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Puffco Plus – Product Review

The Puffco Plus Portable Concentrate Vaporizer

Pros: Simplicity, Convenience, and Flavor

Cons: Battery life, very low temp, unit runs hot on outside


Look and Feel

The plus has a durable, glossy, medical grade stainless steel shell just like the original Puffco Pro. The overall look of the Plus is very elegant. No plastic buttons or cheaply made parts. It feels really nice in my hand and is definitely higher quality than other similarly priced vaporizers I’ve tried.

Portability – High

I found it really easy to load my material and vaporize when I am going about my day to day activities. It’s important that I can safely and easily medicate when not in the comfort of home. Generally, I carry around a ‘dabbing’ tool to load the concentrate into the pen. The Plus comes with a built in tool they call the ‘dart’ that allows me load up whenever I need to.

Heating Element

The Plus’ coil-less heating element is the first of it’s generation. I have reviewed other pens that feature a plate at the bottom of the chamber instead of a coil, however the plus is unique because it’s chamber is basically just a small bucket that heats up at the bottom. No heating element actually touches your material, preventing the chamber/material from getting too hot, and in turn ensuring a safe experience.


It takes roughly two hours for the Plus to charge fully. According to Puffco, the Plus should last around 50 puffs (highest temp) before needing to be charged again. However, what I noticed right away was that performance goes down after just a couple sessions. Almost as if the battery is drained, or being over worked. I found that the battery needs to be at 100% for it to work properly. Or else I really don’t get much vapor, the unit just gets extremely hot, and seems to only produce flavor.


The capacity for the plus is arguably the largest on the market. If you want to load up a half gram inside this thing, you definitely can. Although I don’t recommend it, because this method tends to burn through your material much faster. I enjoy packing a personal sized amount (.1g or less), taking a few draws, and loading more as needed.


Vapor Quality

The Plus operates at low temperatures, which makes for a smooth, flavorful experience. There are three heat settings (green,blue,white). White being the highest, is my personal favorite. It provides me with the most vapor paired alongside amazing flavor. The lowest setting (green) gave me very little vapor, but lots of flavor. The middle (blue) resulted in really smooth, light vapor and tons of flavor.


The Plus is super efficient with my material, regardless of heat setting. A common occurrence for me with most pens on the market, is wasted material due to coils, or plates. This never occurs with the plus since their is no coil. I’m used to having to retrieve my material from the sides of the coil. It’s a huge relief not having to worry about anything after loading now.

Ease of Use

This is one of the easiest pens I’ve had the pleasure of using. All I need when i’m leaving the house is my pen and material. The built in ceramic dabber is extremely useful, and saves me from having to bring a dabbing tool around. Just unscrew the top, grab your desired amount of concentrate with the dabbing tool and screw it back on.


The Plus is larger than most pens on the market, but is perfectly easy to transport around. It fits comfortably inside my pocket and pretty much anywhere a pen or pencil would fit. The smell from the plus is very minimal, as is the vapor. Provided you are using high quality concentrates, the odor from the Plus will often smell like fruits (varies based on terpene profile).

The Wrap Up

I love the overall design of the Puffco Plus. The built in dabbing tool allows me to medicate stress-free anywhere. The flavor produced from this pen has far surpassed any others I have tried. It’s major downside is it’s short battery life, which has garnered it mixed reviews on many other sites. Have you tried the Puffco Plus? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.



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