Maine CBD Legal Guide: Cannabidiol State Regulations and Laws for ME, US

Following the passage of the 2014 federal farm bill, the industrial hemp industry became legal in all fifty states. Despite this decision, some states continue to discuss and deliberate the issue, creating their own lines in the sand to regulate varying parts of the marijuana and CBD industries alike. This can be very confusing for consumers, who might not know which laws apply to their desired products and to their habits of using CBD and marijuana products.

Luckily, this guide has been created to attempt to demystify some of the most pertinent Maine laws concerning CBD and cannabis-related products. In general, the state’s 2016 decision to legalize medicinal and recreational marijuana alike means that nearly every form of CBD is completely legal to own and consumer—so long as the user is over the age of eighteen when they purchase low-THC CBD and over the age of 21 when they purchase cannabis CBD.

Cannabis CBD and Hemp CBD

Users in such a marijuana-friendly state don’t have too many things to consider relating to state CBD laws. However, the distinction between cannabis and hemp CBD is essential to understanding how a given product falls into the complex legal framework concocted by the state. THC is the key chemical component in marijuana which creates the psychoactive high that many users consume the substance for.

CBD containing more than .03% THC content is considered high-THC and might induce a similar high. As a consequence, CBD derived from the cannabis plant is legal only to consumers over the age of twenty-one. It can be purchased at a variety of vendors, although in Maine these establishments must be vetted and licensed by the state before they can legally make any sales.

Users should also be aware that cannabis CBD can show up on many modern drug tests. This means that, while the CBD itself might be legal, users could still face repercussions if they fail private drug tests for their employer, educational institutional, or other private entity.

Hemp CBD in Maine

The regulations regarding hemp-derived CBD are even less stringent. In Maine, users only need be above the age of eighteen to purchase hemp CBD and can find the substance for-sale in a variety of establishments, including some gas stations, convenience stores, and smoke and head shops.

Hemp-derived CBD clocks in at less-than .03% THC, and it typically does not produce a significant high. As always users should consult local authorities to ensure that they comply with local laws.

Mike Roets
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