Arizer Air – Product Review

The Arizer Air portable hand-held vaporizer

Pros: Simple use, low maintenance, smooth vapor

Cons: Weight, Mouth-Piece Residue

Material: Dry Herb

The Arizer Air is a relatively small handheld portable vaporizer for dried herb that features convection heating and an internal rechargeable battery. I found it easy to load my material and inhale in a matter of minutes.


Look and Feel

Smaller than most herbal vaporizers, the Air was light and fit comfortably in my hand when taking a draw. As soon as you pick up this vape, you can tell that it’s made of high quality parts.

Portability – Medium

I don’t recommend carrying the Air around in your pocket. It fits easily in a bag or backpack, but you should put it in some kind of case to protect it from breaking. I currently use its original box when I’m carrying it in my bag.

Heating Element

The ceramic heating element operates by convection to heat the entire chamber, resulting in the herb being vaporized evenly without the need for mixing. Many other vaporizers use conduction, which heats only the bottom of the chamber, resulting in uneven vaporizing, even sometimes burning the herb. The Air produced really flavorful and comfortable vapor for me, and had the additional benefit of conserving my herb.


The battery is rechargeable and easy to replace. On a full charge, I got roughly an hour of constant usage, or around six 10 minute sessions. It has pass-through charging, which means you can turn it on and use it while it’s plugged in. That’s good for people like me who tend to forget about charging it. It also has an automatic shut-off feature which turns the heater off after 10 minutes of inactivity, in case you walk away without turning it off.


The down-stem (the area where you load your herb) holds around .3g. From that amount, I got around 10-15 solid, long draws.


Vapor Quality

The quality of the vapor is really good, but not perfect. When I leave the stem inside the heating chamber, after a while the vapor gets slightly hot and harsh, which usually means the herb is almost vaporized completely.


The Air vaporizes my herb efficiently without wasting any valuable medicine. With .2-.3 grams ground-up herb, I got around 10 potent draws (on the orange heat setting) before the material was pretty much fully vaporized.

Ease of Use

I found the Air extremely easy to use, even the first time I tried it. Two buttons turn on the unit and change the temp. After turning it on and choosing a temp, all you do is wait until the LED light goes from ‘blinking’ to ‘solid blue’ (indicating that it’s ready), then insert the glass stem and inhale. I liked how I could leave the material inside without it overheating and burning my herb right away.


Using the Air is discreet compared to traditional methods of consuming herb, but it’s still best used at home or in private areas. It emits a slight smell when used and builds up noticeable residue inside the glass down-stem, so I wouldn’t recommend using it in public places where cannabis is illicit.

The Wrap Up

The Arizer Air is all about getting straight to the point. Just turn it on, let it heat up, and you’re ready to insert the down-stem to vaporize. I am not a fan of the residue build-up in the mouth piece, or the fact that it is a little heavy to be considered ‘portable’. For me the best parts of the Air are being able to heat up my herb in a couple of minutes, not having to worry about burning it if I leave it inside for long, and it’s ease of use.


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