LeptoConnect: Leptin Resistance Support, Fat Burning Supplement

Leptoconnect is a new fat burning weight loss supplement that may add leptin resistance support while inhibting fat storage, reducing cravings and suppressing appetite naturally.

Right from the start, the LeptoConnect story about this popular leptin resistance supplement for hormonal support is one that starts off with a bang in asking, “is this fat blaster brain molecule the key to shocking weight loss?” However, due to the upward trending LeptoConnect supplement demand and the growing interest in leptin resistance, this research was compiled as a two-part guide on not only reviewing LeptoConnect, but analyzing leptin resistance for weight loss.

Most individuals, plain and simple, are tired of not being able to burn fat in an effective, efficient way. Have you tried the suggested home workout and eat clean approach? Although society enforces the idea that making changes to one’s habits is the right way to lose fat, it isn’t always that simple – especially when the root cause isn't address, which is a form of hormonal optimization. In fact, it could have a lot to do with hormonal imbalance of leptin, which was discovered in 1994 for addressing bodily dysfunction and an array of deficiencies when it comes to losing weight. These concerns have been formulated in a supplement called LeptoConnect.

According to the claims made, a specific “starvation hormone” needs a little awakening in order to lose weight. To better understand what this entails, this LeptoConnect review will provide a breakdown on the leptin resistance support supplement in terms of its intentions, functions, ingredients list, and pricing options. While CBD and cannabis nutrition are always on the forefront, there is a vast world of natural health and wellness to tap into and the team felt compelled to dive into the research and piece together an easy to read overview.

What is LeptoConnect?

LeptoConnect is advertised as a 100% natural dietary supplement designed to induce fat loss in consumers. In particular, it targets and maximizes leptin receptors. As we dive into how LeptoConnect weight loss product works to add leptin resistance support, after reviewing all of the details regarding the fat blaster supplement, there is a leptin hormone health guide to digest before the closing words. But first, let's breakdown the details behind LeptoConnect.

How does LeptoConnect work?

leptoconnect-supplementAs just mentioned, LeptoConnect’s function depends on leptin receptors. Leptin is a hormone that is produced by the body’s fat cells. Commonly referred to as the “starvation hormone,” it is what tells the hypothalamus that there’s enough fat in the system and that it no longer needs food [1]. When this communication – initiated by leptin receptors – is disrupted, the body is left under the impression that it needs more food.

According to Genetics Home Reference [2], a leptin receptor deficiency causes severe obesity. In addition, when proper action isn’t taken, this feeling of constant hunger will give rise to an excessive eating habit called hyperphagia. Other concerns that one is likely to face include reduced production of hormones, delayed puberty and to some extent, infertility.

Ultimately, LeptoConnect is expected to awaken these leptin receptors so that the aforementioned issues are dealt with and put to an end.

What ingredients are in LeptoConnect?

The LeptoConnect formula is an extensive one, as it includes well over 10 ingredients. However, the main ingredients are as follows or can listen in by watching LeptoConnect here:

Shiitake, Maitake, and Reishi mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms’ select components are said to include fat-reducing effects. These include eritadenine and b-glucan, both of which serve as a soluble dietary fiber. In particular, Dr. Axe [3] reported that studies on b-glucan found that it can increase satiety and reduce food intake.

What ingredients are in LeptoConnect?

In a 2011 study [4], both shiitake and maitake mushrooms were evaluated in terms of its fat-reducing abilities. Interestingly, body weight gain in rats was reduced by 25% when 20% Maitake mushroom powder was added and consumed for 25 weeks. It seems like there is a dietary restriction, as the mice were on a hypercholesterolemic or high cholesterol diet.

Finally, in a preliminary data study, Reishi mushrooms and their respective extracts were found to have immune benefits, and this is held responsible for reduced body weight and fat accumulation. Life Extension [5] shared the key takeaways, and it looks like body weight decreased by 8 to 16% in the mice as well as fat deposits (20% to 29%). It was further argued that this type of mushroom helped because of its compounds called triterpenes and polysaccharides, both of which prevent full development of fat cells.

Besides the use of mushrooms, the team behind LeptoConnect incorporated graviola leaves and Pygeum Africanum or African cherries because it contains a rich source of antioxidants and boosts intercellular communication respectively. To ensure that the role of the mushrooms are consistent, three enhancers were also included. These entail red raspberries (high in antioxidants), cat’s claw (supports a healthy digestive system) and saw palmetto. Finally, to provide the body with a complete nutritional profile, the likes of vitamin B6, zinc, vitamin E, copper and green tea were infused.

Frequently Asked Questions About LeptoConnect

As many inquire about all of the optimal details to know about LeptoConnect, here are the popular questions to know the answers to ahead of time.

How do I take LeptoConnect?

To make the most out of LeptoConnect, consumers have been suggested to take one capsule a day.

How long should I take LeptoConnect for optimal results?

For optimal results, consumers are recommended to take it for at least 90 days. This is so that the body is given sufficient time to process and take advantage of the diverse ingredients in the formula.

Who do I contact regarding my LeptoConnect?

For information regarding the supplement, it is best to contact: As for questions regarding an order, the best way to go about this is either through live chat or by calling at:

  • Toll-free: (800) 390-6035
  • International: (208) 345-4245

How much does LeptoConnect cost?

How much does LeptoConnect cost?

LeptoConnect’s price varies based on the quantities purchased. Below is a summary of the different options one can choose from:

  • Basic (1-month supply): $59/bottle
  • Most Popular (3-month supply): $147 + 1-month of LeptoConnect Colon Cleanser (free)
  • Best Value (6-month supply): $234 + 2 month2 of LeptoConnect Colon Cleanser (free)

That said, when 3- and 6- month supplies are purchased, consumers will get the LeptoConnect Colon Cleanser for free. LeptoConnect Colon Cleanser uses ingredients such as psyllium, bentonite clay, flaxseed power and black walnut hull to maximize colon cleansing. This natural blend is expected to rid one’s system of toxins, while increasing the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Before we get into the final words about LeptoConnect, which can be bought at for the prices referenced above, let's switch gears into the emerging world of leptin resistance for weight loss as hormonal balance and optimization of the body's systems becomes a major part in inhibiting fat storage, increasing energy and lowering cravings appetite.

Leptin and Leptin Resistance: What It Is, What It Does, and How You Can Fix It

Not that it needs rehashing as we covered it in the beginning of the LeptoConnect review, but losing weight is an ongoing struggle for many people around the world, which is unfortunately not surprising. Millions of people suffer from obesity, which is probably why the weight loss sector of the health industry has been so profitable from pills, diet plans, workout formulas, and fitness classes. Despite all of these tools at the fingertips of those who struggle, finding a solution that is both effective and realistic is still hard.

The reason that so many people are unable to drop the weight often is credited to lacking discipline in a diet and consuming far too many calories. However, there’s now plenty of research (including a study called 20 Years of Leptin: Connecting Leptin Signaling to Biological Function) that suggests that obesity isn’t necessarily the doing of the person who suffers from it. Instead, scientists now believe that leptin plays a major role.

But what is leptin? Why does it matter to weight loss? Why are so many people struggling against their own body’s resistance to it? Let’s answer all of these questions and more to gain a better understanding of leptin’s role and necessity in the human body.

What is Leptin?

What is Leptin?

To understand the role that leptin plays in weight loss, let’s start off with defining exactly what it is. According to WebMD, this hormone is commonly referred to as many nicknames, including the “obesity hormone,” the “fat hormone,” and the “starvation hormone.” It was only discovered by scientists i 1994, and the market is now filled with products meant to regulate it.

Most simply, WebMD states, “Leptin is a protein that's made in the fat cells, circulates in the bloodstream, and goes to the brain.” Essentially, the purpose of leptin is to let the brain know that the user has eaten enough food for their body to participate in metabolic processes. Once it reaches a certain level, the individual doesn’t feel hungry anymore. Instead, they feel satiated and stop eating.

Leptin is connected to many more processes than just the digestive system, though that is the main focus placed on it. In a report published by Science Direct titled Leptin at the Intersection of Neuroendocrinology and Metabolism: Current Evidence and Therapeutic Perspectivesm, the authors unravel all that leptin actually does. For example, apart from weight loss, the researchers explained that their research found that “in states of severe hypoleptinemia leptin may act as a ‘master switch’ for the hypothalamic neuroendocrine axes that control metabolism, growth, and reproduction.”

When the body is unable to get the balance of leptin that it needs, that’s when weight problems and other issues arise. This is where the formula behind LeptoConnect supplement is suppose to add leptin resistance support for weight loss benefits.

The Impact of Leptin on Cognition and Brain Health

The fat cells in the body are responsible for producing leptin, which they are able to do with as the cells carry more fat. The leptin then uses the bloodstream to reach the brain, where it signals that the body has fat stored so they don’t keep eating. When the message is that the fat stores are low, the individual feels hungry. However, this amount of fat changes as the user eats, adding more fat until the leptin says that the body is full.

Ordinarily, this process would work perfectly, only making the individual hungry when they need to eat. However, individuals with leptin resistance experience a much different result.

Leptin Resistance: Obesity’s Trigger

Anyone who is considered obese already has a lot of body fat stored in their cells, which is primarily why they have an issue with leptin resistance. The fat cells automatically produce enough leptin to match the size of the fat it stores, which means that anyone already with a weight issue has a high amount of leptin.

In a healthy body, leptin would signal the brain that there’s plenty of energy (i.e. fat) available in their body. However, when the body’s signaling of this leptin level doesn’t work, the individual is likely a victim of leptin resistance. Essentially, leptin resistance means that the body doesn’t send the signal to the brain that there is enough fat and nutrients for its needs, leading to both overeating and causing the body to think it is basically starving.

To regain the body fat that the brain thinks is being lost, it causes the individual to want to eat more and reduce the amount of energy they spend. Inherently, this means that eating more and participating in fewer physical activities may actually be a sign of leptin resistance i.e. the actual cause of weight gain.

This is why many leptin resistance supplements like LeptoConnect are geared towards weight loss and burning fat by optimizing hormones.

How Leptin Resistance Impacts Dieting

How Leptin Resistance Impacts Dieting

One of the biggest complaints that individuals have about being on a diet is the fact that they are still hungry all of the time. While there are many diets that claim that their recipes will leave the individual more satiated, the cause of this continued hunger tends to be leptin resistance. If the individual is hungry, it is much harder to stop eating so many calories, because nothing ever seems like enough. While there are many people that struggle simply to adjust to eating less in general, a well-balanced meal should leave them satisfied.

With leptin resistance, this doesn’t happen. While losing weight in general can help the body to reduce leptin levels, leptin resistance may not be changed in the process. Instead, lower leptin levels leave the body hungrier and desiring less physical activity. Some experts believe that this unfortunate balance is the reason that people tend to go in spurts with their weight loss, losing for a little while when they diet before quitting and regaining the weight.

What Are the Causes of Leptin Resistance?

As has already been covered in this guide, one of the biggest factors is obesity in leptin resistance, but that’s hardly the only reason. Studies show that several other issues could be the cause, including:

  • Inflammation
  • Free fatty acids
  • High leptin levels

Admittedly, the majority of these causes can be attributed to obesity, which puts the individual at greater risk for leptin resistance.

Is It Possible to Reverse Leptin Resistance?

While there is no scientific evidence to show how someone can reverse their leptin resistance, there are many ideas floating around right now. The best way to handle any struggle with weight loss is to take on healthier eating habits but eliminating leptin resistance entirely may be possible with a few other changes to the user’s lifestyle.

According to Healthline, here are a few ways that consumers can help them correct their body’s leptin resistance:

  • Eliminate processed food
  • Eat more soluble fiber
  • Exercise more
  • Sleep
  • Lower carb intake
  • Eat more protein

Again, there is no specific method that can be used to reduce leptin resistance or to reverse it, but there are some lifestyle changes that could improve the user’s current physique and help eliminate the causes.

LeptoConnect Supplement for Leptin Resistance Support

Leptin resistance is presently linked to one of the biggest reasons that individuals struggle to lose weight once they’ve gained it. Though there are plenty of people in the world who believe that the only path to obesity is one filled with slothfulness, greed, or a lack of self-control, there are many processes in the body that also play a role. Even though there are some ways that have been suggested to reverse leptin resistance, it may help to consult a doctor as well. To learn more about the 20 Years of Leptin study, visit the page for more details.

As for LeptoConnect supplementation for enhanced leptin resistance support, let's wrap it up all together.

Final Thoughts

When faced with the inability to burn fat, obesity research suggests that one’s leptin receptors might be responsible. As seen above, the intentions of LeptoConnect is to revamp the leptin hormone so that it can properly communicate satiety to the brain. This has been mainly achieved through the integration of mushrooms, which have been associated with fat loss or a reduction in fat deposits. Although the prices are definitely on a higher end compared to the industry standards, the LeptoConnect formula is an extensive one filled with unique ingredients. Hence, it seems somewhat reasonable.

That said, consumers need to bear in mind that most studies were done on rats who were placed on a high cholesterol diet, so some changes need to be made in food intake. A key drawback worth mentioning here is the lack of nutritional facts. Such information is important, as it allows one to assess the supplement’s worth and safety. So, prior to making a purchase, consumers are strongly urged to contact customer service. To learn more about what LeptoConnect can do for you, click here.

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