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Home CBD West Virginia CBD Legal Guide: Cannabidiol State Regulations and Laws for WV,...

West Virginia CBD Legal Guide: Cannabidiol State Regulations and Laws for WV, US

Like many states, the legal status of a given CBD product in the state of West Virginia depends largely on the THC content within the compound. For products with a THC level of below .3%, CBD is legal to possess, distribute, and use within the state of West Virginia. For products with a THC content above this pinnacle threshold, the products remain staunchly regulated and generally against the law. Without a distinct medical cannabis program in the state, the possession of marijuana can result in serious criminal penalties.

Another important thing to remember when attempting to gain access to CBD in West Virginia is that the .03% limit applies only to CBD derived from the industrial hemp plant. CBD derived instead from the psychoactive marijuana/cannabis plant remains illegal. Because the state is currently working on passing stipulations for their medical marijuana program through legislation, only those with specific medical conditions even have a chance to participate in the program. But even for those who might qualify, the legally-grey nature of West Virginia CBD means that finding medical cannabis is exceedingly difficult in the state.

Medical Marijuana in West Virginia

West Virginia has already passed legislation legalizing the use of medical marijuana for specific medical sufferers in the state. However, their work to make medical cannabis available to all who need it is far from over. The state recently passed legislation making it possible for more dispensaries to take-up roots within their state, and advocates continue to push for a longer list of conditions for which medical cannabis can be prescribed by a physician.

As it stands, a full list of qualifying conditions can be found on West Virginia legislator websites. These conditions include “severe, life-threatening, or debilitating” medical conditions. For the most part, the conditions included on the medical marijuana-qualifying lists are those which will not respond to traditional medications.

Where to Find West Virginia CBD

For those looking to gain access to CBD with a low THC content derived from the industrial hemp plant, the passage of the federal Farm Bill means that the entire industry of industrial hemp can operate mostly above-board. Food and wellness stores, smoke and head shops, or even some convenience stores and gas stations will sell low-THC CBD to customers who are of legal age.

Consumers who need marijuana-derived CBD or CBD with a higher THC level than current laws allow for, the only option is to gain a prescription from a licensed physician. Once the doctor signs this prescription, the CBD or marijuana can be purchased legally from any dispensary in the state.

Unfortunately, no recreational adult-use marijuana law currently exists in West Virginia.



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