Music to listen to when high

We recommend enhancing the psychological benefits of cannabis effect by pairing it with good music, also known for its healing effect.

Here are five genres of music, and 20 playlists, to work into your treatment routine:



Acoustic playlists are great for both calming down and getting stuff done. Pair these playlists with clarity-enhancing strains like J1, White Widow, or Romulan Grapefruit.

Check out our favorite acoustic playlists:

Spotify | Youtube | Pandora | Rdio

(Pictured – Vance Joy)



Feel the good vibes and relax into your groove with some lively indie and alternative music. Pair these playlists with strains like Blueberry Headband, Green Queen, and Jack Haze.

Check out our favorite indie/alternative playlists:

Spotify | YouTube | Pandora | Rdio

(Pictured – Florence and the Machine)



Pump yourself up with some cool hip-hop beats. Pair these playlists with strains like OG Kush, Allen Wrench, or Sour Willie.

Check out our favorite hip-hop playlists:

Spotify | YouTube | Pandora | Rdio

(Pictured – Snoop Dogg)



Jazz itself has been shown to heal the body and mind with it’s smooth trumpet-heavy tunes. Pair these playlists with strains like Blue Dream, Green Ribbon, or Emerald Jack.  

Check out our favorite jazz playlists:

Spotify | YouTube | Pandora | Rdio

(Pictured – Duke Ellington)

Tropical House


Tropical house is a calm and uplifting sub genre of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) that features horns and marimbas. Find your happy place and let the relaxing tempo sweep you away. Pair these playlists with Maui Waui, Tangerine Dream, or Golden Pineapple.

Check out our favorite tropical house playlists:

Spotify | YouTube | Pandora | Rdio

(Pictured – Kygo)



Country is one of the most relatable genres of music. Listen to the meaning behind the songs and know that you’re not alone. Pair these playlists with Willie Nelson, Cherry Pie,and Mother’s Helper.  

Spotify | YouTube | Pandora | Rdio

(Pictured – Willie Nelson)

Did we miss your favorite music to listen to when high? Let us know in the comments below.



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