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Vermont CBD Legal Guide: Cannabidiol State Regulations and Laws for VT, US

Like many states in the U.S., Vermont has a complicated history of legal questions and quandaries regarding the precise status of CBD and hemp-derived products. While leaders in the state have stood firmly behind the legalization of hemp-derived CBD and cannabis alike, the exact processes by which citizens can gain access to medical CBD and marijuana continues to be unclear.

The main movement for legalization concluded in 2013, when the state clarified through legislation that medicinal CBD would be legal to possess and distribute under specific situations. However, along with the legislation the state rolled out a comprehensive legal framework to govern the process by which sufferers of certain CBD-needing illnesses could gain access to their medication. For most Vermont citizens, these regulations and this framework constitutes the bulk of the headache.

This guide has been created to serve as a brief introduction to some of the most important considerations when evaluating the precise legal status of CBD in the state of Vermont.

How to Buy Vermont CBD

CBD oil derived from the industrial hemp plant remains legal under the 2014 Farm Bill. As a consequence, consumers in Vermont should be able to simply purchase CBD oil online and have it shipped to their home. However, buyers should conduct extensive research to avoid scams—and to ensure that their purchases come with the requisite amount of CBD and do not exceed the legal limit for THC content.

Those looking for stronger CBD with a higher THC content should attempt to obtain a medical marijuana card. These are slips signed by medical professionals verifying that the use of marijuana/THC is an important part of an individual’s treatment plan. Once this card is verified, consumers are able to purchase medical-grade CBD with a high THC content from any medical marijuana dispensary within the state.

Finally, consumers who might not be as interested in the larger benefits of CBD might be interested in picking up low-CBD oils and rubs from food, health, and wellness stores all over the state.

Vermont CBD in the Future

As the state becomes more interested in the legalization of adult-use marijuana and cannabis products, the CBD industry is due for a significant boost. More and more consumers and legislators alike are beginning to see the benefits of CBD, and laws continue to adjust to favor the growing market.



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