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Home CBD Wisconsin CBD Legal Guide: Cannabidiol State Regulations and Laws for WI, US

Wisconsin CBD Legal Guide: Cannabidiol State Regulations and Laws for WI, US

Like many states, Wisconsin CBD advocates have fought an extensive and complicated battle to establish the legal status of industrial hemp-derived CBD oils within the state. Though the state clearly has a bit further to go to expand their growing CBD and industrial hemp industries, Wisconsin has quickly become a welcoming set of arms to many CBD users, retailers, and producers. As it stands, Wisconsin allows those individuals with certain medical conditions to access CBD. Additionally, a new law passed in 2017 mandated that the state will follow federal revisions to the scheduling of CBD.

This brief guide will outline some of the most important considerations regarding the legal status of CBD and hemp-derived products within the state of Wisconsin.

CBD Laws in Wisconsin

As it stands, two major pieces of legislation—one law and one amendment—have helped to shape the legal scene surrounding CBD access in the state. The first law, renamed “Lydia’s Law” after its passage in April of 2014, allowed physicians to issue prescriptions for CBD (cannabidiol) to sufferers from certain untreatable seizure disorders. The law was heavily critiqued by CBD advocates; it required all CBD prescribed to be approved by the FDA and no CBD was approved at the time.

Lawmakers expanded the law through a revision in February of 2017. Codified through ‘Senate Bill 10,’ this revision allowed any Wisconsin citizen to possess CBD oil, as long as their physician certifies that it is being used to treat a medical condition. This still creates a few logistical obstacles for sufferers from certain conditions. It might be difficult to carry around a physician recommendation, and some doctors might not want to prescribe CBD for many common conditions.

Where to Find Wisconsin CBD

Because of the blanket Federal Farm Bill, the industrial hemp industry is reportedly legal in all fifty states. As a consequence, citizens in Wisconsin might be able to find CBD in smoke shops, vape shops, and even some gas stations and food and wellness stores. However, the conflict of state and federal regulatory laws creates a complicated legal framework.

CBD users in Wisconsin should exercise caution when buying and possessing CBD, and should be sure to contact local authorities to verify the laws regarding CBD in their jurisdiction. To err on the side of caution, consumers of CBD should probably attempt to secure a recommendation from their physician outlining the necessity of CBD for their treatment plan.



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