Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a non profit?


While we operate a lot like one, we believe that the best way to challenge the status quo is to become bigger than it. Being a for-profit enterprise allows us to raise capital, grow fast, and compete with companies that are trying to take advantage of patients. It also lets us partner with for-profit companies to give our patients access to the highest quality products available. We think that’s worth it.

Where can I donate?

Like a non-profit, we need money to support our mission. If you want to show us some love, use this link. We will thank you publicly on our site. If you want to show us a lot of love or participate in our next capital raise, please write Melissa using the email button at the bottom of this page.

What inspired you?

In 2010, HealthMJ’s founder, Melissa, lost two of her closest girl friends to cancer. She made up her mind to destroy it. A few years later, another close friend became an herbalist and introduced her to the healing powers of cannabis. She went online to learn more about it and found that the information available was either highly technical or hard to believe. Still, the evidence was incredibly compelling. HealthMJ was created to give patients access to the information they need in a form that is both trustworthy and engaging.

How do you make money?

We don’t right now. We rely on the support of forward-thinking investors and generous community members to grow. In the future, we will partner with products and services that we think are doing awesome things to help patients.

Are you physicians?

No. HealthMJ is a community for patients and caregivers, by patients and caregivers. We do not offer medical advice and are not a substitute for talking to your doctor. We do, however, hope to make it easier for you to talk with your doctor about cannabis.

Are you lawyers?

No. Our founder, Melissa, is barred in New York but does not practice. We don’t provide legal advice and encourage you to speak with your lawyer if you have questions about your legal rights and responsibilities

If you could be any strain of cannabis which one would you be?

Blue Dream. We’re that trustworthy go-to that simultaneously pumps you up and calms you down. We’re reliable, but never boring. We’ll try our best to make you laugh, even when you’re having a rough day.

Do you sell cannabis?


What's your mission?

HealthMJ’s mission is to help patients improve their quality of life with cannabis.

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We'll send you updates as we grow our community. We will also do our best to answer your questions about medical cannabis.


We don’t provide medical or legal advice. Nothing we say or write should be interpreted as medical or legal advice. If you need medical or legal advice, we encourage you to consult a licensed professional. We are trying to create something good. Please don’t sue us. But please do write us if you think we could be doing something better.

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