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New Jersey CBD Legal Guide: Cannabidiol State Regulations and Laws for NJ, US

New Jersey remains one of the more progressive states in the country, especially when it comes to their comprehensive medical marijuana program. The state has created a substantive framework under which sufferers of certain conditions can access and use medical marijuana and high-THC CBD products without the threat of criminal penalty. Additionally, New Jersey legislators have also made it possible for consumers all over the state to gain access to low-THC CBD derived from the industrial hemp plant, following in the justified footsteps of the 2014 Federal Farm Bill.

CBD oils and products derived from the cannabis plant are still illegal under state law. The only exception to the serious charges that one can face if caught possessing this substance comes from the state’s medical marijuana act, also known as the Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act (CUMMA). This law provides a solid legal defense to possession charges if the individual charged is registered on the state’s medical marijuana registry.

Medical Marijuana in New Jersey

Unlike some states, New Jersey’s medical marijuana program does not actually stipulate a specific list of conditions which can qualify a patient for placement on the medical marijuana registry. However, the law dictates that patients should have a form of a debilitating medical condition. There seems to be some degree of variability in what conditions qualify their patients for the program. As a result, readers interested in using medical marijuana for themselves should inquire with their physician to find out if they qualify.

Once a consumer has access to a medical marijuana card with the state, they can then purchase their high-THC CBD from one of many dispensaries that have been opened up in the state’s quickly-growing medical marijuana industry.

Low-THC CBD in New Jersey

Even more fortunately for consumers who cannot access a medical marijuana card, New Jersey allows for any citizen to purchase CBD products derived from the industrial hemp plant. Taking a page out of the book of the 2014 Federal Farm Bill, the state allows CBD to be cultivated, sold, and possessed, so long as it is derived from the industrial hemp plant and contain an insignificant THC content by volume.

Citizens in New Jersey can also access CBD by purchasing it online from a variety of retailers.



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