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Home CBD Oregon CBD Legal Guide: Cannabidiol State Regulations and Laws for OR, US

Oregon CBD Legal Guide: Cannabidiol State Regulations and Laws for OR, US

In recent years especially, Oregon has garnered the interest of marijuana enthusiasts, businessmen, and legal experts alike for its efforts to decriminalize and legalize the drug. In addition to an expansive and comprehensive medical marijuana law, the state also legalized cannabis for adult, recreational use way back in the year 2014. Since that time, Oregon has passed law after law to make it even easier for consumers to recreationally or medically take advantage of marijuana.

Because CBD is often derived from either the industrial hemp plant or the marijuana plant, this means only good things for users of CBD in the state of Oregon. Citizens in the state of Oregon have access to not only marijuana and CBD in significant quantities, but they also have access to exceedingly cheap products. The oversaturation in the market for marijuana and hemp cultivators has led to floor-low prices for a variety of products in the growing marijuana industry in the state.

High-THC CBD and the Law

CBD with significant THC content is typically derived from the marijuana plant. This means that it can deliver a palpable psychoactive high and is likely to show up on most drug tests. While this could complicate matters for those users who have jobs in specific industries (teaching, government, etc.), the substance remains legal for both medical and adult use in the state of Oregon.

One important consideration for many users of CBD in the state is the legal age required to purchase and possess the substance. CBD with a high THC content can only be purchased and possessed by adults aged 21 years or older. Additionally, there are a few limitations placed on the quantity of marijuana that any one individual can possess. In Oregon, an adult may possess up to four immature cannabis plants, 10 cannabis seeds, 72 oz of liquid marijuana derivatives, 16 oz of marijuana products, and up to an ounce of dried marijuana flower. This is revised slightly if the individual in-question possesses the products on private property, in which case they can then hold up to eight ounces.

Hemp-Derived CBD in Oregon

Anyone over the age of eighteen can purchase CBD with low THC content from stores all over the state. This form of CBD is derived from the industrial hemp plant, rather than the marijuana plant. It typically produces no high and will not show up on most modern drug tests. CBD derived from the industrial hemp plant was legalized through the 2014 Farm Bill, and this form of CBD remains legal in all fifty states so long as it clocks in with a THC content of below .03%.



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