Am I addicted to cannabis?

While cannabis is less addictive than alcohol, tobacco, or pain meds, the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that about one in 10 users have a hard time moderating their use.

Consider cutting back if you relate to the following warning signs: Am I addicted to cannabis?

Your tolerance is much higher than it used to beaddiction6

Heavy users frequently need to consume much more cannabis in order to get high than occasional users do.According to High Times, if you can easily out-smoke all of your friends, you may be toying with an addiction.

You experience withdrawal symptoms when you’re out of cannabis


Your anxiety levels shouldn’t sky rocket when you realize you’re dry. WebMD reports that insomnia, boredom, and irritability are all common withdrawal symptoms.

You’re unable to cut down on your cannabis use


If you’ve tried to reduce or stop your cannabis use and failed, it may be a more serious problem than just a lack of will power. According to Leaf Science, having difficulty controlling your use is a sign of addiction.

You use cannabis to forget about your problems


Addiction lists using cannabis to escape reality as one of the most common signs of dependence. Cannabis should not be used to cope with issues you may have in your personal, work, or family life.

You find yourself slacking or not fulfilling obligations


According to High Times, cannabis should not get in the way of your every-day duties or assignments. Your drug use should not put you in jeopardy at your job or in your friend group.

You can’t imagine a life without cannabis


Healthline reports that the simplest test for addiction is asking yourself whether you can not use the drug. If you freak out at the prospect of going through the day without cannabis, you may want to seek help.

If you think you may have an addiction, check out Recovery to find reputable hotlines and treatment centers or get help at The National Cannabis Information & Helpline.


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