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5 Organic, Homemade Pipes For Patients

We recommend using glass pipes because they’re cool to the touch, and they don’t leave you with a bad metal or wooden taste in your mouth. But if you’ve lost or forgotten your pipe and you’re looking to medicate, opt for a homemade organic pipe. Many kinds of fruits and vegetables work, but some are better than others.

Apple pipe

The apple pipe is the classic, easy-to-make DIY pipe. Watch this video tutorial to avoid butchering a good piece of fruit, or try this “new and improved” method that allows you to save some for snacking.

Carrot pipe

Carrots are tougher to puncture than apples, so you’re going to need a small knife or screwdriver for this one. Watch this video tutorial, and be careful not to accidentally cut yourself.

Strawberry pipe

Since strawberries are so tiny, they’re ideal for one-hitters. These are definitely the simplest pipes to make, and all you need is a toothpick.

Pepper pipe

Depending on what kind of pepper you have, you can opt for either a standard pipe or a water pipe. For jalapeno peppers or banana peppers, treat it as you would an apple and create two holes. If you’re looking for a smoother smoke, learn how to turn a bell pepper into a water pipe here.

Orange pipe

If you’re a citrus fan, this one’s for you. It’s similar to an apple pipe, but you’ll have a few cuts at the top instead of a hole. Watch how to do it here.

Remember to always discard these after use. Smoking out of rotten fruit isn’t a good idea.

What are your favorite makeshift organic pipes? Let us know in the comments below.



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