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How To Keep Cannabis Tolerance Low

Tips For Keeping Your Cannabis Tolerance Low

Here are some tips for keeping your tolerance in check as you integrate cannabis into your medical treatment regime:

Set Your Intention

Pay attention to how much cannabis you’re using and for what purpose. As your condition improves, your cannabis use should reduce. If it doesn’t, check to see whether you may be hooked.

Detox Regularly

Take breaks between treatments to keep your body clean and to reset your cannabis tolerance if you’re consuming high THC products. Try this 5-step THC detox from the Livestrong Foundation.

Find Alternative Activities

If you use cannabis to calm down at the end of the day, try meditating instead. Or if you use it as a pick-me-up, get your endorphins pumping through exercise.

Buy Cannabis In Smaller Amounts

It’s easier to consume less if you have less. As you end your treatment, reduce your cannabis budget to save money and prevent addiction.

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