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Top 20 Best CBD Subscription Boxes in 2020

Ever since CBD oil exploded into the number one top-selling herbal ingredient and the demand for subscription box services for all types of products rose, it was only right that CBD subscription boxes become a thing. Here is our review of the 20 best options in 2020.

CBD Subscription Boxes Guide: Top 20 Best CBD Monthly Delivery Services of 2020

While the emerging cannabis oil-infusion industry loves to focus on only the best oils, gummies, skincare or pain products; CBD subscription boxes may provide the perfect solution for new users of hemp-derived cannabidiol supplementation by offering a mixed variety of product types and applications.

Since CBD and monthly subscription box services are two of the hottest trends over the past few years, today anyone can venture to explore both of these growing offers to get the best of both worlds by trying any one of the top 20 CBD subscription box programs reviewed below.

In its purest essence, CBD subscription boxes deliver a regular shipment of cannabidiol (CBD) products to your address every single month. You might receive CBD edibles, creams, beverages, capsules, vape juices, gummies, tinctures, hemp flowers or more for example.

Most of the CBD subscription boxes are delivered monthly directly to your doorstep and do all of the product research, sourcing and fulfillment for you. Others have customizable delivery periods like quarterly or semi-annually which you can pick your preference with if you are a subscriber. What's really beneficial for new CBD users to opt for buying into a monthly subscription delivery service is they get to try different types of administrative methods. Some may hate to smoke but love topical creams, while some may want a digestible edible while others want a fast-acting oil tincture to suit their personal needs.

In HealthMJ's quest to keep mapping out the cannabis and CBD ecosystem, we've tested some of today’s hottest CBD subscription box services in 2020 to create this guide so you can analyze the feedback and select the best choice for you.

Our research concludes the majority of the most popular CBD subscription boxes provide incredible value overall and really give a diverse sample platter of options and mediums to try. For some, you get $50 worth of CBD products in each $25 box as in example.

Other CBD subscription boxes provide junk CBD products at inflated rates, taking advantage of a trendy industry to charge customers with inflated prices.

As cannabidiol-infused product subscription boxes flood the marketplace, it’s important to be wary of using low-quality supplements. Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about CBD subscription boxes, including the best CBD monthly delivery services available today.

What is a CBD Subscription Box?

Since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) have been legal across the United States.

Cannabidiol is one of the dozens of cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. Cannabinoids are chemical compounds within the plant. Along with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD is one of the two best-known cannabinoids in the plant. Hemp is rich in CBD but has less than 0.5% THC by law.

In recent years, research has shown that cannabidiol may have powerful health benefits. The FDA has already approved a synthetic version of CBD, for example, to treat certain seizures in children. Multiple other studies have connected CBD to pain relief, anxiety relief, and other effects.

As CBD surges in popularity, entrepreneurs have created CBD subscription boxes. These boxes function like other subscription boxes: you pay a monthly fee and the company sends a box of products to you.

Some CBD subscription boxes are sent monthly. Others have customizable delivery frames like weekly, bi-weekly, quarterly, or semi-annually.

What’s in a CBD Subscription Box?

A CBD subscription box can contain virtually dozens of different CBD products. Some CBD subscription boxes are targeted towards specific people, like vapers. Others contain a wide range of products for people who want to try everything.

Some of the items we’ve seen in CBD subscription boxes include:

  • Oils
  • Tinctures
  • Gummies
  • Edibles and Foods
  • Drinks and Beverages
  • Balms and Salves
  • Vape Juices
  • Capsules and Tablets
  • Oral Sprays
  • Teas and Waters
  • Chocolates
  • Muscle Rubs
  • Smokable Hemp Flower Buds
  • Topical Skincare beauty cosmetics

Who Should Buy CBD Subscription Boxes?

There are all sorts of reasons to buy a CBD subscription box, including:

  • You like CBD and want to see what options are out there
  • You’re interested in trying new CBD wellness products
  • You’ve heard about the benefits of CBD and want to test out different CBD products to see what you like
  • You trust a particular CBD brand and want to try new products from that brand
  • You want to get good value on your CBD product purchases
  • You want to try CBD products from multiple brands to see what you like
  • You use a lot of CBD and want a monthly refill of your favorite products

How to Compare CBD Subscription Boxes

CBD subscription boxes vary widely. Here are some of the best ways to compare CBD subscription boxes:

Product Quality

The worst CBD subscription boxes are packed with low-quality CBD products at inflated prices. The best boxes are packed with premium products at discount prices.

Product Variety

Most subscription boxes give you a decent selection of different CBD product types; from balms to topicals to edibles and gummies.

Price and Value

Sure, you could buy each product in a CBD subscription box separately. But the best CBD subscription boxes give you good value. Companies buy CBD products at discount bulk rates and distribute products to members at a discount.


Recreational use of cannabis is legal in certain states. CBD, however, is legal in every state. As long as your CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC, they should be legal. However, some companies specialize in distributing subscription boxes exclusively to customers in states where recreational marijuana is legal. Several CBD delivery companies on this list sell cannabis delivery boxes in legal states and CBD delivery boxes in the rest of America.


Some CBD subscription boxes are catered towards beginners using CBD for the first time. They have low dosages to help your body grow accustomed. Other CBD subscription boxes are catered towards more experienced users. They have high dosages.

Dosage or Quantity Guarantees

Some CBD delivery boxes guarantee a specific dosage or number of products. Many delivery boxes guarantee somewhere between 4 and 10 products per month, for example. Others specify a certain dosage; like that you’ll receive at least 400 mg of CBD in each box every month.

Diversity Within Diversity

Some CBD subscription boxes ship you the same products every month. Other boxes ship different products every month. Others feature a blend. Some people prefer getting the same products month after month while others prefer getting different products.

Selection Process

Some CBD boxes are curated by CBD experts with years of industry experience. They know the best brands and most popular products. Other CBD boxes are cobbled together by marketing gurus trying to maximize their affiliate income. What type of selection process does your CBD subscription box service use?

Top 20 CBD Subscription Boxes Available Today

There are about 20 major names in the CBD subscription box space, including all of the following:

  • Hemp Crate Co.
  • CBDology
  • CBD Health Box
  • Green Market
  • Chillax Box by The Remedy
  • Chakra Love
  • Le ć Boutique
  • Gramsly
  • Discovery Club
  • Farma Health
  • CannaBake Box
  • CBD Sampler Box by Live Hempily
  • HerbBox
  • Let’s Live Box
  • Magu Box Club
  • MonthLeaf
  • Lucky Box Club
  • The Pretty Janes
  • HempleBox
  • Green Girl CBD

Hemp Crate Co

Price: $4.99 to $69.99 Per Month

Hemp Crate Co. is one of the most popular CBD subscription boxes available today. The company describes itself as “obsessive about customer experience”. They emphasize quality and transparency while selling high-quality CBD products at multiple subscription tiers. The sourcing for all products is disclosed upfront, and Hemp Crate Co. emphasizes organic hemp and CBD products wherever possible.

Another nice touch with Hemp Crate Co. is that each monthly box comes with brochures, pamphlets, and infographics to help you understand how CBD works. You can sign up for a three or six-month subscription across multiple boxes, including the “Hempa The Explorer” box for newbies just getting started with CBD or the “Health & Wellness” box for those interested in the healing effects of CBD.

Want to give CBD pet products a try? Hemp Crate Co. offers a “Furry Friends” box containing CBD pet treats for dogs and cats. There’s also a “Pro” and “Starter” option available with all packages, letting you choose a box with 3 to 5 items or 5 to 8 items. Boxes are priced reasonably at $45 to $70.


Price: $9.99 plus $6.00 flat shipping (shipping fee waived with promo code)

CBDology is a female-owned company founded by a group of women with firsthand experience in the cannabis industry. All CBDology products are curated from CBD brands located all over the world.

Each box claims to contain a mixture of CBD products that are collectively worth three to four times the subscription price. CBDology also emphasizes the medicinal benefits of CBD, claiming that every product is curated by physicians and handcrafted with CBD isolate. Plus, if you like any of the products in the CBDology box, you can buy that product and receive a subscriber discount.

One thing we like about CBDology is that each month has a different theme. Typically, these themes are based on the seasons. You might receive a “Wintertime” theme box in December, for example, or a “Summer Skincare” theme box in July. CBD edibles, candies, topicals, bath bombs, and more are all available.

CBD Health Box

Price: $49.99 to $89.99 per month + $15.99 nationwide shipping

CBD Health Box has partnered with top CBD companies to offer you good-quality CBD products at a reasonable price. The goal is to let users sample high-end CBD products without the expensive price tag.

One-year, six-month, and month-to-month subscriptions are all available. Each box includes a mixture of CBD products that can be ingested, rubbed on your body, or consumed in other ways, including CBD honey, topicals, edibles, tinctures, and concentrates. CBD Health Box only uses full-spectrum, organic CBD products that have been tested by third parties.

Green Market

Price: $35 to $150 Per Month

Green Market claims its mission is “to curate the best quality CBD products sourced ethically, made locally and delivered directly to your door.” Green Market seems to particularly focus on CBD skincare products, although each box is packed with all types of products from across the industry.

Green Market certifies that all CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC and are made from hemp-derived CBD. Three different subscription options are available based on your experience with CBD, including “The Skeptic” box for newbies, “The Connoisseur” box for more experienced users, and the “For Her & Him” box for a mixture. Expect to get lots of CBD edibles, drink mixes, skin serums, and chocolates.

Chillax Box by The Remedy

Price: $40 Per Month

The Remedy’s Chillax Box offers four hemp-derived CBD minis that claim to be “carefully curated” to give subscribers the ultimate mellow feeling. Subscribers can reorder any of the products in the box in their full-sized versions for 10% off.

The Remedy is a woman-owned company that claims to personally test and use all products themselves. The Remedy has built relationships with specific, high-quality CBD brands, and they test to make sure each brand’s products are third-party tested and compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill. Expect to find smaller CBD treats in each Chillax Box, including CBD edibles, honey, face oil, and more. Each box also claims to offer a $60+ value for $40.

Chakra Love

Price: $135 to $150

Chakra Love is available in multiple subscription options, including 1, 3, 6, or 12-month subscriptions. Each box is built around the idea that CBD heals. All products in the box are CBD isolates that are high-quality, full-spectrum, and lab-tested.

You can expect to find lots of healing-oriented CBD products in your Chakra Love box, including CBD teas, coffees, edibles, candles, tinctures, topicals, balms, and more. Every box also comes with a special chakra gift too, along with a monthly newsletter explaining various CBD usage options.

Le ć Boutique

Price: $125 to $160 Per Month

Le ć Boutique is one of the best-known names in the CBD subscription box space. It’s also one of the most luxurious (and expensive) options on this list. The team behind Le ć Boutique makes a big deal out of the fact that its high-quality, lab-tested products are free of THC and contaminates, with each product handpicked by an expert member of the Le ć Boutique team.

Three box options are available for active people, non-active people, and people with pets, including a “Fitness Recovery Experience”, “Spa Experience, and “Pet Experience”. Whether you want to heal, relax, or energize with CBD, you may be able to find what you’re looking for with Le ć Boutique’s CBD subscription boxes.

Prices range widely, but Le ć Boutique tends to be at the high end of CBD subscription boxes. The two subscription boxes for humans (Fitness Recovery Experience and Spa Experience) are priced at $160 per month (down to $125 per month when paying annually), making this one of the most expensive options on this list.


Price: $55 + Shipping

The Gramsly Box CBD subscription box includes wellness products, specialized products, and trending products. Each box includes three or four items per month, including oils, tinctures, topicals, and edibles.

One advantage of Gramsly is that you get full-sized products. If you’d rather get a small number (3 to 4) of larger-sized products that last, then the Gramsly Box may be the right choice for you. Gramsly is one of the hottest CBD subscription boxes on Instagram and one of the more popular companies in this space overall.

Discovery Club

Price: $49.95 per month (monthly); $139.95 for 3 months; $246.95 for 6 months; $449.95 for 12 months

Discovery Club describes its subscription box as a “CBD superstore in a box” designed to “bring wellness to the world.” Discovery Club is one of the most diverse CBD subscription options available today: each box contains a handful of products from more than 50 affiliated brands. Notable products include creams and sprays, lotions and salves, tinctures and capsules, edibles, candies, water flavorings, teas, coffee, and pet products.

Only one subscription option is available, although you can customize your delivery period to save money. A 12-month subscription costs $449.95 or $37.50 per month, for example, while a month-to-month subscription costs $49.95 per month.

Farma Health

Price: $59 per month

Farma Health’s CBD subscription boxes launched in January 2019. Farma Health is one of the better-known names in the CBD subscription box space: the company has exhibited at various trade shows and conferences while establishing its brand name.

Each product in Farma Health’s box is reviewed and laboratory tested to assure the safest, highest-quality items possible. You’re guaranteed to receive at least four handpicked items in each box, with the products containing at least 300mg of active cannabinoids or more in total.

Some of the notable CBD products available in Farma Health boxes include gummies, capsules, gums, chocolates, teas, coffees, candies, skin care creams, salves, pain relief creams, bath bombs, lubes, and shampoos, among other items. Many of these products are packaged into the box at a 75% discount to ensure customers get the best value for their dollar.

CannaBake Box

Price: $23 to $59 per month

CannaBake Box claims to be “not your typical subscription box”, although it seems like a run-of-the-mill CBD subscription box: you get a package of CBD products delivered to your door at a 30% discount from retail prices. CannaBake packs its box with “awesome essentials” that include edibles, candies, tinctures, grinders, lighters, papers, and more. You get more products in a CannaBake Box than in a typical CBD box, although several of the products (like a lighter and papers) seem a bit superfluous. However, you’re guaranteed to receive 6 to 14 products in each box.

CannaBake offers three different box options, including the Standard Box ($29 per month), 710 Box (49 per month), and Craft Box ($59 per month). You can sign up for a monthly plan, a 3-month plan, or a 6-month plan. CannaBake is based in Denver, Colorado.

CBD Sampler Box by Live Hempily

Price: $46 Per Month

Live Hempily sells a popular CBD Sampler Box that contains one unique product you don’t see in many other subscription boxes: CBD cigarettes. Each CBD product is tested by a third-party lab to verify its safety and efficacy. Products are also specially formulated to help subscribers deal with anxiety, inflammation, depression, digestive health, autoimmune disorders, and more.

To be clear, you’re getting a box of Live Hempily sample products. This isn’t a monthly subscription, although you can certainly order the sample box as many times as you would like. As of 2020, the CBD Sampler Box by Live Hempily includes:

  • 25mg CBD gummies (5 gummies)
  • 50mg CBD Gummies (5 gummies)
  • 30mg CBD tea (3 teabags)
  • 40mg CBD coffee (3 servings)
  • 50mg CBD hard candy (5 candies)
  • 1500mg CBD oil (30mL bottle)

All products are from Live Hempily’s brand. The CBD Sampler Box from Live Hempily is priced at $46 per month.

Herb Box

Price: $70 per month

Herb Box, like most other CBD subscription services on this list, claims to only work with trusted companies, letting you enjoy quality products at an affordable price. Similar to Green Girl CBD, your delivery box contains branded Herb Box products, including HerbBites CBD Gummies, HerbDrops CBD Oil Tincture, and HerbBalm CBD Relief Balm. These are the only three products offered by Herb Box.

There’s only one box available with Herb Box. It’s called the CBD Starter Kit. It contains one of each of the three products listed above.

Let’s Live Box

Let’s Live Box emphasizes natural, organic CBD products designed with health and wellness in mind. The founders of Let’s Live Box were motivated to launch the service because they come from a family with immune problems. Today, the company aims to offer a unique CBD micro-dosing experience to help subscribers manage symptoms of stress, anxiety, pain, and more.

Each Let’s Live Box comes with four full-sized CBD products (no sample-sized products here). You can expect to find edibles, tinctures, topicals, bath bombs, and more.

Note: As of January 2020, Let’s Live Box is no longer available for purchase

Magu Box Club

Price: $50 Per Month

Magu Box Club claims to offer around $150 worth of CBD products in each $50 box. The name of the company comes from Magu, the healing goddess in Taoism known to favor hemp.

One thing that immediately distinguishes Magu Box Club from other options on this list is its original artwork. Each Magu Box comes with an original piece of artwork that changes every month. Inside the colorful box, subscribers will find everything from gummies and topicals to flower pre-rolls, chocolates, chapsticks, and coffees.


Price: $120 Per Box (Order Once) or $100 Per Month (Monthly)

Northern California-based MonthLeaf offers two types of subscription options, including subscription options for CBD and cannabis. CBD subscription boxes are available nationwide, while cannabis subscription boxes are available in certain states where recreational use of marijuana is legal.

The owners of MonthLeaf are a father and daughter team who wanted to create a discreet, easy way for people to try CBD products. Each MonthLeaf box comes with 5 to 6 products from featured dispensaries and CBD brands. Four different CBD subscription boxes are available, including Puff Box, Edible Box, CBD Box, Sampler Box. All boxes are priced at $100 per month, although you can also pay $120 to order the box once.

Lucky Box Club

Price: $149 per month

Lucky Box Club is a CBD subscription service that asks you to fill out a brief questionnaire upon signup. Based on your responses, Lucky Box Club will create a curated package of CBD or cannabis products for you. The company is particularly popular in California, and Lucky Box Club even offers same-day delivery throughout the Sacramento region.

Lucky Box Club has partnered with several premium CBD brands for its boxes, including Legion of Bloom, Potli, Papa & Barkley, Cresco, Somatik, and Humble Flower Co., among others. The Lucky Box Club Classic Box Membership is priced at $149 per month, making it one of the most expensive options on this list. Despite the high price, Lucky Box Club doesn’t seem to offer big savings: the company claims the products collectively add up to $170 in value. That doesn’t seem like significant savings considering the total price of the $149 box (with taxes) is $168.

Ultimately, Lucky Box Club isn’t designed for budget CBD customers: it’s for premium users who don’t mind paying a premium price.

The Pretty Janes Box

Price: $50 to $90 Per Month

The Pretty Janes describes its monthly subscription box as “an exclusive, affordable & effortless way to experience CBD products.” Each box offers high-quality CBD products from across the industry, including edibles and beauty products handpicked by the company each month.

It’s like having a personal CBD shopper deliver products to your doorstep each month – or at least, that’s the idea. Pretty Janes ships to all states except New York. You can buy a CBD delivery box with 250mg of CBD for $50. Or, you can increase the dosage to 600mg of CBD for $90.


Price: $49.99 per month (Lite); $99.99 per month (Standard); $149.99 per month (Premium); $249.99 per month (Deluxe)

HempleBox’s CBD subscription boxes let you get 20 to 40% off CBD Genesis products. Subscribers can refine their preferences and choose from a variety of CBD vape liquids, tinctures, edibles, concentrates, capsules, vape pens, topicals, and more across 20 brands.

Four different subscription options are available, with each subscription option claiming to give you more than you paid. The $49.99 Lite subscription, for example, claims to contain $63 worth of product, while the higher-end Deluxe subscription contains $417 worth of product for $249.99. As with most other subscription boxes listed here, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Green Girl CBD

Price: $59 per month (Simple Start); $99 per month (Mind & Body); $139 per month (Share The Love)

Green Girl CBD is a unique CBD subscription box company because the company only sells CBD subscription boxes. You cannot buy individual CBD products from the company at all.

Three different CBD subscription boxes are available, including the Mind & Body box, Simple Start box, and Share the Love box, with prices ranging from $60 to $140 per month. Each box contains products made under the Green Girl CBD brand. However, Green Girl CBD doesn’t seem to manufacture its products: the company seems to just Whitelabel or rebrand existing CBD products and sell them at inflated prices. However, Green Girl does claim its CBD products are 100% USDA Organic Certified, THC-free, non-GMO, and made and grown in the United States.

Each box contains a small selection of products. The Simple Start box, for example, includes mints, gummies, and lip balms. Subscribers can choose their preferred oil flavor, including mint, raspberry, or dragonfruit. The higher-priced subscription boxes contain a balm or twice as many products.

CBD Subscription Box Product Types: What’s the Difference?

CBD subscription boxes aren’t as straightforward as you may think. A few years ago, you might only have found CBD subscription boxes with topicals, balms, and vape juices.

Today, you can find CBD boxes with candies and coffees, CBD products for fitness enthusiasts, and CBD boxes for pets. Whatever your preferences may be, you can find a CBD subscription box that’s right for you. And even if you don’t know what your preference is at all, you can find a sampler box that lets you try virtually anything.

CBD Oils and Tinctures

CBD oils and tinctures are liquid formulas containing CBD. Typically, you take oils and tinctures sublingually; you place a drop underneath your tongue with a dropper and let it absorb. However, some people mix CBD oil with smoothies, water, shakes, or other beverages.

CBD Creams, Lotions, and Topicals

CBD-infused topicals, like creams and lotions, are rubbed on your body to unlock the active effects of CBD. Some people claim CBD topicals relieve pain, stiffness, and soreness. Others use CBD topicals for targeted conditions; like eczema, acne, or psoriasis.

Capsules, Tablets, and Pills

CBD capsules, pills, and tablets package CBD’s active ingredients into a convenient form. You pop a capsule, the capsule breaks down in your body, and the active ingredients get absorbed. The FDA recently approved a CBD capsule drug called Epidiolex, which is the first CBD drug certified to treat seizure disorders.


Edible CBD products include foods, candies, and other products you can eat. They’re affordable, discreet, and taste pretty good.

Gummies and Candies

Gummies and candies are technically edibles, but they also merit their category. CBD gummies and candies consist of CBD mixed with sugar, flavors, and other ingredients. You pop them as easily as you would pop any candy, and many of them taste pretty good.

Coffees, Teas, and Other Beverages

You can now buy CBD coffees, teas, and other beverages. As you might expect, these are normal beverages mixed with some amount of CBD. If you typically drink coffee in the morning and also want to enjoy the benefits of CBD, then you might want to buy a CBD subscription box with some type of coffee product.

Vapes and Juices

Vaporized CBD oil is convenient to take. You inhale the oil, and the ingredients are absorbed directly from your lungs into your bloodstream.

How Much CBD Should I Take?

CBD is a new and understudied field. As of 2020, there’s limited research showing which dose is effective or which dose is safe. As with anything, you should start with a low dosage before gradually increasing it.

However, here is the general guideline for people to use in 2020:

  • Low CBD Dosages: 2.5 to 15mg of CBD per day
  • Average CBD Dosages: 15 to 60mg of CBD per day
  • High CBD Dosages: 60+mg of CBD per day

To be clear, a wide range of CBD doses have been analyzed in clinical studies, and CBD has generally been found to be safe to take. However, more research needs to be performed before we find a specific, effective dosage.

Complicating matters further is that CBD products vary widely in terms of quality, concentration, and processing techniques. You might take 20 CBD candies from one brand and one gummy from another brand and end up having the same dose of cannabidiol absorbed into your bloodstream.

It’s also important to talk to a medical professional before you take CBD or any product. People with certain conditions, like liver disease, should not take CBD. Certain studies have shown that individuals with liver disease may need to take lower doses of CBD to avoid negative side effects.

Final Word: Best CBD Subscription Boxes in 2020

The best CBD subscription boxes in 2020 come from all across the spectrum. There are expensive CBD boxes catered to the higher-end market. There are also cheaper CBD boxes catered to budget markets.

There are CBD subscription boxes for people who want to relax and heal. There are CBD subscription boxes for people who want to stay energized and focused. There are even CBD subscription boxes for pet owners.

Whatever you’re looking for in a CBD subscription box, you have more options in 2020 than ever before.



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