10 Cannabis Books With Top Reviews

Here’s a list of 10 books on cannabis that come highly recommended by patients:

The Little Black Book of Marijuana

This quick, easy-to-read book gives you a brief overview of marijuana, covering everything from history, health, legalization, and recipes. Reviewers call it “a crash course on cannabis in a small package,” and “great introduction to cannabis and an enjoyable read for the informed reader as well.”

Understanding Marijuana: A New Look at the Scientific Evidence

This book relies on science to dispel common myths about medical cannabis. It offers “statements backed up by proven facts” to demonstrate the medical benefits of cannabis over thousands of years of human use.

The Benefits of Marijuana

Joan Bello has a masters in holistic health and has interviewed over 500 patients in her 40 years of experience with marijuana. In this book, she unpacks the physical, psychological, and spiritual benefits of medical cannabis. “This book probably has more information about the overall benefits of weed than any other book out there,” says one reviewer.

Rick Simpson Oil: Nature’s Answer For Cancer

Though Rick Simpson’s credibility relies more so on anecdotal evidence than scientific research, his methods for treatment have been lauded by many who have found either cures or comfort in cannabis oil. For those seeking “to take care of their own health,” this book is a “must read.”

Pot Smoker’s Activity Book

Use this book to connect with your inner child. “The jokes and games and activities are all really clever.” Great “for anyone who enjoys or partakes in the occasional smoke.”

Marijuana Gateway to Health

Author Clint Werner expertly applies his 25 years of preventative healthcare journalism to cannabis in this book. “[F]rom cover to cover it is filled with desperately needed information concerning the healing power of cannabis.”

The Pot Book

This compilation is edited by Julie Holland, an NYU psychiatrist with a degree in psychopharmacology, and is commended for its non-biased approach. According to one review, “the audience most likely to benefit is the potential medical marijuana patient who wants a better understanding of the herb and its medical benefits.”

The Cannabis Grow Bible

Reviewers debate over whether this book is perfect for first time growers (most say yes). Regardless, it’s one of the most recommended grow guides and great place to start if you’re looking to harvest your own medicine.

The Vegan Stoner Cookbook

This book is particularly helpful for patients looking to cut meat out of their diets. “The recipes will produce delicious, easily prepared vegan food that’s inexpensive to make,” though you should “not expect this book to contain healthy vegan recipes.”

Pot Smoker’s Handbook

This “everything-you ever wanted to know about marijuana but were afraid to ask” handbook provides hours of entertainment, including 420 things to do while high. 10 Cannabis Books with Top Reviews

What books did we leave off this list? Let us know in the comments below.

Sienna Bates
Sienna lives in New York, New York and recently studied at Brown University in Providence, RI. She is one of the premier editors helping ensure top-shelf quality guidelines are met with integrity and our philosophy. She now works as an after school enrichment center teacher to help students complete assignments and helps cover current cannabis news event updates.


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