PürCare CBD: New PurCare CBD Oil-Infused Product Line Debuts

PürCare CBD is a new full spectrum hemp-derived cannabidiol-infused oil product line featuring CBD oral spray, capsules, topical roll-on and its tinctures.

PürCare is a CBD company that offers oral sprays, CBD capsules, drops, and topical products.

Using PürCare products daily, you can purportedly support “improve your overall health and wellness” while getting a more bioavailable form of cannabidiol (CBD).

Find out everything you need to know about PürCare today in our review.

What is PürCare?

PürCare is a CBD company found online at PurCareHealth.com. The company offers a range of CBD capsules, CBD oral mist products, topical CBD products, and tinctures.

According to the official website, PürCare’s CBD products can significantly impact health and wellness in various ways:

“CBD is a natural, safe, and powerful treatment to improve your overall health and wellness. PürCare provides all of the health benefits of the hemp plant without producing a “high.” It is completely non-psychoactive and 100% safe and legal in every state in the USA. Even better, it’s not just for trendy youngsters; it’s for people of all ages!”

PürCare is also one of the few CBD companies that market specifically to older adults. The company publishes advertisements in AARP, GolfDigest, Prevention, and Travel + Leisure. Much of the company’s marketing also features older adults.

We’ve seen other CBD products advertise supporting certain health benefits. However, many CBD companies avoid claiming actually to improve health and wellness, among other direct effects.

In any case, PürCare products contain full-spectrum CBD to support overall health and wellness in various ways. We’ll list some of the specific PürCare supplements below.

PürCare Products

PürCare currently sells five different CBD products, including topicals, oral mists, CBD capsules, tinctures, etc. Below, we’ll explain how each CBD product works.

PürCare Full Spectrum CBD Oral Mist

PürCare’s Full Spectrum CBD Oral Mist is an aerosol, oral mist delivery system that provides fast-acting relief in under 5 minutes. You spray the supplement under your tongue (sublingually), letting the “nanoparticle” CBD molecules get absorbed underneath your tongue and helping the active ingredients enter your bloodstream.

Like other PürCare products, the Full Spectrum CBD Oral Mist uses full-spectrum CBD. That means you get terpenes and other cannabinoids for the ‘entourage effect.’ The mist contains CBG, CBC, CBDV, and other natural cannabis components. And, because the oral mist uses nano-sized particles, it claims to offer 8x better bioavailability compared to other methods.

The PürCare Full Spectrum CBD Oral Mist contains 1,000mg of CBD per bottle.

Price: $129.99

PürCare Full Spectrum CBD Capsules

PürCare’s Full Spectrum CBD Capsules deliver powerful relief in a convenient capsule form. You take 1 to 3 capsules daily to experience powerful relief. Like other PürCare CBD products, the capsules contain full-spectrum CBD made from hemp cultivated in the United States and lab-tested to ensure purity and potency.

The capsules are priced at $75 per bottle, with 30 liquid capsules and 450mg of total CBD in each bottle (15mg of CBD per capsule).

Price: $74.99

PürCare Full Spectrum CBD Drops

PürCare’s Full Spectrum CBD Drops are sublingual liquid formulas applied underneath the tongue, allowing you to experience the benefits of full-spectrum CBD without the added ingredients in other formulas. PürCare sells two sizes of its formula, including a 500mg and 1,000mg version.

Like other sublingual CBD drop formulas, you apply the PürCare Full Spectrum CBD Drops underneath your tongue, letting the oils absorb over a 20 to 30 seconds. PürCare uses 100% organic ingredients and full-spectrum CBD extract derived from hemp cultivated in the United States.

Price: $74.99 (500mg) to $99.99 (1,000mg)

PürCare Full Spectrum Roll-on Topical CBD Cream

PürCare’s Full Spectrum Roll-on Topical CBD cream is available in one concentration: 250mg. You apply the formula directly to aching joints and muscles to provide relief. The delivery system consists of a no-mess, roller ball application system. Just apply the formula to the desired area, massage it into the skin, and enjoy soothing and cooling sensations.

And, like other PürCare ingredients, the formula consists of 100% organic ingredients and full-spectrum CBD extracts sourced from hemp cultivated in the United States. In addition to CBD, the formula contains cooling menthol (4% concentration).

PürCare Full Spectrum Topical Relief Cream

PürCare’s Full Spectrum CBD Topical Relief Cream is available in a single size, with 250mg of CBD per bottle. You get a 4% menthol concentration combined with cannabidiol to soothe aches and pains anywhere on your body. Like the PürCare topical application CBD product, you apply the cream directly to the aches and pains, massaging it into the desired area to cool and soothe it.

The formula is made from 100% organic, grown-in-the-USA ingredients, including organic hemp.

PürCare Features & Benefits

There are a lot of CBD companies, and they all claim to offer pure ingredients and the best sources of hemp. What makes PürCare different from the competition? Here are some of the features and benefits advertised by the company:

Freedom from Aches & Pains: PürCare claims to activate receptors in your endocannabinoid system to reduce pain with no known side effects – similar to other CBD products.

Good Night’s Sleep: PürCare claims to support sleep without the side effects of harmful sleep medications, helping you sleep soundly and feel well-rested using natural ingredients.

Clear Focus & Memory: PürCare claims to provide cognitive benefits by clearing your focus and memory, eliminating brain fog and other cognitive issues.

Improve Mood: PürCare claims their CBD products can alleviate stress, calm the mind, and improve cognitive functions, which can positively impact mood.

Safe: PürCare cites the World Health Organization by claiming CBD is “well tolerated with a good safety profile.”

PürCare Pricing

PürCare products are available at the prices listed above. Generally, the company’s pricing is competitive with other CBD companies.

However, you can save money on PürCare products by subscribing to the company to save.

By subscribing for automatic monthly shipments, for example, you can reduce the price of the PürCare Full Spectrum CBD Oral Mist from $129.99 down to $97.49.

PürCare Refund Policy

PürCare offers a 30-day refund policy on all purchases. You can request a complete refund on any PürCare product within 30 days with no questions asked, minus shipping costs.

To begin the refund process, contact 833-922-4223, then return the product (even if it’s empty) to the returns address below.

  • Phone: 833-922-4223
  • Returns Address: 7345 International Pl Suite 102, Sarasota, FL 34240

About PürCare

PürCare is a subsidiary of Wellcare Brands.

All PürCare company products contain 0.3% THC or less. The company’s products are manufactured in the United States in GMP-certified, FDA-registered facilities. PürCare also claims to source its CBD from USDA Organic certified hemp – something, not all CBD companies can claim due to uncertain organic growing conditions in the hemp industry.

The PürCare founding team launched the company to care for aging loved ones:

“The founders of PürCare have direct experience caring for our aging loved ones. We created products that help others avoid the problems that come with aging. We’ve been through it all, and we know what works. PürCare products are the most trusted because they work!”

You can contact PürCare via the following:

In addition to selling CBD products online, PürCare sells products in a small number of retail outlets across the United States. You can view retail outlets here.

Final Word

PürCare is a CBD company offering a range of topicals, oral sprays, tinctures, and capsules. The company markets its products specifically to older adults, and the company was founded to help older adults access the benefits of CBD.

Overall, PürCare emphasizes high-quality CBD products made from full spectrum hemp extract for maximum entourage effect benefits. To learn more about PürCare’s lineup of CBD products and how they work, visit online today at


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