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Home CBD Ohio CBD Legal Guide: Cannabidiol State Regulations and Laws for OH, US

Ohio CBD Legal Guide: Cannabidiol State Regulations and Laws for OH, US

Like many states, Ohio has begun to listen to the crescendo of voices supporting the legalization of various types of marijuana and hemp products. The state offers both a substantive medical marijuana program and a path to access low-THC CBD products for anyone above the age of eighteen. As a consequence, consumers all over the state have the opportunity to use Ohio CBD to treat a variety of different conditions.

The first important distinction for consumers looking to take advantage of Ohio CBD comes from the plant which creates the product. CBD derived from the industrial hemp plant has a low THC content, cannot induce a high, and is legal for all constituents under the Federal Farm Bill of 2014. Conversely, CBD products taken from the marijuana plant is high THC, induces a high, and remains legal in many states only under existing medical marijuana frameworks.

This is the case in Ohio. Consumers have access to low-THC CBD oils and other products with relative ease, as they are produced using the industrial hemp plant. But for CBD products derived from the marijuana plant, the only path to procurement for Ohio citizens is through the state’s medical marijuana program.

Ohio Medical CBD

In Ohio, 21 individual medical conditions allow one to qualify for medical marijuana. The conditions are relatively strict for who can qualify for this form of treatment. Hopeful users of the substance must submit a petition to the state to get their medical marijuana ID card. These conditions include that there must be evidence from researchers that marijuana is effective at treating their condition, there must be evidence that the condition is otherwise untreatable, and there must be evidence that researchers are currently studying the condition and how marijuana might affect it. Additionally, petitioners are required to provide testimony from licensed physicians supporting the marijuana usage.

Ohio recently issued a large group of licenses to medical marijuana dispensaries, so patients using marijuana in the state should expect to gain access to an even wider variety of potential treatment options.

Ohio Hemp-Derived CBD

CBD derived from the industrial hemp plant is legal in all fifty states, according to the Farm Bill of 2014. As a result, Ohio CBD users can access CBD from thousands of retailers all over the state. Smoke and vape shops, food and wellness stores, and even some gas stations and convenience stores all might carry CBD. Users should be at least eighteen years old, and might need to meet additional requirements in some jurisdictions.



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