Top Six Mobile Apps for Cannabis Entrepreneurs Building a Marijuana Business

Whether one is just starting their own business or has gotten it off the ground, so to say, having the right applications on hand can do wonders for one’s productivity levels. As the emerging cannabis industry starts to flourish and the medical marijuana legalization movement continues, all kinds of businesses and companies are looking for healthy hacks to help boost their bottom line and overall production.

No matter iPhone or Android, as the saying goes, ‘there's an app for that‘, and out of the literally thousands of competing mobile apps in the marketplace to choose from, these are the top six cannabis entrepreneurial apps to consider using to help enhance usefulness.

Top 6 Cannabis Mobile Applications

Here are a few applications that entrepreneur may want to consider adding to their routine to make it easier:


Evernote is an application that enables individuals to take notes from wherever they are. As the platform explains on its website, users can also find information faster, share ideas with anyone, including meeting notes, web pages, projects, to-do lists, and more. This capability may help entrepreneurs to share information with their employees so that things can get done more efficiently and effectively. The process of getting started is easy as well. The platform indicates that users just need to sign up, add content, and then they can access what they need and get things done.

Go Fire

Go Fire is an application that provides users with relief for ailments that are driven by the community. The platform can be great for entrepreneurs because it can help them see what the community is interested in. For example, users can view what types of cannabis products users are interested in, what types of doses work well for them, the various edibles, tinctures, and topicals that are popular, and more. It can be a useful resource not only for those who are interested in developing their own products but also for those who are looking to be on the manufacturing side of things.


Trym is a software specifically for cannabis businesses. The platform is a cannabis management software that is custom-built for businesses. This platform may help businesses become more efficient, consistent, and it may also enable them to optimize their operations. Further, the are apps for farmers, such as the growth app, which allows cultivators to monitor their operations.

Best in Grow

Best in Grow is another software that is specifically for cannabis businesses. As the platform’s website indicates on its website, the software is useful, whether one is managing a dispensary or is building a cannabis brand. The platform enables users to communicate with staff, assign tasks and schedules, and to create and incentivize sales, and so much more.


Mint is an app that is for everyone, including cannabis businesses. The platform enables users to manage their business finances, to transfer funds, and to keep track of finances efficiently. For example, businesses can view where their funds are going throughout the week so that they can plan better and stay in the green.


SimLeaf is an interesting application for cannabis businesses. The platform provides users with an advanced 3D medicinal plant growth stimulator. The application’s website explains that it is a leading platform that enables businesses to navigate through the complex growth process. With this application, businesses can learn, play, and grow. It appears much like a game, meaning it is also a fun application that users can truly enjoy. Users can manage elements such as humidity, water, temperature, nutrients, and pH levels.

We will continue to review more innovative cannabis mobile apps including Eaze MD, Merry Jane, Cannacopia, The 420 App, Tokr, MassRoots, Releaf, WeedMaps, Leafly and GrowBuddy in the weeks to come. Because there is an estimated 2.5 billion – 3 billion smartphone users, and well over 1 billion tablet users worldwide, the demand for quality cannabis-centric mobile applications is at an all time high. While the lists of cannabis social networks and marijuana trade associations continue to surface, so will the list of weed apps for entrepreneurs.


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