7 steps for choosing a dispensary near you

7 steps for choosing a dispensary near you

Now that you have your medical cannabis card you are ready to check out your local dispensaries. Here are 7 easy steps you can take to find a dispensary near you:

Medicinal marijuana dispensaries have opened up all over Vancouver. They are tolerated by police and city hall, but aren't strictly legal. This lady seems to be contemplating going in. Wait! Where's the kid?

1. Run a search on Google or Yelp.

You can find your local dispensaries by running a search on Google or Yelp. Download Google Maps and Yelp Apps for your phone or visit them on your web browser: Google or Yelp. When you are ready, type “dispensaries, [your city]” into the search field. If no results pop up, check to make sure medical cannabis is legal in your state.

2. Check out the reviews

Take some time to read reviews written about the dispensary, and make sure to add your own later!

3. Call to make sure they are open for business

Sometimes dispensaries go out of business or move. Call before you make a trip. If the phone number isn’t listed on Google maps or Yelp, try their website.

4. Check out their website or ask about their selection by phone

If you are looking for something specific, check in advance to make sure it’s in stock. Otherwise, ask if you can talk with the budtender about a product that’s right for you.

5. Find out what you need to fill your order

Each states laws are different. Make sure you have the required licenses to pick up your cannabis. Leave your shades and hat at home or in your car.

6. Get directions

Type the address for the dispensary into Google maps on your smartphone or online.

7. And your off!

Drive safely! We recommend waiting until you get home before sampling your cannabis products.


Do you have any other suggestions for how to locate a dispensary? Comment below. 


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