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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Robots are Assisting the Cannabis Farming Industry

Artificial intelligence is where machines are capable of learning human tasks and adjusting to new inputs. The technology has the ability to influence several industries, including healthcare, senior care, construction, business intelligence, and manufacturing, according to Forbes.

The marijuana industry may be next. For example, according to Marktech Post, several companies are already integrating artificial intelligence learning into the services and products that they offer. Here are a few companies, as identified by Marktech Post, that provide artificial intelligence capabilities: Motor Leaf, Pot Bot, Findify, and Starship. These companies can help with yield production, custom tailoring marijuana strains, e-commerce personalization, and robotic delivery, respectively.

In another article by Greencamp, another company is looking to get into the industry. The company, called William Bond AI, is looking to focus on artificial intelligence and marijuana cultivation. The artificial intelligence comes in the form of a robot, which facilitates the farming process and is specifically programmed to work on cannabis. Interestingly enough, the robot is able to perform similar capabilities of a human farmer, such as planting, watering, and monitoring plant health. Dissimilarly, the bot uses infrared technology.

Also, it will be interesting to see whether there is a difference between the quality of growth between a bot and a human. If the plants do indeed grow better with the use of artificial intelligence, this may leave business owners with the option to use the manpower elsewhere in the business, which may influence more growth in other areas.



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