5 Factors To Consider With Edibles

Dispensaries across the US have shelves stocked with various edibles to help patients dealing with debilitating health conditions. If you’re considering trying edibles, you’ll have quite a few to choose from.

Factors To Consider With Edibles

Edibles can be infused in different ways

Edibles are foods like baked goods, beverages, and candies that have been infused with a highly concentrated cannabis extract. Ask your budtender or call the producer to find out which extraction method was used. Keep a journal. You may end up preferring one extraction method to others.

Edibles can come in any form

While any food or drink can be infused with cannabis, dispensaries are jam-packed with cannabis-infused baked goods and chocolates. If you prefer something more savory, you can make your own edibles with cannabis oil or cannabutter. Check out these recipes for Special Vegan Stir Fry and Cannabis Hummus.

Potency varies

Clearly labeled edibles should list how much THC or CBD is in the product. While 10mg is considered one dose of cannabis, some products are much stronger and are intended to be split over a few sessions.

Because edibles aren’t federally regulated, their potencies are sometimes inconsistent. Look for brands like Dixie Elixirswho triple lab test all of their products to ensure their labels are accurate.

Brands produce unique products

A cannabis-infused cookie from one brand will give you an entirely different experience than a cannabis-infused cookie from another brand. If you’ve fallen in love with a product from a particular company, check out what else they offer.

Some edibles are strain-specific

Labels on many edibles will specify between sativaindica, or hybrid strains. These classifications provide patients with some idea of what kind of effects the edibles will have. Check out Julie’s Natural Edibles if you prefer strain-specific products. Look on Leafly to see which strain is your perfect fit.

What’s your favorite kind of edible? Tell us in the comments below.

Alyssa Gocinski
Alyssa majors in Journalism at Emerson College. While abroad in the Netherlands, she became interested in drug policy when interviewing locals about the cannabis industry. Alyssa researches widespread material and breaks it down into enjoyable and easy-to-read pieces.


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