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19 Influential Physicians Who Support Medical Marijuana

Is cannabis good for you? Scroll through to see 19 physicians who say yes. 1. Joycelyn Elders Dr. Joycelyn Elders is a pediatrician and former U.S. Surgeon General who advocates for the legalization of medical marijuana. “We...

Using high CBD cannabis oil to reduce tumor growth

You may have heard the story of Benton Mackenzie, a middle-aged Iowan who died several months after the state took him into custody for growing his own cannabis. What’s compelling about Benton’s case is how...

This cancer patient’s family was arrested for trying to save his life

What if all the hope you had for survival was taken away…by the government? That is what happened to Benton Mackenzie. Benton Mackenzie was a normal Iowan, a husband, and a father who enjoyed being outdoors. He...