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Home CBD Mississippi CBD Legal Guide: Cannabidiol State Regulations and Laws for MS, US

Mississippi CBD Legal Guide: Cannabidiol State Regulations and Laws for MS, US

As the CBD industry continues to explode all over the country, consumers in each state continue to attempt to wade their way through the complicated legal frameworks associated with the new market. The passage of the Federal Farm Bill in 2014 caused several states to speed-up their reaction to the hemp industry, which was now effectively legal in all fifty states.

Mississippi has a bit of a complicated history responding to the same industry. Consumers in the growing hemp and CBD oil communities within the state of Mississippi likely have quite a few questions concerning how they can safely and legally gain access to their substances within the state. As of 2019, CBD is legal in Mississippi, with only a few legal exceptions complicating the blanket legal status of hemp-derived CBD and CBD oils.

CBD oils derived from the industrial hemp plant must have a THC content of below .03%. Additionally, the substance must be derived specifically from the industrial hemp plant—not the cannabis plant—in order to be legal under the industrial hemp framework.

For CBD with a higher THC content or CBD derived from the cannabis plant instead of the industrial hemp plant, there are a few important restrictions for consumers to consider before purchasing and using the substance in Mississippi.

Cannabis CBD in Mississippi

CBD derived from the cannabis plant has a significant THC content, and can induce a high. In Mississippi, consumers looking for this kind of CBD must first obtain a written form from their physician expressing the need for this kind of treatment. Then, the product can only be obtained from licensed dispensaries/pharmacies within the state. It cannot be taken out of the state, nor can the cannabis-derived CBD be purchased online.

Where to Find Mississippi CBD

CBD with a THC content below the legal maximum can be purchased from shops and stores all over the country. While the exact sources might vary based on location and price restrictions, consumers can find low-THC CBD in gas stations, food and wellness shops, and even in some convenience stores.

Buying CBD Online in Mississippi

It is completely legal to purchase CBD online in the state of Mississippi. This is the case in most states. Consumers should ensure that the CBD they order online remains below the legal threshold to avoid potential penalties. Due research is always necessary when purchasing online within the CBD industry.



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