How to choose the best strain for you

Cannabis strains can be as different as choosing between taking Xanax and Adderall. Strain research is in it’s infancy, but sites like Leafly, are making progress by collecting information from users.

Here’s our quick guide to selecting a cannabis strain.  

1. Go to


Leafly has information on over a thousand strains, including reviews and photos.

2. Search for your ailment in the search bar


Select ‘The Best Strains for [your condition]”.

3. Select location


Check the box to the right of ‘Results’ to see only strains available in your area.

4. Select Popular strains


This will pull up strains with the most reviews from users.

5. Select Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid


Indicas are known for their sleep-inducing body highs. Sativas will keep you up and social. Hybrids are the most common and are a mix of both.

6. Use the filter options to personalize your strain

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 3.25.31 PM

The four categories allow you to personalize your strain, from the type of flavor to what effects come from the high.

7. Choosing your strain

hollands hope

I chose Holland’s Hope after narrowing my search by looking for a strain for cancer that’s sweet and tastes like berries, and helps me be relaxed.

8. Check out strain reviews and attributes


There’s also reviews and photos, to give you a real life look at your strain.


I discovered a new strain, Holland’s Hope. What did you find?



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