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How a ‘B+ Pure CBD' Product Should Be + Ultra CBD Extract Shopping Guide

Reviewing the B+ Pure CBD brand as a way to put together a shopper's guide on finding the best pure CBD oil infused-product the smart way. The B Pure CBD products mentioned below are referenced to give users tips on how to buy quality CBD oils from trusted brands.

Diagnosing the drama within the budding CBD industry from a consumer standpoint can be challenging to newcomers. Given the gravity of the growing medical cannabis movement,and the taboo nature of marijuana, the ripening ‘please B Pure CBD' product sector is rife with cure-all claims, tactful language and aggressive gimmicks. The time it takes to break down what it means to be a ‘b+ pure cbd' seems like a noble, necessary cause to endure.

As the number one best-selling herbal product ingredient of the year, ousting the mighty turmeric from its long withheld ranking, CBD has become the most used dietary supplementation choice for millions of Americans and 10s of millions of people around the world.

This should ring the alarm bells, as it is everyone's health on the hook when using CBD-rich cannabis oils without researching or qualifying good from bad, great from poor in an industry that is yet to be fully regulated and enforced. But anyone who has spent any length of time in the newly-forming CBD product and branding world, knows there is quite an uprising in cannabidiol-centric companies who have sprung up in just the past few months with no prior history or experience in the cannabis business space. This is a cause for concern for new CBD customers.

This implies the big elephant in the CBD room is quality control. Using a pure CBD oil or any form of cannabidiol-infused product (edibles, vape, creams, capsules, sprays etc) from a reputable brand who provides a certification of analysis (CoA) or proves independent third-party lab testing results should be the top priority.

In order to better understand this process, reviewing a popular CBD brand by the ironic name of “B+ Pure CBD” will help us use it as a case study to better grasp how companies market their products, even with a name like B Pure CBD. Let's find out if the information available and visible can give the newer B+ Pure CBD brand an ‘A- or above rating' (get it) by properly listing all lab tests and verifiable product dosages and use instructions.

How a “B Pure” Plus CBD Product Should Work: Quality Control Testing

All buyers of CBD should be saying ‘please be pure' ‘please b pure' ‘please BE pure'.

It is quite literally the most important checkmark to activate when using a CBD oil-infused product.

Everyone online is searching for a quality CBD product to ‘be pure'. Ensuring quality is a priority when buying any pure + potent CBD oil or tincture is extremely important to one’s overall effects, results and success. This new B+ CBD brand has emerged in 2019 and makes for an analysis worth having to help the whole buyer beware narrative.

Many studies have pointed out that CBD’s anti-inflammatory property among others is the reason for many of the associated health benefits. However, when it comes to actually choosing a brand, consumers need to consider a number of factors, i.e. source of hemp, extraction process, supply chain (should one exist), quality testing, and many others. That said, here’s a look at B+ CBD.

What is B+ CBD?

B+ CBD is a brand that is described as being devoted to offering organically-grown hemp extracts in the U.S. for those looking to enrich their lives. The official website claims to be patented as well (#6,630,507) and their target market seems to include the elderly (with a tagline of “support nutritional health of aging bodies”). The BPlusCBD website says they offer ‘CBD alternatives for non-stoners' and is made from the purest hemp extract at a GMP certified facility to “meet and exceed industry standards”.

The patent covers the use of non-psychoactive cannabinoids to protect the brain from certain types of diseases (even though these are largely unproven in humans). The B Plus CBD website also says all of their cannabidiol-infused products are formulated with the organically grown and harvested hemp extract under this CBD-friendly patent.

Therefore, some of the areas of health B+ CBD can potentially support includes mood, sleep, immune and brain health. Let’s take a closer look at the products that make the aforementioned benefits possible.

What does B+ Pure CBD Offer?

B+ CBD offers a collection of CBD infusions from oils and capsules to topicals and sprays with the option of isolates and full-spectrum solutions. Here’s their list of products:

  • B+ Pure CBD 300mg Oil ($69.99)
  • B+ Full Spectrum 700mg CBD Oil Vanilla or Chocolate Mint ($69.99)
  • B+ CBD Topical Cream 50mg ($49.95)
  • B+ Pure CBD 300mg Capsules ($49.95)
  • B+ CBD Full Spectrum 700mg Sleep Spray ($69.99)
  • B+ CBD Gummies ($49.95)

While lacking content, one may assume that the pure and full-spectrum CBD oils have been made for daily use. However, given the rather strong strength for one ounce, consumers should take it a little at a time. Then there’s the topical solution which supposedly tends to aching joints and bodily aches and the sleep spray, for restfulness. The capsules appear to have the same goal as the oils and might be offered as an ingestion preference.

How does B Pure CBD Work?

B+ CBD is a subscription plan. That is, once consumers make a purchase of either one, two- or three-months’ worth of supply, the elapsed time will be calculated by the firm, who will automatically bill the same amount while sending out additional supplies.

Consumers supposedly have the option to change how frequently they would like the charges to be made, whether its three bottles every three months rather than 2 bottles ever 2 months and so on. This approach is expected to save consumers $95 yearly!

One thing visibly lacking despite stating how high their product standards are is the cannabinoid profile and heavy metal analysis that should be highly visible and present.

Here is what those may look like as an example:

cbd product cannabinoid profile

and the toxicity analysis:

cbd product heavy metals

and even going as far as pesticide (first) and terpene profile (second) testing:

cbd product testing

cbd terpene profile tests

All of these example lab test results (used from Kazmira) should be present on any CBD company or branded product page. However, we can not find them listed on the B+ Pure CBD website.

There website says this in the description:

B+ Pure CBD is proud to offer the highest quality, pure CBD isolate products on the market. Our priority is to give everyone access to the remarkable benefits of CBD with a great selection of high quality CBD products made in the USA.

So while it is not clear which is which, it ultimately comes down to either a) requesting it from them before buying or b) taking their word for it.

There website does list the following beneficial effects of using CBD:

  • boosts cognitive function
  • supports joint health
  • anxiety and stress
  • safe and unrefined
  • organic and safe
  • rapid action and relief (says it has a cutting-edge delivery system)

Final Thoughts

Overall, B+ CBD appears to be focus on offering an array of CBD products that satisfy different types of consumers (delivery mechanism wise). In addition, they’ve ensured that consumers are aware of the differences between hemp and THC and other concerns by educating them on such matters. They also appear to have used cold-pressed extraction, which is a recent preference merely because of its ability to preserve the compounds housed within the hemp plant.

We tried to help fully understand how a rising CBD brand and its product line should or should not be marketed. By taking this B Plus Pure CBD company as an example, one that nearly plays on the words of being a pure CBD product plus offering a variety of types of administrations, we hope you found this educational piece to help decipher which factors stand out and which gimmicks should be ignored in a crowded, unregulated space.

With so much ‘green rush’ buzz swarming the CBD-infusion industry, it is not easy to decipher a ‘please b pure’ plus effective CBD product when there are literally thousands of products and multiple hundreds of brands to navigate through online. The best way to review any pure CBD product for its purity and potency is to examine all available information present. This includes a CoA, independent lab-testing results and detailed user-dosage instructions. Not all cannabidiol-centric supplementation methods are the same nor should be treated as such. It is unfortunate this CBD brand has not listed the results if they have them.

In closing, here is some B+ Pure CBD company details found on the B Plus CBD website:

  • Official Website: bpluscbd.com
  • Phone Number: (888-803-5108)
  • Email:
  • Address Listed: PO Box 152871 Tampa, FL 33684
  • Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days

While this may not have been the ultra cbd extract shopping guide we painted out, we hope it helps consumers make smarter choices and buying decisions when it comes to finding the right CBD-rich cannabis oil to use.


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