Pioneering CBD Brand Debuts New “Trust The Earth” Art Campaign In New York City

The world's biggest CBD brand, Charlotte's Web, Introduces Trust The Earth Campaign

  • The art projection shows a hand holding a single cannabis stalk.
  • Charlotte’s Web has brought this campaign to Washington, DC, Los Angeles, and Chicago as well.

Cannabis has long been riddled with controversy and stigma over the individuals that choose to use it. However, the team of Charlotte’s Web aims to show a different perspective to consumers, and they are using a massive art projection campaign to do it. With the new “Trust the Earth” campaign, consumers can view the art in New York City, which recently was made available on October 3rd.

Here is the video for the new Trust the Earth campaign by pioneering CBD company:

The Stanley Brothers (J. Austin, Jesse, Jon, Josh, Jared, Jordan, and Joel), the founders responsible for the biggest CBD company in the world, Charlotte’s Web, recently hosted a Farm-To-Table dinner in a beautiful outdoor setting at North Brooklyn Farms.

6 out of 7 brothers at NYC launch party

They took this opportunity to reveal their mural for the project, which was designed by Studio Number One. Studio Number One was founded by Shepard Fairey.

Here is what the co-founder and creative director of SNO had to say about working with the leading CBD company, Charlotte's Web:

“My creative team at SNO focuses on projects that have meaning and create positive change in the world,” […] “Charlotte's Web was a great organization to align with, as they are making advancements doing good by generating real health benefits with their products. My goal as an artist is to create art with a message, and I’m proud of my team for using this opportunity to do the same for Charlotte's Web, a brand that can take a stand.”

Another look at Charlotte's Web's Trust the Earth campaign manifesto:

Many influential guests attended the event, including fashion designer Cynthia Rowley and influencer Hannah Bronfman. Guests had access to a CBD tasting station, along with a four-course dinner, a cocktail hour, and nightcaps. The meal ended with a playful round of s’mores, as the attendees learned about the way that CBD could help them in their daily routines.

In the piece of art, a single hand is seen holding a cannabis stock. Along the top of this green and white depiction of their motto is the phrase “Trust the Earth.” It can be found at the corner of Wythe Avenue and North 11th Street, which is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Consumers with a view from Vice Media HQ, Brooklyn Brewery, the Wythe Hotel, and other nearby restaurants should be close enough to see it.

The campaign extended their art projection to Washington, DC, Chicago, and Los Angeles on October 4th.

Here is how the Trust The Earth manifesto reads:

You trust the rain, the sun, the soil.
You trust what you can see, feel, and touch.
You trust what comes from the ground, what has been created naturally over time.
You trust the earth to give you peace. To calm your days. And make dreams of your nights.
You trust what comes from nature, what folks have been using for over a thousand years to feel better.
You trust nature knows best.
You trust the Earth… we do too.

We believe that natural shouldn’t be the alternative.We know that Mother Nature always wins. That’s why every drop of Charlotte’s Web is a descendant of the original seed that helped a little girl named Charlotte. Every plant we harvest is nurtured under the watchful eye of those who care about its creation, The Stanley Brothers.

You’re not looking to get high, you seek to stay grounded. We help you find balance with the world’s most trusted hemp extract. You crave wellness without side effects and small print. We refuse to accept anything less than the restorative health-giving benefits mother earth intended. You don’t reject science, you just believe that nature is the root of all our knowledge. We believe that plants can revolutionize how we care for ourselves and one another. It can bring us comfort and the confidence to take on whatever life has in store. You trust the earth to provide relief and happiness…

charlotte's web trust the earth

Melissa Meyer
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