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8 Tips For Relieving Pain Naturally

Cannabis isn’t the only safe option for treating pain and inflammation. Here are a few other options for those seeking pain relief:

Tips For Relieving Pain Naturally

1. Exercise

Exercise improves your pain threshold,” says Trent Nessler, PT, DPT, MPT, a vice president with Champion Sports Medicine in Birmingham, Ala. “‘With chronic pain, your pain threshold drops — in other words, it takes less pain to make you feel more uncomfortable. With cardiovascular, strengthening, and flexibility exercise, you can improve that pain threshold.’”

Check out WebMD for some tips on what exercises to start with, as well as which ones to avoid when dealing with chronic pain.

2. Hot and cold therapy

Heat therapy is ideal for chronic pain because it not only stimulates blood flow, but it also eliminates toxins and brings relief to afflicted areas. Cold therapy is believed to help treat fresh injuries, but also helps general swelling and inflammation.

Healthline outlines different kinds of heat therapy, as well as tips for application here.

Healthline also has a guideline for using cold therapy here.

3. Yoga/Stretching

Yoga has been shown to help manage pain because it not only addresses physical symptoms, but also helps you deal with the mental stress of chronic pain. According to a clinical study, an 8-week yoga program led to “renewed awareness of the body; transformed relationship with the body in pain; and acceptance” in participants.

Prevention has a great list of pain relieving yoga poses here.

4. Get some vitamin D

Though there have not been studies researching the direct connection between chronic pain and Vitamin D, there is enough growing evidence for anyone dealing with pain to at least ensure that they’re getting the recommended amount of Vitamin D in their diet.

For more information on how Vitamin D deficiencies may affect chronic pain, check out WebMD and Medscape.

5. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine that uses tiny needles to try to balance the flow of energy within your body. Though you may feel slight pressure or tingling when the needles are inserted, it is generally not a painful procedure and only takes between five to ten visits to complete.

To learn more on what you can expect from acupuncture, see WebMD and Mayo Clinic.

6. Omega 3 Fatty Acid/Fish Oil

study from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center shows that Omega-3 fatty acids, also known as fish oil, can be considered as an alternative to ibuprofen for treating inflammation and discogenic pain.

You can find fish oil supplements at most grocery or health stores, but a vegetarian option containing the same Omega-3 oil is available here.

7. Devil’s claw, turmeric, and bromelain

recent study found that Devil’s claw, turmeric, and bromelain — when combined — have even stronger therapeutic effects than when taken alone.

Capsules containing all three supplements can be purchased here.

8. Meditation

In a controlled trial, it was discovered that mindfulness-based stress reduction “contributes positively to pain management and can exert clinically relevant effects on several important dimensions in patients with long-lasting chronic pain.”

To learn more about meditation, check out Cancer Research UK’s site.

Do you have any tips for improving pain naturally? Let us know in the comments below.



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