The 10 Best Cannabis Blogs For Patients

Blogs can be a great source of information for patients looking to learn more about medical cannabis. Here is a list of 10 blogs that we find most reputable and beneficial for patients:

1. Medical Jane

Medical Jane empowers medical cannabis patients and cannabis activists with industry news, information about strains, companies, events, and influential people in the industry. The education section of their MJ Directory includes a list of training opportunities for patients looking to learn more about cannabis.

2. Leafly

Leafly crowd-sources information on cannabis strains so that you can anticipate their effect and select the best strain for you. Their blog often features pieces relevant to cancer patients. Just search ‘cancer’ (or other condition) in the search bar in the middle of the home page.

3. Leaf Science

The mission of this Canadian-based website is to lead the discussion surrounding cannabis science and policy. Their Health A-Z section allows you to research expert opinions and articles on specific conditions treatable with medical cannabis.

4. United Patients Group

The United Patient’s Group connects patients, medical professionals, and educators within the medical cannabis community. Their blog content is patient-focused and they offer a short list of clinical studies and medical reports.

5. Canna Effect

CannaEffect is a non-profit run by Erin McDonald, the brains behind Cashinbis, a popular cannabis industry news source. Her vision is to help patients and debunk stigma by featuring stories from patients from all walks of life who have used cannabis to treat serious medical conditions.

6. Cannabis Digest

Cannabis Digest is owned by the International Hempology 101 Society, a non-profit dedicated to informing the public about the many advantages of growing hemp and the medicinal uses of cannabis.

7. Marijuana Health Wellness Blog

Marijuana Health Wellness provides information on the medical benefits and risks of consuming cannabis.​ It is run by Dr. Muhammad Mirza, a board certified physician based out of New Jersey.

8. Medical Marijuana Blog

The benefits tab of MedicalMarijuanaBlog.com highlights new studies, medical news, and trends within the medical cannabis community. Their legalization map breaks down the laws in each jurisdiction where cannabis is legal.

9. Marijuana.com

Marijuana.com is run by the people at Weedmaps, a helpful directory for dispensaries. Their health and medicine section is updated about once a week with stories that impact patients.

10. Weed Horn

Weedhorn has a dedicated health section and supports HealthMJ’s mission to help patients.

What are your go-to resources for information about medical cannabis? Comment below.


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