NJ veterans seek medical cannabis for PTSD

May 25, 2016. New Jersey veterans seek medical cannabis for PTSD


Military veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder are struggling with anxiety and depression, and are looking to medical cannabis to help them cope. Despite research showing cannabis’ beneficial treatment of depression and anxiety, PTSD is not a qualifying condition in New Jersey under current law.

For the sake of Army veteran Leo Bridgewater’s “battle buddies” who live with the same daily struggles, state officials must add PTSD to the list, Bridgewater told a panel of doctors and other medical professionals Wednesday.

The panel will take recommendations to acting state Health Commissioner Cathleen Bennett, who will decide whether the program should help a larger group of people than the 6,636 registrants.

“Please — we are dying. We are killing ourselves,” Bridgewater said, revealing two of his friends have committed suicide. Every day, 22 war veterans commit suicide, according to federal data. “I’m shocked PTSD has not been added.”

For the full story, see NJ.com: N.J. vets desperately need medical marijuana for PTSD, patients say



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