Should I drive stoned?

We have talked to a few patients who say they drive while high. Studies by the U.S. Department of Transportation suggest that driving under the influence of marijuana may not increase the chance of accident.

We looked into it and came up with 5 good reasons not to drive stoned:

1. Driving while high is illegal in all states


Even in states where recreational cannabis is legal, driving under the influence is not. If you are driving in Colorado with a THC level of 5 or more nanograms per milliliter of blood, you’re breaking the law and can get a DUI. And that’s not a lot of THC, so be careful.

2. Driving high increases your chance of getting caught


Even if cannabis doesn’t make you a worse driver, it may land you in jail if you get pulled over for something simple, like speeding or running a stop sign. Not worth it.

3. Cannabis slows reaction time


A study published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine found that stoned drivers took more time to hit the brake when a traffic light changed. They also took longer to react to sudden sounds.

4. You may have to take a blood test


Since there’s no breathalyzer for cannabis, you have to take a blood test if you’re suspected of driving stoned. And needles are no fun.

5. It doesn’t help the cause


Some politicians and anti-cannabis organizations point to driving stoned as a reason to maintain prohibition. Let’s keep the statistics in favor of legal weed by not getting behind the wheel.

Still not convinced? Check out this PSA by the Colorado Department of Transportation:


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