Jamal Mashburn, Ex-NBA All-Star, Gets in the CBD Game via Revolution Global Advisor

Jamal Mashburn becomes the latest ex-professional athlete to partake in the emerging cannabis business industry. The former NBA All-Star will join Revolution Global as an advisor towards its CBD brand.

Multi-state cannabis operator, Revolution Global (formerly recognized as Revolution Enterprises) revealed on Thursday, October 10, that former NBA All-Star, Jamal Mashburn will be advising the CBD cannabis company with his recent position as a member of the board of directors.

Popularly known as ‘Monster Mash’, the reason for having selected Mashburn stems from his personal experience as an investor and owner of Toyota and Papa John's retail chains. As per the press release, some of the areas that the ex-star will be aiding the firm entails “expansion, social equity issues and corporate marketing.” As Mr. Mashburn alluded to, I may be a retired athlete, but I am not a retired businessman. He added;

“A lot of people have tried to recruit me in this particular sector, because of my retail experience, being a franchisee of Papa Johns and operating numerous Toyota and Lexus dealerships.”

As for a possible reason why Mashburn was attracted to the offer supposedly relates to the company’s leadership skills and their mutual goal of striving for social equity among others. In particular, he shared:

“I admire Revolution’s stewardship in the communities where it operates, leadership in pushing for social equity, dedication to producing best-in-class products and commitment to putting patients first.”

This is a great chance for Mashburn, it seems, as he can continue his work on trying to bring equity to people of color, which will be advanced in advising Revolution. According to the CEO of Revolution, Mark de Souza, Mashburn is a great fit for the firm given his expertise in an array of business aspects as well as community service.

The Chairman of Revolution, Tony Hunter expressed honor in onboarding Mashburn, noting that,

“Jamal has always led his businesses with an eye towards innovation, which is key as Revolution expands to new markets.”

Hunter spoke about this press release with Yahoo! Finance, in which he stressed the importance of conducting clinical trials on cannabis as a firm and how much of an essential role regulatory bodies play in the marketplace.

He said:

“I think regulatory bodies have to catch up to the marketplace and will then see a rationalization both on the supply side and that’s when we’ll be able to see who’s going to be playing in the direct to consumer space.”

Mashburn also spoke of this new endeavor with the news outlet, in which the entrepreneur shared that the cannabis space is a natural pairing with athletes, given how much athletes require recovery from the stress brought upon their bodies.

He emphasized that:

“Athletes put a lot of miles on their body – speaking from an NBA perspective […] And I think you’re going to see a trend of more guys leaning towards CBD as a form of recovery, and also a form of anti-inflammatory.”

He also mentioned that Hunter is a good friend and someone who he trusts, which is another reason for having onboarded as a member of the board of directors.

You can also watch Jamal appear on CNBC Fast Money to talk about entering the CBD game:

The cannabis business section starts 5 minutes into the video.

The Revolution Enterprises, now Revolution Global, has a portfolio of brands in the cannabis and CBD space including:

  • Revolution Cannabis (premium-grade cannabis flower brand)
  • Revolution Craft (Premium extracts, vape cartridges and CO2 extracts)
  • Spectra CBD (oral spray, oil syringe, CBD tincture and capsules)
  • Splash (liquefied shatter, flavored vape cartridges)
  • Cosmos (moon rocks and rockets)
  • Edibles (Fruit Goobies, Freedom Fudgies, Kushie Caramels, Sour Cannapillars, Hot Cocoa)
  • Everyday (cannabis flowers)
  • SpringLake Craft Infusions (Surp drink mixer and Surp Cafe drink enhancer)

The company can be reached at 312.881.4250 and

Image Courtesy of Dope Magazine


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