Linx Hypnos Zero – Product Review


The Linx Hypnos Zero by Linx Vapor is a sleek, well-functioning portable concentrate vaporizer. What’s unique about this one is the new heating mechanism they call a ceramic plateCompared to the traditional “coil” atomizer, which tends to unevenly vaporize your material and cause the vapor to be hot and harsh, this pen produces vapor that is clean, smooth, and healthy.


Look and Feel

I’m a fan of the small, sleek design. The medical grade stainless steel gives the pen a nice high quality feel in my hands.


At just 10cm in length, the Linx Hypnos Zero fits very well in your hands and in your pocket. After inserting my material, it took approximately 5 seconds to get the medicine I needed.

Heating Element  Linx Hypnos Zero

This is the first time I’ve seen a 100% ceramic plate heating element. Zero fibers, plastics, and paints. Ceramic prevents your concentrate from overheating, which results in smoother (less hot), more flavorful vapor and a longer battery lifespan.


The battery lasts around 65 full heat cycles before it dies. One heat cycle is considered one full 15 second hit. This is a little over 16 minutes of total usage time, meaning the total amount of time you can engage the power. You can expect the battery to fully charge in 75-90 minutes, just about the same as most portable vape pens on the market.


The capacity of this pen is relatively low. I would say the maximum amount you can put inside without negatively affecting performance is somewhere around 0.1 grams. With that amount, you will still get 5 to 10 solid draws depending on the temperature setting and draw duration.


Vapor Quality

With a ceramic heating element and four different temperature options to choose from, I really enjoy the comfort of the vapor. On the two lower temp modes, you could medicate in a crowded elevator and nobody would smell cannabis. Not producing large clouds or an odor is what draws me to this pen the most.

Product Conservation

The Zero evenly vaporizes my material, regardless of the consistency of the concentrate. The plate is the only part inside the chamber that heats up. Being ceramic, the plate holds its temperature and doesn’t overheat the material.

Ease of Use

I find it very simple to use anywhere at home, or on the go. Just unscrew the top, place your material on the plate, screw the top back on, press the button and inhale.


Aside from some slight residue build up in the glass mouthpiece, I find that this is the most discreet and simple way of medicating and getting immediate relief. There is no smell and I can choose whether I want a big hit, small hit, a lot of vapor, or little to no vapor at all.

The Wrap Up

I am a real fan of the simplicity and functionality of the Linx Hypnos Zero . It’s ceramic heating element does a great job of evenly vaporizing concentrates. I am also fond of the flavor I receive, even after multiple draws. The only complaint I have is that residue from the concentrate builds up quickly on the mouthpiece, which could be an issue for patients looking to be discreet.


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