulting compound has a significant amount of THC. This means that it can create the feeling of a “high” in the user, and that it will show up on most modern drug tests. As a consequence, even users of cannabis CBD in states where the substance is completely legal should be aware that organizations can still drug test for the substance.

Cannabis-derived CBD is legal in the state—but only for users with qualifying medical conditions. The state published a list of conditions which qualify, and the list continues to expand as medical researchers provide more information on the diseases and conditions that marijuana can assist with. If a user does not have a medical marijuana card but possesses Cannabis-derived CBD, serious criminal penalties could apply.

Hemp-Derived CBD in Maryland

On the other hand, CBD which is derived from the hemp plant cannot induce a high. In Maryland, industrial hemp CBD must contain less than .03% THC by volume. If it meets this threshold, the CBD is completely legal to possess and use. In fact, this form of CBD can be found in gas stations, smoke shops, and even convenience stores all over the state.

As always, readers should conduct their own research to ensure that they don’t violate local or state laws when consuming hemp or cannabis-derived CBD products.

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