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Nebraska CBD Legal Guide: Cannabidiol State Regulations and Laws for NE, US

While the federal government has been clear about the legality of CBD products derived from the industrial hemp plant, all fifty states have reacted to the substance in varying ways. Unfortunately, this confusing legal situation may make it difficult for consumers to figure out whether or not CBD is legal for use in varying ways within their own state. Luckily, a wealth of resources available online have made it easier than ever for consumers to research the laws specific to their state.

Unfortunately for residents in Nebraska, the state remains relatively restrictive on all marijuana-related substances, including industrial hemp and CBD. While the federal farm bill legalized the industrial hemp industry in all of the United States, Nebraska is one area of the country where most CBD remains illegal. The state responded to the farm bill by passing a law removing CBD substances from its controlled substances act.

However, the state restricted production of CBD products to the University of Nebraska and Nebraska Medicine organizations. This is not uncommon, and this legal framework is typically referred to as a CBD pilot study. The pilot study in Nebraska allows users suffering from intractable epilepsy to access medical CBD—so long as their physician recommends the substance for treatment.

CBD Oil in Nebraska

As of 2019, marijuana-derived CBD oil is still a scheduled substance within the state of Nebraska, and it is slated to remain illegal for the years to come. This means that consumers will be unable to access medical-grade marijuana-derived CBD products in the Cornhusker state.

However, there remains a small glimmer of hope for users looking to gain access to non-THC CBD products. While hemp-derived CBD cannot create a significant ‘high’ and will not show up on drug tests, some users find that it can be used to treat a variety of different conditions. The most notable condition linked to CBD usage is intractable, or untreatable, epilepsy.

Consequently, Nebraska has made hemp-derived CBD available to certain rare forms of epilepsy. For specific information on how to access CBD to treat these conditions, users should contact their local legislators or inquire with their physician.

The Future of Nebraska CBD

As it stands, nothing in the state suggests that Nebraska is likely to reverse their classification of marijuana-related products and cannabis-derived CBD. However, a change in legislators or a court-related challenge to the state could open cannabis and hemp CBD up to a larger portion of Nebraska CBD consumers.



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