United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA) Adds First CBD Company to Its Hemp Association

Mile High Labs becomes first CBD extract company member to join the United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA) hemp policy guidelines.

The United Natural Products Alliance has recently onboarded Mile High Labs as the initial member of its newly-formed association. The CBD-focused company is the first to fall under the Salt Lake City-based UNPA association’s newly established Hemp Extract/Cannabinoid New Member Policy Guidelines.

The aforementioned guidelines have set in place a framework that consumers, health practitioners and industries can follow regarding the compliance standards for hemp-derived CBD products (excluding synthetic cannabidiol). The association made note that businesses will be reigned as an executive member if and only if their products follow the established criteria as of October 1, 2019.

Here is the opening statement found in the UNPA guidelines which lists sixteen different criteria requirements:

While efforts at the state and federal level to clarify the legal status of hemp extract and cannabinoid products continue, UNPA believes it is in the interest of consumers, health professionals and relevant industries to establish a framework of practices and compliance standards for hemp extract/cannabinoid products.

Founded by Stephen Mueller in 2016, Mile High Labs is a CBD ingredient manufacturer whose goal is to be “the CBD supply chain partner of choice for the world’s leading CPG brands,” as per the official website.

That said, what about Mile High Labs was the UNPA impressed by? The criteria that the brand must have passed includes compliance assessment, website review, label/labelling (i.e. what’s on the products, on social media, on websites, etc.) and UNPA staff and Executive Committee review among many others.

UNPA President, Loren Israelsen expressed gratitude in having Mile High Labs join the association, adding that:

“The company has demonstrated a clear commitment to quality, science, and research, together with a world-class facility and a committed and competent management team. We look forward to their expertise […] as we work together to promote responsible sale and use of hemp products.”

Mile High Labs’ Compliance Officer, Fenella Keig appears to be thrilled by the acceptance, and has since shared a similar sentiment to that of Israelsen:

“We look forward to working with UNPA leadership and other member organizations to create awareness of CBD and other hemp-derived products.”


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