New CBD Brand Launches with Professional Athletes Backing the Sports Cream Products

New Level Select CBD brand launches by consumer products company Kadenwood featuring six products; 3 cannabidiol-rich broad-spectrum sports creams and 3 roll-on products.

Level Select CBD: Kadenwood Debuts New CBD Sports Products with Carson Palmer and More Notable Athletes

Popular health company LeVel has launched a new line of performance-based CBD products with Kadenwood LLD, a consumer products CBD company, according to a recent press release. The personal care line of products features three levels of sports supplements, with each level featuring a different quantity of CBD extract. Kadenwood is known for it's use of a pure form of CBD oil that is free of THC. Further, the brand creates three-levels of sports creams and athlete roll-ons that are said to be high-quality performance products.

According to their official website, Level Select CBD broad-spectrum sports Cream #1 is 300mg (relax muscles, everyday discomfort), where #2 is 600mg (higher strength muscle relaxation) and #3 is 1,200 mg (max strength for when needed most). The new CBD brand also offers Nano CBD Sports Roll-Ons in the same dosages, prices and levels.

Cannabidiol (CBD) has become a popular go-to solution for men and women who are looking to care for their wellness and health. Just recently the news about CBD being the highest selling herbal ingredient was mentioned after it passed up turmeric earlier this year. LeVel Select CBD Formulas are positioned to be specifically geared towards those with an active lifestyle and maintain sports routines, offering their 3 cream and 3 roll-on products nationally.

About LeVel Select CBD Formulas

Level Select is a new line of products to Level which features sports creams and roll-ons that have no THC, are third party tested, made and grown in the USA and are said to be non-GMO. The cruelty-free products come in various intensity levels so that users can get the support that they need, regardless of whether they are going for a brisk walk or are training for a marathon. The variance in formulas, quality, and reliability of the products may make this line a prime option for adults men and women of all ages. The products are divided into convenient levels and applications so that users can easily choose which ones fit their needs.

  • Level Select Level One Cooling Mint Sports Roll On
  • Level Select Level One Cooling Mint Sports Cream
  • Level Select Level Two Cooling Mint Sports Cream
  • Level Select Level Three Cooling Mint Sports Cream

Three Levels

There are three levels to Level Select CBD Formulas. Each level features a ‘proprietary blend' of different amounts of CBD, and the difference in amounts can also impact the product and its performance. They also post each products Certificate of Analysis (CoA) on the website.

The broad-spectrum CBD products have zero-THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is different from full spectrum CBD (with THC) or CBD isolate (pure cannabidiol). The Kadenwood Vice President and General Manager, Traci Mason, added:

 “It was important to us to develop a product that would actually make a difference in consumers lives, so we spent a lot of time in the formula development process. The result was a really amazing product line that was made even better with the addition of high-quality CBD,” […] “The products deliver a spa-quality application and fragrance to make daily use a pleasant experience for our consumer.”

Here are the three level options that users can choose from:

Level 1: 300 mg – $39.99

The first level features products with 300 mg. The product is designed to relax muscles to to alleviate everyday discomfort. This product may be the right option for those who are looking for general relief.

Level 2: 600 mg – $59.99

The second level features product that contains 600 mg. This among of CBD products users with a higher-strength formula. The product may be able to provide users higher strength which may be able to provide users with relief from muscle soreness.

Level 3: 1200 mg – $89.99

The last level contains 1200 mg. This level of CBD is the maximum strength formula that may be useful for those types of situations where users are most in need of relief. Those who have never tried CBD before may want to try a lower strength product first.

The formulas come in various mediums. For example, users will find the formulas in both a cream and roll-on so that they can choose the option that works best for them individually.

In addition, according to the brand’s website, the sports creams feature a mix of broad-spectrum and nano CBD that come in a high-quality formula that is smooth and comfortable for one’s skin. The products do not contain any THC, and they are a positive addition to one’s lifestyle. With products such as these, users can get the full support that they are striving for. The price of the products are fair and affordable as well as CBD is not cheap enough yet.

In combination with the VP, the CEO and Co-Founder, Erick Dickens, put it:

“We are determined to raise the standards on quality CBD products that are available on the market and are excited to bring consumers our first available product LEVEL SELECT,” […] “Our LEVEL SELECT performance line is backed by some of the best athletes who believe in the product's capabilities.”

This comes after the former Kraft Foods marketing manager said this back in May 2019:

“Today more than a quarter of the U.S. population believes in the potential benefits of CBD1. There are lots of small companies dipping their toes in at the local level, trying to respond to consumer demand. However, there's no clear national leader that can provide a safe and reliable product.”

Level Select CBD even has offers a brief section on the ‘ABCs of CBD' to talk about the legality of hemp-derived CBD (lower than 0.3% THC levels per 2018 Farm Bill) and the endocannabinoid system. With a mini-section breaking down the differences of the CB1 (memory, motor activity, stress response, perception of pain) and the CB2 (immune, muscular and cardiovascular systems along with inflammation response) receptors. The website also offers an FAQ answering 14 CBD product and company questions.

About Kadenwood's Level Select CBD Brand

The consumer products company behind LEVEL SELECT is a vertically integrated personal care brand focuses on seed-to-shelf CBD farming from their own hemp farms to ensure the highest-quality purity possible. The farmers even won a ‘Best CBD Farmers of 2018' award.

And the CEO, who served in the US Army for 8 years before going from brand marketer to CBD entrepreneur, plans to reshape the budding CBD industry in a number of different ways.

Their team also boasts a wide range of talented corporate-background leaders according to their press release portfolio and media representations around the web. The chairman, Todd Davis, has been involved in a few billion dollar deals with LifeLock and Symantec and their COO was a part of Mio drink supplement business, Core water, Outlaw Energy, Purity Organic and Henkel. The GM of Level Select is Mr. Newberry who has a large collection of CBD genetics, combined with state of the art track and trace farming and processing abilities.

The products are also being introduced through an advertising campaign, according to the press release. 10X National League Professional All-Star baseball player Steve Garvey and former 15-year NFL Quarterback Carson Palmer, and Hall of Fame Basketball player and gold medalist Ann Meyers Drysdale have partnered to be a part of the brand’s new ad campaign.

The video advertisement promo from Level Select CBD features Carson Palmer, Ann Meyers Drysdale, Steve Garvey discussing their competitive playing days and using CBD for their ‘tired and sore muscles' at the right level of pain relief. It is available to be viewed online:

And Carson Palmer was recently on The Dan Patrick Show talking about Level Select CBD:

The official Level Select CBD site shows a phone number of 888-239-8982 and email address of info @ Also mentioned the new addition of Richard Carmona, former Surgeon General to its Advisory Board. Their location is in Newport Beach, CA.


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