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Idaho CBD Legal Guide: Cannabidiol State Regulations and Laws for ID, US

Despite the massive spike in public interest concerning CBD and cannabis products as a potential medical alternative to more addictive forms of treatment, gaining access to the substances can be difficult in many parts of the country. As states continue to define their own laws on the subject, members of the growing CBD industry might be confused about how their products fit into existing and newly created laws alike.

In Idaho, the laws are relatively straightforward. While medical marijuana and cannabis remains illegal in any form, while hemp and hemp-derived products are entirely legal. Consumers should first understand the difference between hemp CBD and cannabis CBD. Cannabis CBD is high in THC content, which produces a significant “high” in its users and can show up on most drug tests. Hemp CBD creates no high, although it can still be used to treat a variety of conditions.

Hemp CBD is legal in Idaho for any consumer over the age of eighteen, while cannabis CBD is still a scheduled substance under Idaho’s law.

Medical Cannabis in Idaho

For users looking to get ahold of cannabis CBD, there is only one option in the state of Idaho. Users with qualifying medical conditions can access a medical marijuana card. Issued by a physician and usable at licensed and vetted medical marijuana dispensaries, the card allows patients to purchase and possess up to a certain amount of medical-grade cannabis and cannabis-derived substances.

Cannabis CBD is unique from hemp CBD because of its high THC content. While the THC content can be helpful in alleviating some painful conditions, the compound is also the ingredient which criminalizes the substance in much of the world. For Idaho, this distinction is incredibly important to the legal status of CBD oils and other products. CBD with a THC content of less than 0.3% is allowed, whereas CBD with a higher THC content is illegal.

Hemp CBD in Idaho

Under the federal farm bill of 2014, CBD derived from the industrial hemp plant is legal in all fifty states. Idaho is no exception. Because of the nature of the product and its clearly legal nature, CBD of this kind can be found in hundreds of shops and stores all over the state. Users should note, though, that interpretations of this state law and federal viewpoint can change in certain areas. It is always best that consumers check with local law enforcement agencies or lawmakers to ensure that they follow all applicable laws.



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