American Eagle Debuts New Mood CBD Product Line at Retail Stores

  • The target audience for these CBD remedies includes young adults from ages 15 to 25.
  • Despite the popularity of CBD edibles, the global brand president said that Mood will not feature any edible remedies and could eventually eliminate CBD all together.

American Eagle is known for its all-American apparel and accessories, but their audience is the perfect group to bring forth a new line of products, featuring an infusion of CBD. The new line, called Mood, offers both personal care and bath products, and consumers can purchase the remedies in stores as early as October 1st. Ultimately, the company hopes that the Mood products will be helpful in combatting stress and improving self-care amongst teens and young adults.

The changes in the world today have become a catalyst for teens speaking up about their stress and their needs. In fact, a recent poll from After School, a social network, discovered that nearly 45% of teenagers in high school expressed that they feel stressed “all the time,” which is often a direct result of their relationships with peers and teachers. In another survey, Pew Research Center stated that teens from age 13 to 17 consider anxiety and depression to be a big problem for their age group.

Chad Kessler, the global brand president for American Eagle, commented,

“Kids are definitely stressed out today between social media and doing well in school and in sports and we want kids to feel encouraged to reset and feel calm and ready to go.” Kessler added that there’s been a lot of research that shows that kids experience a lot of stress, and CBD is the opportunity that the public believes can handle that.

CBD is a natural substance that is found in hemp and cannabis, and adults frequently use it as a way to aid in relaxation, stress relief, sleep, or inflammation relief, based on a recent Harris Poll. It is also already included in skincare and beauty products to support a healthy body with topical use, which is exactly what the Mood line is focusing on.

Presently, Mood has already developed 45 androgynous personal-care products, which includes bath essentials, body lotions, hand creams, oils, bath bombs, and more. The products offer a variety of scents as well to improve the mood. Furthermore, having CBD products that are meant for a younger demographic allows the Gen Z consumer to become familiar with a substance that is being used across the globe. Kessler commented, “There’s a lot of convo around CBD. For a lot of our customers, this may be the first time they experience this ingredient.”

While the Mood remedies include skincare products, American Eagle feels more comfortable with describing it as a wellness brand instead, created with the intention of giving the user an experience, rather than a required part of their routine. The demographic for these products is exactly the consumer that is found at American Eagle – young adults between ages 15 and 25.

For the recent campaign for this brand, real kids were brought in to speak about pressure and self-care routines in unscripted interviews. All of the products are fairly affordable, starting at $7.95 and going up to $19.95, while using recyclable packaging to maintain the sustainability goals of AE.

To ensure that the company primarily focuses on the external relaxing effect of CBD, Kessler noted that they would not be creating edibles. In fact, he says that the goal is not to stick with CBD at all, and the brand will eventually launch non-CBD products with similar benefits.

Alexia Akbay
Alexia is a NYU pre-med student majoring in Chemistry and Social Entrepreneurship. Alexia is inspired by healthcare and the public interest. A graduate of our Spring 2015 intern program, she continues to be the creative mind behind most of our infographic content. She is also our resident gif master.


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