What is Rick Simpson Oil?

If you’re trying to slow down or reverse tumor growth with cannabis, you’ve probably come across something called Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO. It’s also known as Essential Cannabis Oil, or ECO.

Here are 6 things you should know about RSO:

1. It was created by Rick Simpson

Ricky Simpson zagovornik uporabe konopljevega olja. Na hrvaškem, v Matuljih 19.11.2013

Mavric Pivk

Rick Simpson of Nova Scotia was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma skin cancer in 2002. He extracted cannabis flower into a paste and applied it directly to his tumors. According to Justin Kander, Rick’s former webmaster, the lesions disappeared within 4 days.

2. It’s different from other cannabis oils

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There are multiple kinds of cannabis oil. You can get cannabis-infused coconut oil for baking edibles, or Butane Hash Oil for refilling vape pens. RSO is much stronger than either of these products and generally comes in pre filled needle-less syringes or capsules. Syringes are used to hold oral or topical doses of RSO.

3. It has not been clinically proven to work

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The evidence supporting RSO’s efficacy is anecdotal. Studies from reputable sources like the NIH support the theory that cannabis can slow tumor growth, but human clinical trials have been limited due to the government’s stance against cannabis.

4. A lot of patients believe it cured them

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Justin Kander documents over 100 pages worth of patient experiences with RSO in his Comprehensive Report on the Cannabis Extract Movement, pages 25 to 139.

5. It’s very potent


It’s easy to consume too much RSO since it’s so concentrated. Learn how to properly use RSO to reduce unpleasant side effects.

6. It’s not available everywhere


Rick Simpson does not sell his oil, but some dispensaries do. Look for Full Extract Cannabis Oil or ask your budtender if they sell RSO. Anyone claiming to sell RSO online is a scam. If it’s too expensive or unavailable in your area, you can make it yourself.

Have you tried RSO? Comment below if we left out any useful details.


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