6 Tips For Storing Your Cannabis

Like any other medicine, cannabis needs to be properly and safely stored. It won’t necessarily go bad or expire, but cannabis can lose its freshness and potency if you’re not careful.

How To StoreYour Cannabis?

Keep it in an airtight container

A sealed mason jar is the ideal home for your cannabis. Not only does this help conceal the smell, but it also keeps the air out. While oxygen is crucial in the curing process, it can affect the potency of already cured cannabis. Exposure to oxygen causes the breakdown of THC into CBN, which is much less psychoactive.

Avoid plastic for long-term storage

While plastic bags and containers can be airtight, their static charge attracts trichomes. These tiny hairs cover the buds of your cannabis, and they hold most of the resin. Without them, your product can be less potent.

Stay away from sunlight

According to a study at the University of London, light is the single biggest factor in the degradation of cannabinoids. Like with too much air exposure, UV rays can also break down your product’s THC into CBN.

Don’t put it in the fridge

Storing your cannabis in the fridge exposes it to humidity, which can cause your product to grow mold and mildew. Putting it in the freezer isn’t a good idea either. The trichomes can easily freeze and break off like icicles.

Keep it away from heat

Temperature is crucial in keeping your product as potent as possible. Excessive heat can break down cannabinoids and dry out the terpenes and oils in your product. Make sure your storage environment is well under 77° Fahrenheit.

Separate your product

Keep different strains in different containers to avoid mixing aromas and flavor profiles. Also try storing your supplies and paraphernalia separately. Ash can really stink up your fresh product if you don’t clean your pipe after every use.

Where do you keep your cannabis? Comment below.

Alyssa Gocinski
Alyssa majors in Journalism at Emerson College. While abroad in the Netherlands, she became interested in drug policy when interviewing locals about the cannabis industry. Alyssa researches widespread material and breaks it down into enjoyable and easy-to-read pieces.


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