6 celebrities who use cannabis to treat serious medical issues

A lot of celebrities love pot. We’ve seen Miley Cyrus light up on stage and heard all about Lady Gaga’s 15-joint-per-day habit. But some celebs use medical cannabis to treat cancers and other debilitating conditions.

Here are 6 celebrities who use cannabis to treat serious medical issues:

Tommy Chong


Well-known for his stoner roles in Cheech & Chong and That 70’s Show, this comedian is no stranger to cannabis in his every-day life. Chong beat prostate cancer in 2012 with the help of hemp oil and cannabis, and he’s now continuing his treatment to battle rectal cancer.

Whoopi Goldberg


You’ve probably seen this actress strongly advocate for medical cannabis and even rave about her vape pen, Sippy, as a co-host on The View. A fan of indica-dominant Platinum OG, Goldberg uses cannabis to relieve the painful head and eye aches she experiences from her glaucoma.

Melissa Etheridge


Not a cannabis user before her diagnosis in 2004, this rock star powered through harsh chemotherapy for treatment of breast cancer by smoking a lot of weed. Etheridge has been using medical cannabis for the past 9 years to deal with the lingering gastrointestinal effects from her cancer.

Morgan Freeman


This 78-year-old actor will take his weed however it comes. A near-fatal car crash in 2008 left him with extensive nerve damage in his hand, and he also suffers from fibromyalgia. Cannabis has been soothing his chronic pain for years, and he has no intention of giving it up.

Montel Williams


This talk show host uses two things to help ease the debilitating pain since his 1999 diagnoses of multiple sclerosis: snowboarding and pot. Williams claims that cannabis has transformed his life so drastically that he’ll use it until the day he dies.

Sam Simon

Hollywood mogul and co-creator of The Simpsons, Sam Simon, smiles while visiting the San Diego Humane Society after he financed the purchase of a chinchilla farm in order to rescue over 400 chinchillas and shutter the business in Vista, California August 19, 2014. In what all parties described as a "win-win" deal, 90-year-old owner Lurlie Adams was able to offload the farm she did not want any more to Simon for $50,000. And the 425 chinchillas were moved to much larger cages while awaiting adoption. Picture taken on August 19, 2014. REUTERS/Mike Blake (UNITED STATES - Tags: ANIMALS ENVIRONMENT SOCIETY BUSINESS ENTERTAINMENT) - RTR4355O

Photo: Mike Blake

The beloved creator of The Simpsons, this director passed away in March of 2015 from terminal colon cancer. He was diagnosed in 2012 and was told he had 3 to 6 months to live, but the support and the goodies from his ‘vegan pot chef’ girlfriend helped him defy these odds.
Do you use cannabis to treat any of the conditions these celebs have? Comment below.


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