Major CBD Company Partners with The Vitamin Shoppe for Retail Products

Isodiol International has entered a joint-venture with Vitamin Shoppe, Inc. Isodiol has ventured into this business relationship to jointly debut its Iso-Sport CBD merchandise. It is beyond doubt that Iso-Sport will be among the leading products at The Vitamin Shoppe. This new sports performance hemp-extracted CBD product is about to take the CBD industry into another level.

Vitamin Shoppe, which is a worldwide retailer in nutritional products, is expanding into the CBD industry and offering its customers high-quality hemp-extracted cannabinoids. It is already a well-established and trusted dealer in high-quality CBD products for health and wellness. After the new deal with Isodiol, Iso-Sport’s will be available in all Vitamin Shoppe stores.

“We are happy and grateful to partner with The Vitamin Shoppe. This opportunity is a sign that we are making strides in the industry. Our brand ambassadors launched Iso-Sport products during the Olympics competition. They were the first athletes to represent cannabinoids in the Olympics. Through the new partnership with Vitamin Shoppe, Iso-Sport will be available to all our customers at any of their stores,” said the president of Isodiol, Andrew Alvis.

The vice president at The Vitamin Shoppe, Lisa Harnisch, said they are excited to partner with Isodiol as they bring Iso-Sport and other health and wellness CBD products to their customers. The VP said they agreed to partner with Isodiol because they have met The Vitamin Shoppe’s high standards of quality products. “The partnership will help us expand our company into a one-stop destination for hemp-extracted CBD products,” said Harnisch.

The relationship between the two companies was cultivated by a former World IFBB bodybuilder, David Hawk, who also happened to be Mr. USA sometime back. Hawk introduced the uniqueness and benefits of Iso-Sport to The Vitamin Shoppe, stewarding the relationship between the two companies. “The relationship between the companies is in an effort to market and create the leading sports CBD merchandise in the industry,” said Hawk. Despite there being numerous sports CBD products in the world, none of the competitors can meet the unique ingredient portfolio and formulation of Isodiol’s Iso-sport. The company values the quality of its products and the satisfaction of its customers.


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